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My gas got cut off but I never received a cut off notice/call.
According to the supervisor I spoke to on the phone, I was sent a cut off notice and the company has delivery confirmation. Funny, cause neither me, nor my wife signed for this notice, so it could have easily ended up in the wrong mail box. Then the supervisor told me the system automatically calls the day before a cut off will take place. However, "unfortunately" the system doesn't record these calls. That is because the call never took place. I checked my calls and emails again to make sure (And no, my number has not changed), but there was nothing from stream. Don't you think I would have made sure this bill was paid to prevent being cut off? Yes, I was late, I am aware! Life happens, people struggle with money, people get behind on bills. At least give me a fair shot and let me know my status. A due date is not the same as a cut off date. I feel like this supervisor was just telling me lies to put the blame on me. He was apologetic, but not helpful at all. So because stream does not follow up with their customers, I am no without gas from wednesday until monday. That is unacceptable! And not charging me a $10 late fee will not make up for the extra expenses that will occur due to their fault!

May 17, 2017

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