Stubhubovernight hair ended up being 4 days later

on Monday the 19th I went to ups store the minute it open in Palm Harbor, Fl. The clerk assured me that the football tickets would be delivered no later than Nov 20 at 3PM! these tickets were time sensitive so stub hub had us pay for overnight air. I checked over and over again after 3PM tracking and NO DELIVERY. IN the early evening of Tuesday the 20th I did a live chat with a Stub Hub Agent and she proceeded to file a lost or stolen report. Which put me in a state of anxiety because the game these tickets were for was on Friday November 24 at 4PM!! It was already Tuesday evening!! She said that the investigation could take 8 days. On Wednesday Morning I went to the UPS store that I sent them from and the clerk said it was under investigation and the tickets may have slipped under something, in between somewhere, blah blah. SO I immediately called my USF representative and thank GOODNESS he said he would talk to management and see if they could send replacement tickets via EMAIL to the buyer. I called STUB HUB and spoke to a Seresha and asked for the buyers email. I gave the email to the USF rep and I was saved by them. Meanwhile, it's Thursday and Thanksgiving, No Delivery. On Friday while at the Tampa Bay Stadium at 2:32 I receive an email stating the tickets were delivered. TOO LATE!!! My son sold the tickets with his stub hub account for me. He paid for the overnight air. PLEASE refund us the shipping charges. It was not delivered as promised and as paid for. the tracking number was 1Z18V5311341522047 His email is [protected]

Nov 24, 2018

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