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I have been a faithful customer for years and have had my monthly amount auto withdrawn from my bank account. Back in February an error was made at the salon and someone else's bank account information was added to my account, she was charged $32.99 for one month of my membership, I went into the salon, it was discovered and I paid my outstanding membership so I assumed everything was fine. However, May 1st, on my way to work, trying to get gas, my debit card was rejected. Logging into my bank I discovered that Sun Tan City took $392 from my account as opposed to the $32.99 that I have budgeted and this expected. In reaching out to customer service I was placed on hold for and back and forth for nearly an hour, I was promised by Chris in customer service that my money would be refunded immediately, he even took my debit card information so it would be a quicker refund, he told me if I didn't see them refund in 24 hours to call him directly! Well 24+ hours later and still no refund and mounting over draft fees, I called customer service and asked for Chris as I was told, after being in hold for nearly 10 minutes, lo and behold, he was not available. I demanded to speak to a manager and after being placed on hold for another 15 minutes I was told no and the only solution to my issue is to wait 7-10 days for my money? Seriously? No apology, no offer to make me happy, just shut up and wait.

Know that your financial information is NOT safe at Sun Tan City, their satisfaction guaranteed is a joke and customer service? Forget about it!

May 03, 2017

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