Strayer Universityrequest drop class. locked out of blackboard, unexplained courses I did not enroll in

I attended 2009 thru 2012. Everytime I needed a transcript, it was inaccurate. They started a new blackboard program and constantly had no access. We would get licked out til right before midterms. We were given the option to drop the class with no charge. Class was still charged to all of our financial aide. Went through disputing with no resolution. Next classes same issues. We were told that the teachers were notified and we would be given extended time to catch up. Encourage not to drop the class. We gained access 2 days before midterm exams, teachers had given us all zeros for all missed classes test for 4 weeks. They also did not allow us to go back and resubmit or retake anything. This caused my 4.0 gpa to drop to 2.0 which put my financial aide on hold/ probation. I would have to pay out of pocket to continue. Increased pricing no blackboard fixes. No help from the office from secretary thru financial aide department to assistant dean to dean. No help. Because of this they classified me not enrolled and loan payments became due immediately. Not the 6 months past graduation as promised. Call after call. Email after email. No resolution. To the point my job was based in me enrolled and ultimately graduating, I was fired. No job not able to pay loans saw where nation wide this was an issue and a lawsuit had been started. Signed up and sent all documentation to the attorny. No word back. I saw where 1 lawsuit was dismissed in utah for not enough evidence or proof of problems and I will day it absolute mismanagement corruption from this school. Again at the school here in the 4 to 5 classes per term, 20 plus students in my classes, we all experienced the same! How in the world is this not enough substantiated evidence of corruption. Now the student loans have interest upon interest upon interest to the total of 126k for no my life the way the interest amasses, the debt will never be repaid. I have even spoke with the federal student loan/ government finance agency with a response of sorry not our problem. Omg! After almost 9 years of fighting this I give up! I don't mind paying for school but a reasonable tuition and promises kept and eventually allowed to earn a degree. Now I am still not allowed to view or receive a transcript. All login information access is gone. Hind sight 20/20.

Nov 21, 2018

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