Sunwing / Signature Airlines / missing luggage

Edmonton, AB, Canada

On April 6th, 2014 we returned from our vacation on a direct flight from Cancun to Edmonton. Only one piece of our luggage arrived with us. The paperwork was filled out at the baggage counter and I have spoken to someone there twice since our return. I was given a phone number for sunwing however this number is to Telus communications. I was also assured by the person I was speaking to that they would keep me up to date. It has now been over two weeks. I have received little to no updates, I was given a number to talk to Sunwing that turned out to be wrong and I think I have shown enough patience. I want some answers. This is the third year we have travelled with Sunwing and up until now I have no complaints. Sunwing had no problem getting their money for all of our trips and I expect the same I. Return.

Apr 26, 2014

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