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Suddenlink is the only available highspeed service provider in my area. My work requires that I have high speed internet. I had attempted to try Clearwire but unfortuneatly and with all Clearwire's attempt I can not get an adequate signal. The current lines for Verizon do not support dsl nor does Verizon plan on adding or replacing line so that DSL services can be provide. This put me in a situation where I have not choice but to use Suddenlink.


Since January of 2010 I have had a series of multiple issue with Suddenlink. First set of issues covers a period of January 2010 - February 2010 where I requested for services to be disconnected and February 2010 - present where I requested to have services reconnected The following issues are included refusal to disconnect service in January of 2010, several counts of failure to maintain accurate accounting January 2010 - Feburary 2010, 2 counts of failure to honor service request change which resulted in 2 counts of over billing and failure and a continued failure to maintain accurate records.

Disconnecting Service:

In around January 2010 I decided to disconnect my services will Suddenlink to try clearwire. When I asked for my services to be disconnect the suddenlink customer service representative refused. He insisted that I not disconnect. I spent 10-15mins repeating that I was not interest and to please disconnect my service. I attempted to contact the corporated office and between the corporate and repeated attempts to disconnect I was finally successful.

Billing and accounting failure as part of disconnection of service:

When I was finally succesful in my disconnect request I was told by the customer service representative that I was pay
in full. Then was give and refund then sent 2 more charge. In the final charge I went in person with my wife to pay and get a receipt that I was paid in full.

Reconnection of service failure to honor request and failure to maintain proper records:

In February of 2010 I had to disconnect from Clearwire and reconnect my service with suddenlink. I was offered a special 6 month promotion for 15.0mb high speed for 44.xx a month (no contract was required.)It was understood that my price would go up to 67.xx July of 2010

In July 27 2010 I contacted suddenlink to downgrade my service to 10mbs to a new price of 49.95 and again around Aug 10th 2010 to confirm after noticing my bill still reflected 15mbs. In my converstion around Aug 10th I was told I would be credited the
difference. On Sept 8th 2010. I was told they had no record of me switching to 10mb.

Final attempt to resolve multiple issues:

On Sept 10th 2010 I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Suddenlink was given until Sept 20th 2010 to respond to complaint as of Sept 22 per Better Business Bureau Suddenlink has not responded.

Since then I have submitted a complaint to The Federal Trade Commission and The Texas State Attorney General Office.

Sort of wonder if suddenlink is doing is a form of embezzlement or extortion. Being that they had refused to disconnect service then later refused to change service

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  • Su
      Sep 23, 2010


    My name is Tina and I am with Suddenlink. I am very, very sorry to hear about the issues you have experienced. I would be more than happy to work with management in the appropriate areas to promptly resolve these issues. If you would be willing, please email me at tina-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Ja
      Sep 23, 2010

    Tina, due to all the issues and its potential severity I've had with suddenlink. I think its to the best interest that any offical communication or remedy be documented and monitored through either and or any combination of the BBB, Texas Attorney Generals Office or Federal Trade Commision.

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  • Ja
      Sep 23, 2010

    well here's the Deal.

    If I look at Tina's comment history she basically carbon copy posts to most suddenlink complaints. Tina could have sent me a personal message outside of or maybe even in addition to posting on the internet.

    My point of posting on this board is to assist in resolving my issue and to create some sort of record.. In the end yes I do want my issue fixed, but I think suddenlink should still be investigated. Remember I have dealt with also sorts of people including the corporate office so what Tina proposes to do I've heard that line before. IMHO there seems to be a pattern. Also it is not like I can say ok suddenlink I dont want you anymore. I have no other choice in my area for high speed and it is require. I must be assured that this pattern does not repeat itself.

    Refusing to disconnect service is violation of my rights

    Multiple misbilling is at minimum a failure in accurate accounting and recording keep that should require an audit.

    Continuing to be charged for services I repeatedly request to be downgrade and was assured it was is another violation of my rights and betwen the refusal to disconnect and this I believe illegal

    The agencys I listed BBB FTC and The Attorney General should be involved.

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  • Ja
      Sep 23, 2010

    well then move on troll

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  • Cn
      Sep 19, 2017

    yes yes this is what they do now I have returned calls 12 times to some lady at their complaints office at sudd.never calls me back then sends me letter asking me to email her to the wrong addy!!? I have a terminal ill kid and I cant afford this, to be billed or shut off when THEY decide!!I need my little bit of money to care for my daughters health, this was over a yr ago, they said if I give them 40$which I did not owe, was for future phone!because iwas gonna be out of town, I did then said my bal was -0-, they lied, they left me alone, so thinking it was resolved..was not.then out of town my girl needed treatment but guess what?didnt get it because they are ruining my credit which was awesome!My daughters life is at stake and im fed up!My neighbor whom is elderly, is being chartged over 200$ and has NEVER had service!hope you get this fixed and me too, they are ripping so many folks off!never do what they promise! I have mess fromover 133 people and will soon be going to the news with this, if you also decide to Ill be with you!good luck

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  • Al
      Aug 05, 2018

    Yes Suddenlink is criminal in their billing practices. I have had a new account for 30 days. Supposed to get a "killer" deal of $79.95 a month for digital cable and internet. When the bill comes in it is $130. In addition with a $100 fee for not paying in advance when the salesman was asked and responded that it is not necessary to pay in advance. So we changed to basic internet only for $24.95 a month. When that bill came in yesterday at the billing cycle, keeping in mind this account is now 1 month old. They billed me $100 for basic internet.!!! Now in one month tme I have been billed $340 and they are now threatening to disconnect if I don't pay in 10 days. I will call them tomorrow but I doubt anything will be resolved so I will likely just cancel the account and if they refuse to disconnect I will just not pay them and switch to DSL. No matter how slow or unreliable. This is the United States and we don't let criminals run companies here!!!

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