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What happened to the awesome Sun Tan City??? I'm furious about the new rules that have come around. This new "recommended time" is absolute [censored]. I'm paying for how long that I WANT to tan. I don't need some recommending a time to me and not being able to change it. I'm a fairly dark skinned female. I came to STC about a month ago. I came back 2 days ago and could only tan 5 minutes because I hadn't been there in a month. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. IT IS SUMMER TIME. I'm outside getting a tan, not spending it inside a tanning salon. So just because I haven't been here in a month, I can only go 5 minutes when I'm already very tan?? I only came here to get an extra boost before I go to the beach next week and it's 99 cent tan week. I want to be able to pay for the amount of time that I want to tan for. This needs to get changed or you will lose so much business. Other places don't even have a 24 hour rule, let alone will let me tan however long I want if I'm the palest person in the world. Once 99 cent tan week is over, I'm never coming back here unless the rules are changed.

Jul 25, 2018

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