Suddenlink Communications / internet

I was supposed to get service hooked up on Friday, July 27, 2018. The tech got here Friday morning & tells me he's not gonna be able to service it because my house is in between two main lines. so i get on the phone and contact the office & they didn't have an answer. so i called back today and i was informed that service would not be available to me. I was told multiple times & have a voicemail from the girl who set me up saying i needed to send in my final bill & my termination fee BEFORE my install. so i send all that info in before he gets here & when i called to cancel my other services they charged me my termination fee of $310 which i had to pay that day. I'M PISSED. i would like my $310.00 that Suddenlink was going to pay for me switching services. It's NOT my fault i was told i could get service & then the guy comes out to install and all of a sudden he can't service my house. Never once was i told i might not be able to get service. If i don't get my $310.00 back or service to my house i will be contacting the Better Business Bureau.

Jul 29, 2018

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