Suburban PropaneThe crazy fees you guys charge and how rude the customer service is

I already had bad experience talking to the branch manager around me and his supervisor. Worst customer service I ever had. You guys charge ridiculous fees and plus worst customer service ever. I just found out it's 150.00 just to remove the tank??!! I do not have that amount anywhere in my agreement!!! This is absolutely ridiculous fee to charge anyone!!! You guys need to first fix the big problems with the rude people talking to customers. For example I was told by ken the branch manager to call sears and see their prices!!! This was 2 months ago when I spoke to him and decided to cancel this company asap!!! Please have someone call me regarding the fee for the removal I no longer want to argue with rude unprofessional people and just need this taken care of. I'm sick of these fees and will no longer use this company.

Jan 17, 2017

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