Sun Tan Citychanging from my paid instant before month was up

I purchased what I thought was a month to month plan. When I wanted to cancel it, they told me I had to have 2 withdrawals before I could. I told them that the associate that waited on me said, if I wanted to stop after a month I could or if I just wanted to downgrade I could do that also. So I could have misunderstood that. I told him hem I would start the fast bed next month. My problem was with telling them I wanted to downgrade to just the fast since I couldn't afford anything else and had to do another month. They also told me I had to pay an extra $20. So I was tired of it and said ok.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Fairdale, KY! What they did was cancel it immediately and then told me I couldn't finish my month in an instant bed and had to finish the month in a fast bed. I told them I paid a lot of money for the full month. They told me they switched it and they couldn't switch it back. I told them that since I paid so much for this 1 month I should get my last 6 days in an instant bed. They said sorry i couldn't. They gave me a 1 time Courtesy instant tanning bed. I want my 5 days of instant tanning! I paid for it and I told them I didn't want to start it until next month. Plus I actually joined past the first of the month. Please give me my 5 days of instant tanning. I have been a customer with you for quite sometime. I think I deserve it since it wasn't my fault!
Thank you,
Jo Ann Wheatley

May 27, 2018

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