Sun International / entrance fees

Sun City, ZA

We went for the first time to sun city.
As we approach the gates the charge me my wife and sum total of R200.
When we park and walk to the transport reception she told us that the train is broken we must wait for a bus. After 20 min I ask her how long we still to wait and she replied 15min. After a while they fetch us but drop us at the hotel.
We want to go to the valley of the waves. As we got there they lady said we can only stay till 14:00 because the whole place booked out for private function. And we had to pay again to enter another R200. We got there at 11:00 so we paid in total R400 for three hours! We also got a locker for R70 because it can't give change for R10. We also bought something for my son sweets at the shop where he injured his toe by the entrance!
I going to try all my best to express my experience to so much social media as possible!!! I did try to speak to staff as they say that is how it works.

Mar 18, 2017

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