Suburban Propane / Failure to provide service

Suburban Propane charged a tank rental fee for propane tanks, which was not in the contract. When I complained they reduced the fee by half. I paid it for fear they would take the tanks out, leaving me with no heat.

When I sold the property, I notified them to take a reading on the volume of propane in the tanks and make arrangements to retrieve them. They failed to do this and the new owner used 40-50 gals of my propane before Suburban removed the tanks. This was after repeated phone calls to Suburban to take care of the matter.

When they finally removed the tanks, not only was 40-50 gals used up, Suburban Propane had the audacity to charge me a $60.00 closing fee, in addition to what I had lost to the new owner.

I would not use this company for any reason in the future and urge anyone else to avoid them.


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