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7/24/2018 8:08am Tatiana 20 mins Called and spoke to Tatiana to complain about my continuous billing issues. Triple Play went up $33 with no explanation as to why. Also want to know what the new charge "Safeguard $6.99" is and why has it been added to my service? She was not able to answer my questions and said she was creating an escalation ticket for her supervisor - Jeffrey Lanikin. I asked how long should I wait for a call back and she said "he should call back in 24 hours, but, definitely within 48 hours". She said "looks like you are having a continuous service issue and I am not the only customer calling in complaints". I am told I am a VIP customer but my experience with Suddenlink is quite the opposite.
7/26/2018 10:20am Kerstin 58 mins Called and spoke to Kerstin. I expressed my dissatisfaction that I was promised Jeffrey Lanikin would call me back within 48 hour but that never happened. She said he had logged in the notes he tried to reach me on 7/24 around 11am which is a complete lie. My phone records indicate no incoming call at all. Kerstin said this was part of an annual increase and there is nothing she can do about it. Once again I requested escalation. After a long wait she transferred me to "Jay" in the Escalation Department. On the Triple Play $33 increase Jay said I I getting a $27 credit against the $33 so my net increase of $7. Jay said he would take off the Safeguard $6.99 charge going forward, but, cannot remove from this bill otherwise I would be charged $60 for the service call on 6/21/18. He reviewed the tech notes and said the tech was the one who added this Safeguard feature. I asked how someone other than me can arbitrarily add service to my account? He said the tech was wrong in doing such but I am lucky he did to cover the service call. WRONG - the service call was for our tv being down for 4 days and they dispatched a tech. The tech came out and determined the TiVo mini box needed to be replaced as well as the small black box (cannot recall the name of it). He replaced the two boxes and departed. coming out and replacing two of Suddenlink's box's of which I rent is not a billable call. Jay continued to say he could not do anything about a service call that has already occurred. He also continued to threaten me with the $60 service charge if we tried to remove the Safeguard $6.99 charge. What the hell? He seemed frustrated and said he would generate an escalation ticket to his supervisor and they would call me back within the hour.
7/26/2018 2:55pm Ariana/ Shawna/ Amber 1hr 8 mins Another NO CALL BACK as promised. Spoke to Ariana an advised I am tired of waiting for supervisors that never call back. I again requested to speak to a supervisor now. Eventually she transferred me to Shawna #4469584 (supervisor) to express my dissatisfaction in the service and quality of Suddenlink. Spent the next 33 mins going back and forth with Shawna trying to explain the logic in my complaint. She continued to tell me "you don't understand how things work around here" and I said correct, i do not, because it makes no logical sense.
Here is the core of my problem:
There is a $6.99 charge on my bill this month for "Safeguard" which was added to my service by the technician who came to my house on June 21st. I never was asked about this add nor did I authorize it. All the tech did was change out my TiVo Mini box that was determined to be bad. Additionally, he replace a smaller black box of which I cannot recall the name. So, I requested Shawna to remove the Safeguard charge and she said "Mr. Mike if we remove the Safeguard from the bill then I will be charged a $60 service call fee for the tech to come into my house on 6/21. I said NO, this is not a billable call because all the tech did was replace two boxes, owned by Suddenlink, and rented by me as the customer. It makes no sense why this would categorize as a billable call. Shawna advised I was lucky to have the Safeguard thus avoiding the $60 charge and I again said NO because the root of the call was not billable anyway. Then she went on to give me the same dissertation that I do not understand how things are done at Suddenlink. We went round and round on this at least three times.
At no time did Shawna demonstrate customer care and was borderline rude. I seriously question how she got into a supervisory role. After being frustrated beyond explanation I asked Shawna what I need to do to disconnect all my Suddenlink services? Shawna gladly transferred me to "Amber".
7/26/2018 Amber Spoke to Amber and walked her through the entire scenario over the past month. I told her I am so frustrated I want to disconnect all of my Suddenlink services. Went on to explain how unprofessional Shawna was and how she treated me (NOT) as a customer. It's not about the $6.99 charge for Safeguard, it's about the principal of the matter and the continued threats from Shawna that if I removed Safeguard then I would be hit with a $60 service charge. That makes zero sense given the call should not be billable anyway. Amber reviewed my account an all the notes and agreed it's not a billable call. She went on to apologize for the behavior of Shawna and said she wanted to make things right. This is the first person I have spoken to from Suddenlink that actually has customer focus. She listened - she understood - she responded. Amber went on the remove the Safeguard charge for last months bill and said she wanted to give me a $20 credit for the several hours I have had to spend on the phone for an issue that should have been fixed within minutes. At this point I turned a corner and decided to keep my Suddenlink services all because of the customer care provided by Amber.
Amber #21554 should be given a bonus and recognition for how she treats her customers. On the other hand, Shawna needs to go back through training or she will clearly drive more customers away from Suddenlink.
I am glad to discuss this further with management.

Jul 30, 2018
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      Jul 30, 2018

    We live in Marietta, Ohio 45750. I called the VIP # [protected] today [protected]) regarding the fact that we no longer are able to watch NEWS/WEATHER ON CHANNEL 10 TV COLUMBUS, OHIO! As soon as it is time for this program (morning, noon, evening and night)...the screen turns black and the sound is gone!! WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS? We pay to enjoy this channel and now it is being CENSORED! The tech that spoke with me about this went through the motions of resetting the box and PROMISED THAT SHE WOULD CALL ME BACK TO MAKE SURE THE PROBLEM WAS SOLVED. The problem is NOT solved and she DID NOT call me back. We are NOT happy with this situation at all. We are paying for CHANNEL 10 COLUMBUS, OH and being CENSORED from watching it! Suddenlink did NOT advise us of any changes in our service regarding this problem. We pay $ 140 per month for our services and have been excellent in paying this promptly. WHAT A SHAME THAT SUDDENLINK FEELS THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE OUR VIEWING CHOICE WITHOUT EVEN NOTIFYING THE CUSTOMER.

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