Suburban PropaneBeing FORCED to take propane

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One day out of the blue I see a man is dragging his big propane hose across my yard. I stopped him and told him I did not ask for more propane. I had over 3/4 of a tank and I have only a gas stove that I don't use much. He said he had to add propane or take my tank.
So I had to pay for propane I did not need or want.
When I called the manager to complain said it was a misundestanding.
The next year I was sent a bill for Tank Rental. I guess saying you're going to take someone's tank wasn't the right thing to do.
A couple of months ago here is a man yet again dragging his hose across my yard. Another forced tank fill up.
And to add insult to injury I got a bill last month a bill for tank rental.
I've written them and told them this is some racket they have going.
I told them I am about to turn them in to AARP since I live in an Over 55 Mobile Home Park and I am not the only one they've done this to. AARP loves ripping into companies who take advantage of us older folks.
I am also one step from turning them over to a local news station who also loves to get a hold of companies like Suburban.
I told them I will wait a reasonable amount of time for an explanation or I'm throwing them to the dogs.
If you have this type of problem and belong to AARP let them know.
If you have a local news station who will investigate, turn them in.
They need to be stopped and made to pay for ripping people off!

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