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Suburban Propane / Propane

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Thanks for these posts, which I read with strong self-interest.

I have been having a terrible time with Suburban Propane in upstate New York (Columbia County). We have been getting deliveries even after we have stopped automatic delivery -- with no ticket or invoice left behind. We only recently discovered another 225 gallon delivery (while we were at the house even!) when we called to confirm a credit when they readjusted our price per gallon from the previous two deliveries. They had been charging us a dollar a gallon more before we called them on the prices.

We have been extremely suspicious of their records and their deliveries, as the usage is exorbitant and inconsistent with similar properties (over 1000 gallons in 10 weeks for a weekend house). Our gauge was showing full capacity when they decided to schedule the latest delivery of 225 gallons (out of 500) and it remained the same after they had purportedly fueled up.

When we called to complain about these erratic and inconsistent deliveries/records, we were met with lies, and eventually, attitude, and threats that our house would "freeze up in 3 days" if we stopped delivery. Their true intentions were revealed when they called up our real estate agent to "alarm" them about our cancelling service (which we had not done), and subsequently told me they had a long account with the owner they were interested in protecting. The previous renter had a similarly bad experience with them and actually used another provider.

This whole affair has left a bad taste in our mouths and we are now shopping around for a new propane provider. Even as we do so, we're nervous that we would simply switch from bad to worse, given their reputations.

If anyone has some positive experiences with particular propane companies in my area, I'd gladly take any recommendations.


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  • Nm
      14th of Apr, 2009
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    Buy your own tank. And yes from personal experience Suburban is a bunch of lying rip-offs. You can put a lock on the tank and make sure that you are there when they are delivering.

  • Ep
      21st of Apr, 2009
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    We also had a horrible experience with Suburban Propane. Suburban Propane put my family and my appliances at a huge risk. Suburban Propane had come to my home an supposably performed pressure tests, because I complained that there had to be something wronfg or a gas leak because we were only getting 15 days out of a tank of gas. My Propane bill for the month was coming to approx $3000.00. I then contacted Allen's Propane (awesome company)Highly Recomend. Allens performed numerous test's inside my home to find out suburban propane had the pressure settings so low that none of my appliances were rec ieving enough propane, therefore the propane just kept flowing. Suburban Propane are scammers... GET RID OF THEM... MY PROPANE BILL HAS NOT BEEN MORE THAN $470.00 and that is for 2 months of propane over the winter SINCE SWITCHING COMPANIES.

  • Ma
      23rd of Apr, 2009
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    Suburban gave me a great intro price 2 years ago and got there 1000g tank on my property and burried. After initial fill, prices went way out of line. About a month ago I was quoted $3.71/g from suburban I complained as I have to every time. I got them down to $2.80 and bought enough to hold me over. I ended up purchasing the tank from Suburban($2975+ Tax) and found a local co-op. The coop prices make propane competitve with fuel oil despite thje fact that propane makes much less heat per galon. The co-op in my area of upstate NY is Galway co-op. Prices are based on usage and tied to wholesale price. If you do not have a co-op in your area you may want to start one.

  • To
      6th of Oct, 2014
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    I have suburban out of walton ny.. I caught them telling me that they made a delivery to me ...but later appoligized that they made a delivery somewhere else...then they said they delivered on feb 4th...there was 14"s of snow and no way up my mountain they said they pushed threw the snow and got there! they tell me to plow when theres 2"s...then after arguing for 3 months now ...the guy said it didn't snow there...the day after superbowl????? 14"...

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