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fraud / unauthorized charges

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Jonesboro, Arkansas
United States
Suddenlink= Fraud

Suddenlink has continued to bill my account since May 2008 for internet coverage I was not receiving- in an area where Suddenlink doesn’t operate!!!
November 2007- I was staying at my aunt’s place & signed onto Suddenlink for internet. By February 2008, I was SO FED UP with the TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE and slow internet that I told them I wanted them to take me off ASAP! I would no longer require their services. They promised to refund my account for the last month. It is now October 2008. They have yet to give me any refund.
I had already been taken off the account in February 2008 & moved out by then. In May 2008, my aunt wanted to turn the internet back on at her place in Arkansas. Suddenlink began charging MY credit card account- one that I had stopped using.
From May – October 2008, Suddenlink has continued to bill me for services I am not receiving. I have been paying for services I am not receiving while living in an area where Suddenlink DOES NOT OPERATE!!! Although I have called Suddenlink, I have not received any form of refund.
Although my aunt signed back on to Suddenlink’s internet, she received no service whatsoever, while I was being billed for it. She complained continually to Suddenlink. They told her not to worry because she was not being billed. What they didn’t tell her is that I WAS!
DO NOT USE SUDDENLINK!!! Unless you enjoy having unauthorized charges placed on your account long after you have cancelled services. If anyone has any information on how best to handle the situation (including legal services) please let me know. I will be taking legal action.
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N  2nd of Jan, 2009 by    0 Votes
It sounds like you should've spoke with a supervisor, which it appears you did not do. Also, Jonesboro is an area which Suddenlink completely covers...especially if you were getting service previously...what are you talking about? Either way, you can probably still get a refund if you just call up and contact a supervisor and sound agitated. "I want your supervisor now!" is the magic phrase.
N  22nd of Nov, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Rogabeetah My account has not been assessed by supervisors. I added unlimited data in July 2017 and my last 2 Statements overcharged me. The representative I spoke with corrected the following month with no credits. I was charged almost $800.00 in July and August due to a accounting error that was not corrected Rd in the software. NO ONE WILL SEND ME THE “PROCESS or my printed accounting documents or correct my account. The Company knows I have been overcharged. I do not receive my credits. Frustrated! I want to add all my services since I moved back but...Help!
A  17th of Apr, 2009 by    0 Votes
"Different monthly charges". Why?

After talking to customer service and looking at my bill I realized Suddenlink has two systems. One system shows, their total itemization of bills the other shows the customers bill, including monthly charges, taxes and surcharges and phone taxes and surcharges. My concern is why my bill (i.e.) shows 119.00 monthly and their system shows 121.-- and some change. My bill shows 6.00 in late fees, their bills shows 6.44. These charges are minimal, however; I do not want to pay .01 to any 4.00 or any amount for a charges that can not be explained.
Note: I can buy a loaf of bread .59 and at least a half dozen of eggs for that.

I live in Pflugerville, Texas. Anyone in the area, please contact me or otherwise. We need to file a legal suit against the company. I did contact customer service and spoke to a supervisor I got some help then... SOME... after soooo much stress and frustration... It stopped for a while now my bill is getting these unanswered charges.

N  2nd of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
I'm with Suddenlink, at Corporate HQ. More on who I am here: http://www.suddenlink.com/about/executives/abel/.

Perhaps I can be of assistance. You can contact me directly at pete.abel@suddenlink.com.
A  18th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
Filling formal complaints with FCC and your state's Attorney General's office may be helpful.

I am in Greenville NC, and just disconnected my service from Suddenlink today. I am disputing some fraudulent charges in my account. I am in the process of filing complaint with FCC and NC AG's office. Like you guys, I am also interested in knowing ways we as customers can bring legal actions against them. Is possible to start some class action case against Suddenlink Communications?

This site is nice. I will make an entry against Suddenlink here soon.
A  21st of Jul, 2017 by    0 Votes
I just got suddenlink service in Minden Louisiana moving here from Florida, before the everset up my service or installed anything they did not show up call or leave a note on the door not once not twice but THREE times the day of the third time I barely caught the office before closing they closed at 5:30 the install was to be from 1-5 the lady who was a supervisor from another location told me it would be installed that day no one was going home until it was done because I was not happy with the three no call no shows, 4 days later I got my bill and found that I was charged 75 dollars for outlets being installed that I did not authorize, there are outlets in every room of my house I told the installer I did not know if they work because I am literally still unloading my things he made the change to the order without asking then installed 3 new outlets in rooms where I told him the 2 tv's and computer would each to its own room, the problem is there were outlets already in those rooms a day after I got my bill and saw the charges I looked outside and they had cut all of the preexisting cable out ran a new distribution box on the house to the pole and cut every cable that was ran under the house then left it all balled up underneath where the new box was installed, now I know they did this because I was outside with the installer at the box when I told him I did not know if any of it was set up and to insure he tested it before making any changes, 5 minutes later he is drilling holes in my walls and floors he had no time to test anything, I am a network engineer and I know exactly what is needed to be done to test each line, he just skipped testing and went strait to install now I know the old box was on the wall with all the wires and cables running out in an organized fashion because I saw it two days later when mowing the grass and looking at the lines I saw the mess they left when I say they I mean the other 3 installers he had to come help when he could not even get a signal for anything.
Needless to say i am not happy with the service so far and the topping on the cake is my service was installed on the 3rd of july 2017 my bill came on the 8th of July with a billing date of July 12th when i went to the office the following monday to ask A why am i billed a month of service before i have even had service for 2 weeks the billing period and billing dates clearly not jiving on the printed bill or the online pdf and 2 what was i charged 150 extra for 3 outlets and another charge that was not my activation fee, i had no problem with the 200 a month charge for my fast internet tv and phone package it was the other 150 tacked to it that was ticking me off, all they have done to date 7/21/2017 is adjust the bill by 20 dollars the outlet fees are still there and I absolutely hate the customer service and even the tv service so far, the tv freezes and jitters like satellite and the shows I set up to record are not recording but show i never even knew existed are being recorded instead, stay away folks stay very far away this is ridiculous and I see way too many complaints that are mirroring some of what i have gone through in just 3 weeks
A  30th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
My bank letter shown "at the store" also did ZERO upon the $159. overages in money and said data? I was living elsewhere. The set up Auto Draft on the Statement date had permission and the money. From that point on my Service was cut off, so many fees have been added while my monthly payments were drafted from my bank accoun to date. The process I asked for many times has been ignored. The Customer Rules entitle me to have this documentation presented. I was promised twice AA person with Authority would return my calls but failed to do so .

A  17th of Nov, 2017 by    0 Votes
I was on AT&T. A man that worked for Suddenlink was going to all the apt's where I live asking people if they wanted to sign up for Suddenlink. When he got to my apt my wife and I told him we was on AT&T. He told us that if we switched to Suddenlink from AT&T that we would get a $50 gift card, and would be paying less a month than what we were paying. At AT&T we was paying $80 a month for just high speed internet. So phone + internet + $50 gift for $80 sounded like a good deal to us. Well we pay our frist bill which was more than $80 we asked about the gift card. We were told that we had to pay the bill for 3 months before we got it. we pay the bill for the next 2 months at $80 a month. The third time we paid the bill we asked about the card again and was told that we missed a payment and lost the gift card. We did not miss a payment. It shows on our cerdit card that we did not miss a payment. After we call and talk to the main office about the local office not wanting to give us a gift card cause of a missed payment our bill went from $80 a month to $111 a month and it keeps getting cut off the last week of the month.
A  9th of Dec, 2017 by    0 Votes
Suddenlink has taken a lot of unauthorized guns from unsuspecting customers I have come to find out. I am a victim who has been passed around without mercy. Suddenlink is in debt to me for hundreds of dollars. I have been a long long time customer. Suddenlink used to correct customer mistakes in billing. Personally I hope that my money will be returned after a proper audit has been submitted to the accounting department. Question is will Suddenlink listen to customers? The problems within the USA and FRANCE may or may not cause a national audit before the issue becomes a huge legal mess that will take a long time to settle.

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