Stratford Career InstituteStole money after i canceled ontime

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I sent in the paperwork to take a course with stratford and found out they were dishonest by the complaints i saw online. I canceled within the 2 week time frame and they sent me a notice saying i still owed $184. 86. I filed a complaint with the better business bureau in my state and their state. I also filed a complaint with the ftc. I also filed a complaint on the web site "ripoff". They kept the initial $69. 00 i sent, but they gave up on the rest. They straight out lied about everything. The books took three weeks to come and they were of poor quality. They make sure you get the books to you late so they can cheat you out of extra money. They are not accreditated either! I think there should be a class action lawsuit brought against them. Please file a complaint with the bbb and the ftc. They need to be stopped!

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  • Sa
      May 12, 2009

    not a credited Diploma.

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  • Md
      Jun 18, 2009

    Stratford never claims to be accredited. Plus, you are required to sign the enrollment agreement which gives very detailed instructions about taking a course with them and about canceling your enrollment etc. That is why it’s important to read everything. If you felt you stayed within their guidelines, you should contact them directly. I'm sure they would help you resolve any issues. They have always been very helpful to me.

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  • Jj
      Sep 22, 2009

    I'm about to get my diploma from them in a couple of months. In my opinion you get what you put into it. It's self paced, which is almost like self-taught, except for if you get stuck, you ask questions and they will answer you. It sounds like the above students didn't want to put in their time. If you want an education, you have to put in your time, whether it's H.S., COLLEGE, or whatever you choose to study. Next time read the fine print. I think it's a great School, and I've learned a lot. People learn by reading and writing, and that is what you do in distance learning. Sincerely JJ

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  • Ca
      Oct 03, 2009

    I agree with JJ, Stratford offers adult career courses. It is up to you how well you study and learn the material, it is also the responsibility of the individual to see if the certificate offered is acceptable in their location. Having taken a course with them and now enrolled in another, I usually find that proving you know your stuff will go a long way with the employer. The certificate or diploma is just a piece of paper if you do not know the material. The problem as I see it is some people want a quick certificate without the work, then blame the school when they still do not have the skills!!
    Sincerely DD (Canada)

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  • Qu
      Nov 04, 2009

    I received their brochures because I was interested in their PC repair program, it only states what they can provide for you but nothing about being a credited school. What's the point of paying $689 for tuition where I can go to the bookstore and find the textbooks I need. Then I can study on my own like the rest above mentioned but I am not getting anything out of it. I actully want to learn PC Repair for a Cert A+, that's the standard and it says nothing about it. I believe this is a scam and I am glad I read about it today!

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  • Sc
      Dec 28, 2009
    Best Best Advice

    You can learn all you want- but if you can't do anything with the diploma- all of the learning was soley for self-improvement. A school must be accredited appropriately for the diploma/degree to have any value. A diploma with no value will keep you from entering a college that requires high school diplomas. Check accreditation- it's vital!

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  • Wa
      Jun 14, 2010

    I dont get it.. why on BBB this school gets a A+????? i have got mixed feelings from mixed comments???? So i am confused on weather i should trust this school or not.

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  • Th
      Jun 21, 2010

    I finished the High School Diploma course while I already had a 20 month old and was pregnant with another, even finished paying for the course. I got my High School Diploma ( or what they claim is a Diploma ) and was really happy thinking that I was the first of my siblings to do so. WRONG I went to enroll in college for Criminal Justice and found out that my diploma isn't even worth anything. If anyone knows how to go about getting Stratford Career Institue to acknoledge that they are scam artist and the [censor] of the earth for what they are doing I would love to know. I would even be willing to go help with a class action lawsuit against them. They are as bad as the scammers that call the elderly promising them lots of things for a small fee which ends up being not so small. They really need to be stopped and not allowed to have anything to do with education. If they want to educate people they should try educating themselves first.

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  • Th
      Jun 28, 2010

    they are crooks plain and simple. i never signed a contract with them but they still want the entire tuiton fee. and they never mentioned to me that they were not accredited. now i am getting letters from a collection agency demanding all the money. not sure what to do. if ne one files a class action lawsuit i would love to help. i am trying to dig up as much dirt on them as possible and i found out that there is plenty of dirt on the net about them. these guys need to be taken down.

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  • Fr
      Jul 24, 2010

    I took the stratford career institute Nursing Assistant course starting november 2009, and completed on june 25, 2010. Even though i completed the course my certificate wasn't handed to me until i called and asked for it about twice. I was very excited to conplete the course, since i was a Home Health Aide and couldn't go to the normal traveling day by day school. So, i Quit my Home Health Aide job and started to look for jobs with my stratford career intitute Nursing Assistant Diploma, and to my surprise my Diploma was a waste of money and i couldn't use it for nothing, i was told that stratford Career intitute should have given me a New york state board exam to certify me as a Nursing Assistant, but none of that was done. And when i called them to give me a place to take the New York state Board Exam, i was told that they had no idea. It was very devastating becuasing i was employed as a Nursing Assistant, but becuase my Diploma wasn't the right one need for the job, i lost the Nursing Assistant Job. So, i'm now unemployed and out of money.

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  • Do
      Sep 06, 2010

    Those who complained about Stratford's accreditation are lazy [censor]s who do not wish to do their "home work" i.e RESEARCH before enrolling into a school.

    Once upon a time I had doubts about accreditation of this school, so I called Stratford's 1-800 number and spoke to a career counselor on the phone. I asked him a direct question and I got a direct answer. The answer was:"No, we are not accredited."
    Then I made my decision based on this dialogue. I enrolled into Stratford's Police Science program, since I was pressed for time and needed knowledge, but more so, I needed something in my resume that would give me a Police and Security background a.s.a.p.
    Before Stratford, I applied to the Military Forces for a military police training, but was rejected since I did not have any police education. I knew that my Stratford diploma would be but a worthless piece of paper, yet it got me into a Military Police training. According to "The Schools Catalogue" used in the Military Recruitment Center to determine an applicant's educational background, Stratford was one of the accepted schools (by their standards!!! N.B. Another employer may say "NO" to Stratford).

    This is my humble advice to some of you:
    Before you start pointing your finger at Stratford, look at what you have done to prevent the stupid situation you are in. I recon, you did nothing!!!
    A Class action lawsuit against Stratford Institute will be just as pathetic as your diploma.
    It's not a school's duty to "mention" to you that they were NOT accredited, but it's your duty to ask them if they are or aren't and research it afterwards.

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  • St
      Sep 15, 2010

    My Dad went through them to get a High School Diploma. 3 years later when he applied for a state job, he was turned down because the diploma was in their words "no good".I think its very misleading for them to offer a high school diploma thats just a worthless piece of paper.

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  • St
      Oct 19, 2010

    So...let's see...

    If "Dominic" applied to the MILITARY FORCES for military police training, one thing is clear: if you apply for military training, you're applying for the MILITARY, so in essence, you're ENLISTING, you're signing a contract for 8 years of your life, and they will train you in return. So you don't need Stratford Career Institute to give you a heads up on police training. Military Police is generally one of the easiest jobs to get in the military, no experience/education needed.

    High School Diploma: If you're not getting a GED from an accredited school, nobody will accept the diploma. Basically, it's a waste of time to sink money into this with SCI due to the fact that career centers and community colleges around the world (even in your hometown!) will supply the GED at an affordable price.

    Hands-on training career opportunities: Art, Auto Mechanics, Sewing & Dressmaking, Veterinary Assistant, anything else that a normal institute would have you in a specified environment for: Online education does not prepare you for much needed hands-on experience, therefore, any amount of information this school can provide for you may be moot. They can prepare you with textbooks, but even that preparation will not be worthwhile due to the fact that taking that knowledge to a community college or university would be redundant, therefore resulting in a waste of money.

    Other training: Medical Transcription/Billing, Desktop Publishing and Design, Designing with AutoCad, Video Game Design: Anything having to do with computers, an online course could be beneficial, yet also redundant if accredited schools offered the same supplies/programs (which they do).

    In summation of Stratford Career Institute, I feel that anything gleaned from this school, whether good or bad, would be helpful in the long run: be it "Don't trust anything online that requires investment" or "They sent me textbooks and supplies that aided in my training for an official certificate." The majority of reviews are also complaining about customer service, false advertising, collections and debts against them, not receiving supplies and training (BBB), yet they still manage to receive an A+ rating with said bureau.

    Smart money is on do not enroll and invest in an education that you can receive from more credible and accepted institutions. All of the textbook training can be obtained at the local library at the student's leisure in preparation for the certification of choice. The majority of potential and former students of SCI have all stated one blaringly obvious fact: research is needed for any online certification "university".

    Know what you're getting into.

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  • Co
      Dec 22, 2010

    I don' t know what to believe... They say one thing... People say another. Stratford has been doing their job by sending textbooks etc... But I still have this feeling because when you request free info or enroll you also receive mail from other agencies like sweepstakes clearinghouse and credit union services and they seem like a scam to me and stratford is affliliated with these agencies calls them " business partners" so if a business is involved with scammers then I don' t thinl it' s an honest business but I don't know so if any one knows anything helpful please inform me...

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  • Gc
      Dec 30, 2010

    I completely agree with this complaint!!! I am having the exact same issues with this institute. I never signed an agreement to pay them anything. I ordered a course over the phone and was told that after I received it I could review it and send it back if I wasn't satisfied. I ordered a computer programing course and was sent materials regarding basic computer facts that any high school graduate should know such as which part of the computer is the CPU, which part is the monitor, etc. I sent it back within two weeks of receiving it and they are charging me over $130 restocking fee. I am attempting to work with the BBB, but I am not having very good luck. I filled a complaint with them in September and have yet to hear anything at the end of December. This company needs to be shut down. I have had the rudest customer service reps from them then I have from any company I have ever had to deal with. Please listen to the warnings and don't get involved in their money making scams!!!

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  • Cr
      Feb 10, 2011

    All I have to say, is when I started the program, I was probably a little bit ignorant. Didn't know much about accreditation etc. the most important thing to me was getting my high school diploma. I didn't know it mattered where it came from... that is the ignorant part. In fact I just learned that when I decided to further my education, recently. I enrolled in this university. I did everything I needed to do, completed the financial aid process, and all the student loan papers, chose my career path, decided the program I wanted to pursue. And I was ready to start in just 3 days. The next day though, I got a phone call from my student advisor...advising me that they could not have me at there school, because they just found out that my High school diploma was not accredited. This was a HUGE let down to me. Probably one of the biggest let downs in a long time...if not the biggest let down of my life! I had never thought college was an option for me, and I had never really been interested in college. And one day I woke up and decided it was. And everyday from that day on, I did everything it took to make it happen.

    Some of you say "Dont blame Stratford, do your research" But I looked on the website even now, and you tell me WHERE DOES IT SAY whether or not they are accredited? It does not say so. Not everyone who goes through Stratford Career Institute is older. Some are just old enough to be able to take the courses. With that said, they probably have no idea what to look for, they probably just want to get there High school diploma so they can go to college. (Like me)

    So maybe to some of you, who have already graduated gone to college etc. It doesn't seem necessary to post atleast somewhere whether they are accredited or not on there site, in a brochure etc... but it IS necessary because not everyone knows what to look for, and it should not have to be a huge let down, a huge waste of time, waste of money, etc... The fact is STRATFORD CAREER IS A SCAM. If they want to call themselves a business, they should act like a business and be a little more professional and put a WERE NOT ACCREDITED stamp up somewhere, and quit KNOWINGLY trying to scam people into there program.

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  • Ms
      Feb 17, 2011

    Its' a huge scam. They shipped the module late on purpose and the measly book they sent me was absurd. Its' basically basic information that can be found online. Near $700.00 for basic info, I don't think so. And the nerve of them to order me to return it if I choose to cancel it through certified registered mail (expensive) when I know they will come after me for a hundred something because the 14 period expired! How much money did I loose? Whatever you do, stay away from these scammers! Scam artists at their best.

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  • Se
      Feb 20, 2011

    If they are not accredited then you are wasting your money--plain and simple..yes, you may be learning something new over the course period but the result is zero if your diploma isn't accredited...

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  • Ge
      Mar 19, 2011

    Its cheaper to go to Barnes and Noble book store. My course with startford was copied out of a Barnes and Noble book. Everyone Take a good look at your Stratford books you will find no copyrights in them because they are copying them at Barnes and Noble books what ever course your taken go to Barnes and Noble and you will find the book they copied out of somewhere. They May not have copyrights . Theres your class action case

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  • Un
      Mar 31, 2011

    I am taking the course Conservation/Environmental Sciences! So far I have believed this was going to be a good thing, I have been really happy of myself for working hard and studying. My grades are good!! But I came across this and now omgsh I don't know what to think!! I feel really down now! I'm a hard working girl just trying to further my education for a better job, one I would love! I'm really shut down now after reading all this and I am stuck! I don't know what to think or do about this now.. Months later and hundreds of dollars later I stumble upon this.. This whole time I was blind, now I'm going to research on this a little more! If this is all a lie, Ill [censored]... Someone can't go along thinking there finally doing something good for there life, and find out this whole time it's a scam???? NOT FARE!! What did I do to deserve this??

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  • Pd
      Jun 24, 2011

    I love SCI. I have been writing almost my entire life and I have never been more challenged than I have been with them. I find their staff to be knowlegable and my editor treats me like a person, not a number. They have been professional and courteous. I'm quite shocked to read this, actually.

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  • Al
      Jul 05, 2011


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  • Ru
      Oct 28, 2011

    I have the same problem! Ordered over the phone, and wasn't told certain things, and I NEVER signed a contract with them!! They are holding me to the money I "owe" them. My 1st shipment came well after the 14 day period, so obviously I couldn't cancel within that time frame because, IT CAME LATE to begin with!!! And the customer service is appalling! So rude, and I had one women tell me one thing, and have another tell me something else. And then when I acquire about that, they get rude and try to intimidate you. Act like you did something wrong!! SCAMERS!!! They won't get away with this! I won't allow them too!!! I want to join a class action lawsuit, please if someone starts one include me.

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  • As
      Jan 16, 2012

    WOW, It looks like their is a few of you that work for the "RIP OFF" school..or, maybe getting paid for your positive comments...or, should I say, you are getting paid with the Money that we all gotten ripped off from.

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  • Cz
      Mar 31, 2012

    this place was a complete rip off i never signed a contract like everyone else said and when i did try to contact someone they were very rude with me, i contacted the BBB about them to find out the are really from Canada ?!?!?!? i was never told that!!! so i had to make a complaint through Canada which by the way was a VERY expensive phone call, and i filed a complaint online too. I did everything like the jerk told me on the phone to do when i called to cancel the program was to fax them a letter saying you are canceling the program and return the materials back within the 30 days, now 4 years later these people are still sending me letters about i owe them a debt this place was a complete scam.

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  • Na
      Jan 13, 2013

    My experience with stratford institute dated back in 2009. I took a course but took ill before I could started so I called them to ask what I should do then they told me I would have to send an email to cancel . Only to realize in 2010 I got a letter from a lawyer saying i owe money to the college i explain to them what happen then they instruct me to send back the books because that's what they are charging me for which i did only to be notified by a loan company that my name is at the credit bureau for money owing to the college, when i called them they refuse to speak to me and i don't even know which third party has my file they are so sloppy I cannot believe how comes the government allow these things to happen look at all the complains don't they read them. They talk about teaching and fairness they are the most dishonest people Ive ever seen.

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  • Su
      Mar 31, 2013

    So...11 yrs ago back in 1998 after having been on my own since before I was 18 and being a High School drop out. I had taken the GED test prior to moving clear across the country and I wasn't around long enough to get the results. Than a few months in another state I saw a flyer while working. It was a flyer for SCI advertising that you get your High School Diploma. I thought to myself "I my have a GED" but I don't want a "Good Enough Diploma", I'm better than a GED!! I had been cheated out of so much in my short life that I was going to set the record straight and get my High School Diploma. When I called I spoke with a few people, received and went over the information and I signed up. Never once was I informed by a staff member or was it stated in any of the information I read/ signed that this was not in face an actual High School Diploma. Not knowing were I was going to lay my head at night let alone have a computer to check into the School being legit. Their were days I went with out eating but I made sure my payments were made with money orders! I being young with no guidance also did not know what I know now so I failed to ask the right questions which as many have noticed SCI's employees are pretty much on a "Don't ask, don't tell" basis. Meaning if you don't ask the right questions you will never be told up front that NONE of their Diplomas are anything more than a piece of paper with words on them that don't measure up to representing their definition. I mean seriously it's a High School Diploma who would have thought that it wasn't genuine?! Needless to say I spent a long time on the School work due to moving a lot, working 12 hr days and 7 days a week, and I even humbled myself when I was in my home town to go back to my old High School and ask a few teachers for their guidance and help. I paid off the course and finally completed it after almost 4 yrs. When I received my Diploma I felt a sense of accomplishment and I was so proud of myself. From than on when I applied for jobs and the application asked if I had my High School Diploma I put yes, when people asked me where I got my HSD I said SCI. Here we are over 11yrs later, my kids getting older, and I thought to myself I'm not getting any younger so I should check out going to College. I made an appointment, filled out my FASFA, spent two hours taking an assessment test, talking to people, so proud to hand over my Diploma and transcripts to be photo copied, and ready to make that next step in my life. All to come to find out for the past 11yrs I was living a lie. I hadn't accomplished anything but being lied to and scammed. Out of all the horrible things I have endured in my life and hitting rock bottom time and time again while trying to figure life out I not until that very moment have ever felt so humiliated, stupid, betrayed, and stuck in my whole life!! I am so ashamed that I unknowingly have lied to people, my place of employments etc. with out even knowing it!! I'm still pretty devastated!! I went and found out whether or not I past my GED and I sadly I did not, I failed by 1 point. However back in the day had I known than what I know now I would have been able to just take the part I failed. Unfortunately the laws have changed since than and if you fail one part you have to keep taking it over again. The cost isn't bad but than again IT WAS AND ISN'T ABOUT THE MONEY!!! It's was about bettering myself but it in fact never did!! I know that when I signed up for my High School Diploma that I did it with a pure heart and in good faith, I wasn't trying to take the easy way out with getting my HSD., they are the one that did me and many others wrong. I personally would like to send a heart felt apology to all of you have been scammed as well. We may have had the wool pulled over our eyes for what ever reason but their actions nor their fake Diplomas define us!! I feel sorry for their employees having to go to work every day and lie to people just so they can pay their bills, feed their children, and get buy! Take care and keep moving forward. ~Hugs

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  • No
      May 04, 2013

    hi I'm 35 years old I was laid off after 11 years at my job. I took Computer Sciences & Technology right out of high school. Due to an injury I never finished. I have 2 daughters and a mortgage. I looked at all the options and even signed up with Colorado Institute of Technology (C.I.T) (credited) I felt great until I received a $52, 000 tuition fee. So I looked into Stratford Career Institute they mailed me a brochure. This seemed perfect I am very educated with (C.S.T) Computer Science & Tech personally I just need the piece of paper that says so! They aren't credited but you do receive a diploma! Not a certificate like all other non credited schools. You could finish in 4 - 5 months or 2 years they play by your schedule. The educators are knowledgeable and polite. All of my literature has taken at longest 3 to 5 days and I'm on the fifth out of six modules then I get my diploma. Their website has resources for jobs extra education & more though it could be a bit better. If you enroll early you qualify for their discount. My current payment is a little over $30 a month. Their website lists the pros and cons of online schooling And if your not a self motivated person its not for you. The staff is there to help but you must reach out and call they're not going to hold your hand but yet they are not supposed to. I haven't called since my first month but if I go a little of my routine I get a letter from them offering assistance and to call if I'm struggling. It then goes on to say " yet we all need to take a break and that's ok but try to keep it in a consistent routine" which is excellent real world advice. Exams are taken online you get your final score as soon as you finish. You can print out your yearly average on a progress report which is good proof for student discounts! I've used this as proof for Microsoft & Amazon student discounts. They have an (A) rating from the Better Business Bureau. As soon as I'm finished with my last module I'm signing right back up for a second diploma in Computer Programming. This has been my experience its not a reply to any negative review. If you had a bad experience with them its too bad, cause if they were ever rude or unprofessional to me I would be upset to. I can only speak on my experience. My name is Mike from Haverhill, Ma

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  • Re
      Jun 06, 2013

    My High School Diploma is a fake that I paid a lot for and I can't use it. I got it in 2010 and I'm now looking into college and can't use something that I paid $560 for what waste of my money. The Stratford Institute Is of my list of recommendations.

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  • Ch
      Jul 09, 2013

    CONTACT Jeffrey Antonelli at [protected] or email: [protected] HE IS IN THE MIDDLE OF A CLASS ACTION RIGHT NOW! I am working with him myself on this and he had mentioned starting a national class action suit. The more people we have on board the better!!! Here is a link to the actual suit if you don't believe me.

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  • Ok
      Aug 27, 2013

    I have been thinking about doing one of their courses in the near future. And even though I haven't decided yet, I'm looking at the tuition agreement right now . And I see this: "LIMITATIONS OF PROMISE: Stratford will provide you with instructions on how to prepare a winning resume, and perform well during a job interview. Our director of education will also provide you with a letter of recommendation to a prospective employer. HOWEVER, Stratford does not promise employment as a direct result of completing any of our programs.DO NOT assume that any credits you earn are transferable to any other school, collage or university. Ensure that you check with the receiving institution." In other words, once you complete their course, they'll give you the necessary help to find a job, but most collages won't honor any degrees. They never claim to be accredited, but they also really don't come right out and say they're not. So always do your research so you know what you're getting into.

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  • Su
      Feb 14, 2014

    I finished my health care course with them and now I was working in seniors residence without them I wont be in this job,

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  • Ch
      Feb 26, 2014

    I got my high school diploma from stratford and I haven't had any problems. I went on to cosmetology school with it and got my Associates degree from a local community college and was accepted into a university as well. Yes they are not accredited but some colleges will except it.

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  • An
      Sep 28, 2014

    About Stratford
    Yes there is an enrollment agreement
    Yes I get adequate textbooks
    No they do not claim to be accredited read the tiny print on the home page
    Always research further to see if you just want a course for personal knowledge or a fully accredited online degree
    as there are both

    I have no complaints against Stratford as they have held up to my expectations and this is my 2nd course with them and it is
    the Veterinary Assistant class

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  • Mi
      Sep 04, 2015

    I think things said about Stratford Career Institute are very negative . I mean that canadian network affiliate is mention on DETC website right next to the Chea board of US Education for one . ICDE is a consultative UNESCO partner . And every other affiliate has strong relation with accredited educational principles around the world. I think the school is a very good up and coming school that needs positive thing reported about it in order to get a grasps of american accreditation. How could a school have affiliation with a UNESCO Partner and be a diploma Mill . I think you should say Accreditation Equal to US. Accreditation. I mean this school could be one of the richest up and coming schools in North America . I mean it's a Multi Million dollar corporation. Or should I say the owners a Billionaire. So that means very well licensed . For a school to offer brand new books to every student and curriculum to be based on U.S. newly education standards people sure do speak very negative of this school

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  • Cr
      Nov 10, 2015

    I'm doing my highschool diploma and when I called and asked they gave me the info I needed.. I wasn't planning on going to college don't want to but it will help me as far as getting a better job.. Both my sisters have a diploma through stratford and both have very good jobs.. So know u may not b able to go to college but u can still better ur life with a better job

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  • Li
      Mar 18, 2016

    I enrolled at Stratford career institute for a course ànd they sent me a message sayingi that I was accepted . I called to ask where are my books and they tell me I haven't been accepted that my information is incorrect, but they took my money bunch of crooks and I am demanding I get reimbursed every penny they took

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  • Ro
      Mar 24, 2016

    Most of you can't even write a simple paragraph without a bunch of misspellings, bad grammar, bad punctuation (if any), bad capitalization, etc. No wonder you aren't finding jobs!!

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  • Ez
      Aug 05, 2017

    I read so many positive and negative reviews. The negative reviews are based upon the school be non-credited and false advertising earning a HS diploma. Refund policies seem to be an issue. Slowness in delivering materials causes delays and you end up paying a certain amount after a short period of time even if you ask for a refund. The books that are sent are outdated and some students feel that what they do get are like copies from texts. It seems to go on and on. Of course it is illegal to plagerize textbooks as all are copyrighted. Stiff fines and penalties are given by the Feds if that happens. So, I would imagine, everyone has to be very careful about this. Of course wording can be changed around and provide the schools own text books. To me, it is a textbook when it is generally hard bound having hard covers with binding materials. If it were spiral, it would be like a syllabus. If it were stapled, it would be a handout. I learned this from an instructor in one of my classes i took. I did check out the BBB and I wasn't thrilled with the rating. A lot of complaints about unsolved issues. I think it is very important to note that you do have to read every word in their agreement and question anything that you do not understand and seem out of place. When I checked out the enrollment form, I noticed that not only do they accept credit or debit cards but add your bank checking account account as a means of making payments. Why this is, I don't know. I know if you purchase something which require small payments from other services, you can do so using a VISA or MasterCard. This is the first time where I have seen that a checking account be used like a debit or credit card. What you are doing is to give the school permission to debit your bank account directly, similar to a credit card. This can possibly cause a problem because at any time you owe more money, they can easily debit your bank account. That part, I don't like. If accounting gets screwed up, this could happen. Another thing that I was not too pleased with is getting a call from a staff member to give me an immediate discount if I sign up today. It is like a form of pressuring you to enroll now as the discount would not be available later. I know that there are incentives by the sales representatives by doing this as they earn extra pay. It is part of their job.

    What would be nice if the school can send you the materials immediately after making a deposit and give you two weeks for you to look it over and make your decision then. This gives you a chance to look over the materials to see if what they say is true about the quality of materials. There should be absolutely no penalty if you abide by the rules. The only thing you should lose is the small deposit which is administration fees. You send the materials back on time, you should not have any further obligations. That is fair. There is no reason to pay extra for shipping as quick delivery is quite costly. As long as you have a tracking number to show to the school that you shipped it should be ample proof. Anyway, I did talk a lot how I feel and I know I want to make the right decision. I hope what I have written will have some bearing of what other decisions what you make. Thanks for reading.

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