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I am beyond words to describe how insulting and frustrating it was for me to try to simply upgrade my service. After a useless Suddenlink online chat session, where I was referred to billing, I got a guy in billing who didn't seem to know what to do. I found another number to call for upgrading service, and that person put me through to "sales" or "saves" (not sure which). I almost thought I had a plan to upgrade my service but I balked at the ridiculous, absurd, insulting $25 "upgrade" fee -- what, a fee for me to pay them more each month than I am now? Let me see what I can do, the guy said. Then the deal killer. Would I like six months of a tiered service for free in lieu of the upgrade fee? No! That was even more insulting than the fee itself. I had already expressed to this fellow and to the others I talked to that, as an existing customer, I should be able quickly go online, find a package and upgrade, and not have to go through a used-car salesman atmosphere on the phone! Even after this guy heard my concerns, and yes, I told him it was worse than buying a used car, he put me on hold to talk to a manager about the fee and came back with this "offer" of six months of free tiers that I had already expressed that I did NOT want! For real! Are these people tone deaf or just plain stupid? Their industry is tanking, and yet I go through 45 minutes of lunacy online and on the phone with them and come away empty-handed? I even had the service call scheduled to upgrade my service and THEN he said, oh, there's this $25 fee. Insulting! Stupid! And add that to the fact that they wanted $80 more per month from me than they get from new customers for a higher level of service! Absurd!

  • Updated by pgb0517, May 15, 2017

    I have demanded a call from SL management, of course.

May 15, 2017

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