Sui Northern Gas Pipelines [SNGPL]new gas connection pending since 2011 in spite of existence of supply line

Assalam o alaikum!
Sngpl sialkot is persistent not to provide the gas connection since 2011. The demand notice rupees 3000 was deposited in the bank. The excuse was the distance between the supply line and house. The connection was provided just to the front door of our house on approach basis but deprived to us. The supply line exists in the street of our house now. I have visited the office and requested to provide the connection. They gave a new voucher of rs 3000 which I have deposited 45 days approximately before. I was lolly popped by saying that connection will be provided on the very first visit of the vehicle. The vehicles have visited my village 3 times in my presence but our name was not in the list.
I am a govt. Teacher by profession and is very difficult for me to take leave for visits of the office. I request you to issue the direction regarding the provision of gas connection. The details are given below:

Consumer no. [protected]
Name: hayyat ullah

Best regards
Shumas ul deen s/o hayyat ullah
Secondary school teacher (Computer science)
Govt. Islamia high school sambrial

May 15, 2017

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