Suncore Industries / Attitude of employees

I visited Petro Canada gas station in Mississauga, intersection Dixie and Bloor on March 13 at 10pm. Tire pump was broken. When I came inside to get my refund attendant refused to give me one. He said he is aware of it and I have to contact tall-free numberwritten on the pump. What kind of service is this? The guy was enjoying it . I was not the first one who put money into broken pump. Instead of putting a sign that it's out of order, he was giving "valuable" advice to everyone who tried to use it. I did not have any other change on me and my stroller had flat tire. It was a worst experience ever. I will not forget this. After 15 years of using Petro-Canada it's time to say good-buy. I'll make sure that I tell about this to all my friends and colleagues

Mar 13, 2017

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