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Sunset Ranches. LLC


Sunset Ranches scam

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Contact information:
Sunset Ranches, LLC
North County Road
Van Horn Texas, Texas
United States
Phone: 1-561-347-1077
this company advertises in the Pennysaver, City Paper, and online websites. For a number of years, they have offered cheap deals on 20 acre "ranches" in El Paso, Texas. The realty is that the land is "scrubland". Brandi Grissom, reporter for El Paso Times wrote an expose story about the Texas Attorney General, a Judge, et. al failed efforts to stop the land deal scams because a man commited suicide, people have lost their life savings, and the landscape in Sierra Blanca and Van Horn is dotted with old trailers, half buillt shacks, etc. from those who were ceated into this scam. When consumers default on the monthly payments, Sunset Ranches forecloses and takes back the properties. I canceled my contract with them within the seven day period after sigg the contract. This because of finding online that it was a scam. They simply sent me a package with a land plat saying I was owner of 60 acres for 40 acres price. (I fell for that!) It is sadi that what they are doing is barely "legal", but legal none the less. This makes no sense if they misrepresent what their "product" is. Hudspeth County or the State of Texas should assume a more aggressive effort to stop this scam. They get to send tax bills to thousand of duped consumers.
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N  15th of Nov, 2012 by    +1 Votes
It is a very good sales pitch! I was suppose to meet with a Sean and his partners for a meeting to start investing or at least learning how to invest with no cost and no running around bringing them leads... And when i arrived ( 2 hour drive later), he wasn't even there. It was a seminar to sell you classes. Been there, done that... These people get you in the door and sell you a product in a deceiving way. They don't tell you anything about their company over the phone not even that this is a seminar and that this meeting you will be attending, 40 other people will be there too. This is a misleading and unethical way of conducting business and i want no part of it and wouldn't suggest it to anyone
N  17th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
Im seriously looking to purchase land in the next few months. i was told there is good hunting in the area. i figure if i get some land i can go out for hunting trips with friends... if the property becomes valuable late then great. if not then i would have used it for something. if anyone has any info on the land please e-mail me with any details. especially write me if this is a scam. popo2835@ymail.com
A  28th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
I am buying land out there i think its nice thats why were moveing there soon but were buying 60 acres oh hope to find some one who can put cows on it for me to keep land cleqan and up but we will be liveing there to. are people nice and ect. there nice at sun set ranches every one has there own say about it oh .
N  14th of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
I just bought 200 acres. I travel and work thru this area. Lots vary by site; some are flat scrub and some are rocky. I bought more of the higher rocky area. It was green and cows were running loose. (Open Range). water is available by well. Hunting if you fence your property. Read the property covenants. Talk to the land man; and take the offered tour of your site. Septic system is also required if you live on property.
N  24th of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
The property offered by Sunset Ranches LLC isn't so much a "scam" as it is very expensive when all the operating and carrying costs are figured-in. Perhaps too many would-be investors are blinded by the low payments or the fact that they don't require a down payment, but fail to calculate the cost a drilling a well, installing an approved septic system, installing a usable driveway, and the cost of generating their own electricity. If you do your due diligence, you will discover there IS a convenient requiring property owners to buy a 2, 500 gallon water container, a minimum of 1, 500 square foot house with at least 1 bathroom, which must be completed within 6 months from it's start. Perhaps too many would-be homesteaders imagine living cheap - parking any old trailer, hanging a single PV solar collector off the roof, buying a couple 5-gallon bottles of water and being set, only to find they can't do that. My dad always told me, "...there's no such thing as a free lunch..."
N  7th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
I am buying 40 acres in sunset ranches and I haved lived there for over a year now.People expect more than what they are actually payiing for.The whole truth about sunset ranches is that you cant ask anymore of them.They have been a true blessing to me and my family.The real problem that noone wants to talk about is the town.Sierra Blanca is a bad city .The city or the people that govern it should be ashamed of themselves for not allowing any growth or change.2 convience stores owned by locals who get all the revenue, imagine that.Not a grocery store, carwash, dollar general, thrift store, macdonalds, and a whole lot more of nothing but greedy and selfish locals.Everything is probably controlled by the same group of people who are preventing any change.does anyone know what kind of controll this is called.I wonder why we dont have a walmart?It to must have gotten voted out.Anyway, I wouldnt trade my sunset ranches for anything but i do wish the locals would leave sunset ranches alone and fix whats wrong in their own eye first.Grow up Sierra Blanca.
N  16th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
For those people who have never been to Sunset Ranches, A scam is when you pay for something that is not there, Sunset Ranches are there, but if you don't pay your loan, you are going to be foreclosed, that's not a scam, that's real life, the land is raw with mountain views, the main roads to get to Sunset Ranches are in excellent condition, the immediate roads to your future property are just trenches, for you to upgrade when you move in, a few cabins and or small homes are visible with in miles with in the different tracks, some areas are better than others, but the reality is that if you want to get away from cities, this is the place to be, you can bring your mobile home, and you must install your septic tank, you do not need to drill a well, if you can not afford it, you just need to get a water tank and buy water from local mobile suppliers, they will bring it you you, or you can go get it at a lower cost. I purchased over 350 acres a couple years ago and I'm getting closer to moved into the area.
For those of you who are religious, and would like to move out of the cities, and be away from the coasts at higher elevations, you will have a better chance of survival in a place like this. You will have no problem planting your vegetables, and raising animals. I'm telling you this because is my duty to pass the word. God Bless us all!
D  9th of Apr, 2013 by    +2 Votes
My family and I moved to Sunset Ranches years ago and have been happy ever since. Any of you who think it's a scam are FOOLS. We started out with 40 acres and now we own over 100 and STILL BUYING MORE!!! Our water is clean, just like our air. We DO have game to hunt if you know what you're doing and our livestock has done well. Overall we couldn't be happier. On top of that, when our family fell on hard financial times I went to the owners personally & explained to them we'd be late on our payments and not only did they waive late fees but it also led to them sending me some work!!! What a blessing. Because I live in the area and know these roads like the back of my hand I have been able to barter out some of our monthly payments for Roadside dead animal carcass removal, guiding new property owners to their lots, reading maps & mending fences. So until you have shook hands with the man yourself and looked him in the eye as I have and had him do everything possible to help you out please don't judge the good folks at Sunset Ranches!!!
N  19th of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
well i to have bought land out there and i do no there is nothing there but a desert lol .but i like a lot of don’t care i want a place to call my own where there is no people and if i have to live in a desert so be it lol. how ever there is something all should no what if someone came out there and open a business that would help the town? Yep you got it build it and they WILL come J just something to think about as more land sells out there every day.
N  8th of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
I just bought 60 acres. I called Hudspeth county appraisal district. I verified that Sunset is the current owner of the unit and of each of the 20 acre parcels that I purchased. I received the coordinates to my property and verified that the land is not part of the sludge land from New York. I also spoke to the lady at the appraisal district and she says they are a good company and that they are an honest company. She also clarified that the land is not on the property with the sludge, which she says the sludge is what is typically used as fertilizer. She said the articles are old and that it was safe to live there. She says she and her family have always lived there and that they are " healthy and still around".
N  19th of Aug, 2013 by    0 Votes
Hi everybody, just like most of the people on this thread. My husband and I are thinking about (will be) purchasing land down at Sunset Ranch soon (like within the next couple of days). I know it will be a slow process and may even take a year or two to officially move down there. We are currently in the process of doing heavy research as far as having a well drilled and a septic tank installed as well as financing a manufactured home to be placed on our 20 acres. We are a African American married couple in our late 20's, with no kids, a pretty quiet pair from Georgia. We are finally ready to step away from the big city rat race. Any advice would be great. We are having a hard time finding the right companies that will service that particular area. Looking to get ball park figures for pricing on satellite services for internet and tv, plumbing and well companies, also asphalt paving companies for a basic driveway, and possible a water supply hauling company for water storage in case drilling a well turns out to be outside of our budget. We look forward to hearing back from you guys. Thanks in advance!!
N  12th of Sep, 2013 by    0 Votes
We had purchased 100 acres from Sunset Ranches and paid it off after just a year of making the payments. We was told how there is NOTHING on the land... ie, no utilities. We was told we would have to drill for water or truck it in. Luckily we was NOT lied to. The only problem lies with the ability to keep stuff on the land that you are trying to get done. If you put up some fence posts one week and then go out the next week to check and make sure that everything set up proper, your posts are gone. Everyone here in the Sierra Blanca area knows who takes the stuff you put out there but now catching him is another story. If you want to build on your land, make sure that you can go out to it every day. Other than that problem, we are totally happy with what we got. We have met a lot of new friends and started a restaurant here, where we have felt like we are all family. This is a very tight community and we love it here.
N  11th of Nov, 2013 by    0 Votes
People are hilarious. They buy land sight unseen and then complain when the land is barren and has no utilities. Go look the parcels over and THEN make a decision. The properties are typical West Texas ranchland...no more...no less. Any sensible person knows that there are restrictions and laws governing sewage disposal, water availability etc. THE LAND IS DIRT CHEAP FOR A REASON.The properties are fairly priced for what they are. There is no scam, only stupid people blaming others for their lack of homework. I have 20 acres past Cattleman's and have my title. Jeez...
N  11th of Nov, 2013 by    0 Votes
No scam, just look at the land before you buy and realize that there are expenses involved in getting septic and water etc. to the property. Do your homework. The land is fairly valued for what it is. I have 20 acres past Cattleman's and have my deed. Some people make bad decisions and then blame others either through stupidity or malice.
N  26th of Jan, 2014 by    0 Votes
Hello, I just got 40 Acrs on the pay as you go plain SO FAR SO GOOD I am now over the net getting info have done in past but want all the up dated stuff I can get. Yes they have been nice to me and helpful and should be getting my signed contract back to me in the next day or so.I plain on buying a very nice close to new as I can rv and may be later a home, as I want to do some travel as I am retired and turning 60 feb 2014. I have read every thing on here and do know what this type of land is like have traveld through this area long be for it was for sale and its very nice land yes its desert but that's what makes it what it is breath takeing views. hat im looking for is any one on here have a RV on land in sunset ranches ? if so my email is mountianman1954@yahoo.coor better yet phone me at 814-387-4837 I would love to ask you some things about RV living there it would help me a lot very much so. I plan on making a trip to see my land in june 2014 cant wait.I am hoping to move down there in dec 2014 well hope to meet some great folks down there know I will
N  16th of Feb, 2014 by    +1 Votes
Hello, my name is Richard Henry i posted on 26th Jan 2014 and made mistake on email and phone number.I bought 40 Acrs on pay as you go every thing has been ok, no problems yet.They have returned all my calls and have been of help every time i called. I have been on the net every day checking all kinds of stuff out about the land and where get things all kinds of info. I WOULD BE GLADE TO SHARE EVERY THING I FOUND OUT just phone me Richard Henry at 814-387-4830 would be best as it would be lots of typing or email me at richardhenry1954@yahoo.com or richardhenry5461@outlook.com am retired, so have lots time to check stuff out and have done much checking out.Hope to get down there in June 2014 am in unit 421 at blue quail 1 Ranch of 1111out side of Sierra Blanca hope to hear from any one from there or other sunset ranch lots, LATER MY FRIENDS. HOPE TO MEET SOME OF YOU When i move down there real soon hope by next year.
N  23rd of Mar, 2014 by    0 Votes
HELLO My name is Richard a friend who was going to get some land at sunset ranches sent me this i was in shock. I called my land agen
t that sold me my land he said not to worry that they dont inforce this i thought then why did they print it i hope i type this address in right if not email me here it is click on it https;//www.sunsetranches.com/home/pdf/sunset%20DECLARATION%20%200f%20%20RESTRICTIVE%20%20C0VENANTS.com
N  5th of Apr, 2014 by    0 Votes
This is not a complaint. This is a letter acknowledging and appreciating services rendered by Sunset ranches.
I bought my Land from the firm and am satisfied with the handling and professional manner in which SR has conducted the business.
D  6th of May, 2014 by    0 Votes
My wife and I purchased a 20 acre parcel on Sunset Ranches Blue Quail 2 in October 2013. Found the roads not real good to it and had to travel 3.5 miles to the highway . Also found that we could not tie to the eletric lines passing through its center due to private ownership of said lines. Thus we found a better lot on Blue Quail 3 that is more accesible to RM 1111 and did a land swap 20 acres for 20 acres with no problems whatsoever. We are very pleased with our purchase and our parcell. The moutain veiws are beutiful and we watch antelope on our property regularly. Rich and Jerry both have been very professional and helpful in answering any questions we have had and with resolving any concerns brought to them. But if you are afraid of hard work best you stay away . Homesteading is just that. Obtain bare lan
d and make a home just as the people who came here in the 1700:s and 1800s did. Hauling water is a must wells are deeper than 400 feet however more like 1000 to 1600 feet.
N  29th of May, 2014 by    +1 Votes
Hi, My husband, four children, two dogs, and I are thinking of buying land now! We are naturalist, pure nature freaks lol and we Love the peace of nature and living Natural like back in the day... Bare minimum, Solar power, well water... Keep it Free! "Less is definitely More" Yes, we know the fact that this is undeveloped land and there is no crowded stores, malls, etc crowding the area but that is Exactly how life should be! Were destroying Natural beauty for all the housing, malls, stores etc being built. Which is a crying shame in my point of view.
One of our main concerns is we heard that we HAVE to drill a well and septic system. Does anyone know if this is true? We spoke to Jerry and Jeff and they have answered all of my other questions. When we purchase land we would like to build small type cabins and have lots of animals and grow our own food.We would like to speak with someone who has bought land and is Currently living on the land they purchased.We do not believe in paying so much money for a house when you can pay just two hundred dollars and have twenty acres of land and build your own cabin and have it exactly how you want it. If all this pans out to be true, we are VERY Excited to be purchasing land and moving there right away for this would be a "Dream Come True".
Thank You So Much
Sincerley The Cady's

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