Suddenlink Communications / cable

Shinnston, WV, United States

Justin Winter a Suddenlink tech came to my house because I am having issues with my audio going up and down. The only thing he did was change one setting on the cable box and stood there for 45 minutes to see if volume would go up and down. 15 minutes after he left audio was acting up again, I called Suddenlink customer service and they promised to send another tech out same day so I waited 6 hours and nobody came up so I called AGAIN and guess what the tech Mr Winter never closed ticket out so they coukdnt schedule another appointment, , , , , urgh!! I was told by a supervisor this guy had a lot of complaints against him and they don't know why his still working with Suddenlink. Meanwhile U just want my problem fixed! I am so tired of calling customer service and getting young stupid girls who have no clue what they are doing! Suddenlink customer support has gone down hill and so has their workers who go out to houses! I am fed up!!

Jun 11, 2017

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