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Stormy Point Village

Posted: Aug 12, 2013 by    

Company misrested their product

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Contact information:
Summer Winds Resorts
3179 Grenta rd
Branson, Missouri
United States
Phone: 4173322918
May of 2013 we went to a presentation for summer winds resorts there was a misrepresentation of what we were offered and left details out during our signing of our contract. We have tried to contact them to cancel are contact and refund us the money they received from us. The sale rep's are very fast talker. And i'll believe they are feuding and customer that comes. Because we make the mistake to trust them. I 'm looking for other that would like to sue summer winds resorts / vpg partners vl, llc and get our money that we have given them, please email at ranadennis96@yahoo.com
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N  15th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes

Stormy Point Village - Fraud and Lies
Stormy Point Village
United States

Stormy Point Village is a bunch of lyers and cheats they will rot in hell for there sins, Stormy Point Village will tell you whatever you need to make the sale but after they wont ever return your call, stay away fro Stormy Point Village and Summerwinds or Festiva they are all the same
N  17th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
I'm sorry you had a negative experience at Stormy Point but to clarify, Summerwinds and Festiva are in no way the same company nor are they currently affiliated with one another. Festiva previously had an affiliation with Summerwinds that ended several years ago.

Festiva currently does not have a front-line sales presence at Stormy Point and does not sell weeks there. The only Festiva sales representatives at Stormy Point are there to offer Festiva Adventure Club upgrades for existing Stormy Point owners who previously purchased from Festiva several years ago.

If you have a specific complaint about Festiva, then you can contact us at comments@festiva.travel, but if you're interaction at Stormy Point was with Summerwinds, then you should contact them directly.
A  1st of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Stormy Point Village burned me as well. Run as fast as you can. It's nearly impossible to book time, in fact we have yet to be successful. Floyd in customer relations has never called me back a single time. I have to chase someone down to get a question answered. Don't fall for the friends and family week b.s. you can only book those times 30 days out so if you plan to use stormy point any other time than winter you'll never get a stay booked as they will always be busy. They must be making a killing the sales manager owns a $500, 000 house boat on the lake. Good luck reaching that guy either. So far I regret every second of my purchase. Run as fast as you can.
N  4th of May, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I have the same unhappy experience at Stormy point - robbed blind. I purchased time share for more than 6000 and still I am supposed to pay 400 USD every 2 years. I think we have to find a way to bring this to the eyes of a law!!! I am discussing with lawyers to see my options.
A  20th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
I have the same experience. Was told prices were $75 per day or $299 per week at this resort and have never been quoted that price. Was also told availability is excellent due to the constant building, also not true as we haven't been in the 3 years we have "owned" because its never available. Salesman Rod told us as long as you were willing to stay in a house other then the one you purchased, you wouldn't have to pay the maintenance fees. After receiving a bill for maintenance fees, I called and was told that wasn't the case and would have to pay the fees. If I own the house for one week every third year and maintenance fees are $400, how much money are they making on just maintenance fees. $400 a week is $20, 800 a year per house. I am also seeking legal action against Summer Winds. Any information a Class Action case would be appreciated.
N  28th of Nov, 2016 by    +1 Votes
@Unhappy "owner" any results ?? thankyou
A  14th of Mar, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Same thing happened to us. We spent 7 hours with them asking very specifc questions over and over again because it did sound too good to be true. They blatently lied to our faces about several things, including the $299 vacations "anywhere in the world" and maintenance fees. We were told those were optional, which after purchasing, we discovered were not. Now we have been stuck with them for a year. We filed a complaint in Arkansas and now am filing one in Missouri. I would also like some good information on legal action to take against them.
A  14th of Mar, 2012 by    +2 Votes
We were so taken by them, I feel stupid, but we ask over and over again if it was true that no money would change hands because we had an other timeshare of equal value, so I paid to list my other timeshare, with the company he (Scott) said would sell it and after nine months of course it still is not sold, so now they want the remaining $8, 500.00. We don't have the money so they are getting lawyers to sue us. They also told us we could use our timeshare anywhere, anytime for $299.00 and a bunch more lies. I have never been taken so bad in my life and they should not be able to do this. So I too would like some good information on legal action If anyone is taking a class action suits we would join you. So mad
A  15th of Mar, 2012 by    +2 Votes
We were robbed by these people as well. Told we would be given two free weeks every other year but when our first year rolled around, we were given one week and told they have never sold anything with two week only one week. Floyd, the "manager" if you can really call him that told me I would have to provide proof of being told such a thing, made me feel like I was trying to pull one over on him. We purchased in July 2009, we have yet to be able to book anything for our family. With the 30 day only reservation rule you can't get in anywhere and there is an upcharge on everything which certainly was left out in our presentation. The only successful booking, (I'm using the word successful lightly) was for my daughter & son-in-law for their honeymoon. I couldn't book where they wanted naturally but they found an affiliated resort so we had to pay an additional $119 on our FREE week. They said the place was ok but nowhere as fabulous as they make everything seem. I have contacted them asking if I can get out of our contract and stated why. I am being given the run around by Tom Newman. He had to forward my request to the developers office in Branson. That's the only response I can get. My husband & I were completely ripped off and I have nothing but harsh feelings for this place. I would love to be included if anyone does a class action suit. This place is a big joke! Nothing but a bunch of liars!!
A  25th of Apr, 2012 by    +3 Votes
The "pressure" sales sure does put money in "their pocket", but when you need help to sell it, they give you names of "realitors that are NOT BBB certified and they have you "pay" up front with a promise to sell. Don't ever pay up front! You LOOSE AGAIN. I have cancer and desperately need to get rid of this payment for medical bills. It just can't be done! So sorry that this world has to be so dishonest to good people like this. Any lawsuits? I'll sign up to! MGA&MSA
D  11th of Jun, 2012 by    +2 Votes
My husband and I purchased a timeshare at Stormy Point Village in Branson Missouri. We were told by the salesman that if we didn't use the week then we would not be chared the maintenence fee. Well we got a bill for the maintenence fee and we did not pay it and then we started getting collections calls. Our salesperson was Rick Grame. He told us that we could sale the timeshare at anytime and make money off of it. Rick Grame said that he owns six timeshares and he rents his weeks out. Don lupner was the manger. I called Stormy Point on several occasions and they have never returned my calls. This company is a fraud and scam making millions of dollars every year. I hate that people would go this low to dig in hard working citizens wallets. There needs to be a lawsuit against timeshare companies. I also have a timeshare at Sunbay Resort in Hot Spirngs Arkansas. When I purchased it they told me the same thing and I could make money off of it. They said I could sell it and make money. I purchased Sunbay before Stormy Point. Anyway, I hate that I have spent money on these two companies. I am sure they are still selling timeshares and makeing a killing. I am trying to sell both hoping I don't have to file bankruptcy. I have them listed on Craigslist and I listed Stormy Point on Ebay. I saw others on Ebay to but for much lower for what they paid I am sure. God Bless the hard working citizens of the United States of America!!!
A  21st of Jun, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I agree this place is a scam they got us for 10, 000 to start with then said it would invalid unless we bouggt in for another 10, 000 some lying sorry people!!! I am staying at green mountain in a few weeks called to see if i could use the pool at stormy nope i can come on "their property" unless im staying there excuse me!!?? I guess im not a owner evem if i do have a titled on big scam if some comes up with a class action COUNT ME IN!!!
N  9th of Aug, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Count me in on the lawsuit. I am frustrated with Stormy Point Village!!! I want to sell my timeshares sooooo bad and get out of this headache. I hate it sooooo much!!! Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies is all this company is going to tell you. I am wishing and praying that a lawsuit is brought against Stormy Point Village and Sunbay Resort Hot Springs, Arkansas.
N  14th of Sep, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Well I too feel that my husband and I have been taken advantage of also. We got in a bind and could not make payments, contacted Floyd Elliott, and sure enough they don't exercise the right to sell through them, like they told us we could. we contacted the finance company and they worked with us to get caught up. Once again we have fallen behind can't seem to catch a break. So the contacted finance company today, after they have tried to get a hold of me for payment, and the guy laughed at me, when I told him I couldn't do anything until October the 5th, He proceeded to tell me they have paid Stormy in full, and we owe him over 7000. I said again I can not pay anything until October, he says well I will let you talk to supervisor. He put me on hold and hung up. I truly feel that the sales manager, and Floyd lied and now we will have this against our credit. But us on the lawsuit claims.
A  28th of Sep, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I've noticed several posters asking if there is anything that can be done about this scam, because like you, my wife and I just recently made the terrible mistake of buying into the lies. After reading the comments here and other websites, particularly the BBB, I have decided there may be enough support to start a petition, and with enough signatures, send to our state representatives, the Mo. Atty Gen. Office, and last but not least, Mo. Govenor Jay Nixon (former Atty Gen.) The least we can do is try and get as many people to sign this petition and serve notice to Summerwinds Resort that we, as consumers, are not going to stand by and become their "Cash Cow and ATM machine". Here's what you
need to do: Go to Change.org and type in Summerwinds Resort in the "find" space at the top of the page. That will take you to the Petition that I started yesterday. Click on "sign" and fill in the blanks. It only takes a few seconds and if you don't want your name or spouse or whomever displayed publicly, there's a place to click on that too. I've HAD IT with this company and according to the 100's of complaints and comments I've read over the past couple weeks that goes back YEARS, my wife and I have decided something MUST be done. You will see on the petition my name (Sport King) signed twice. That is for myself and my wife. When we have enough names, not sure how many but I'm going to find out from the Atty Gen office shortly what will get their attention, I will personally make sure it gets sent to the highest legal offices in the state including the FTC Bureau of Consumer Affairs. If you're serious about wanting to do something, or at least attempt, then sign the petition and get the word out through whatever means, social, word of mouth, text, websites on the internet, etc. I am just like the rest of you. I do not like being lied to, especially when it involves my hard earned money, and will not rest until something is done even if it involves lawyerin' up. Good luck to all of us...
N  20th of Jun, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Sport145 I keep trying to sign the petition but i cant find it
N  8th of Oct, 2012 by    +2 Votes
A Florida man was sentenced to 14 years in prison in a timeshare resale telemarketing scam that involved 54 victims in southern Illinois.

Brian Christopher Morris, 46, of Boynton Beach, Florida was sentenced to 14 years in prison, five years of supervised release, fined $1, 000 and ordered to pay a $100 special assessment fee.

Morris pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud in connection with telemarketing in February 2012.

The indictment alleged Morris and other were involved in a telemarketing scam in Florida that bilked more than 22, 000 victims of $30 million in all 50 states.

Morris was a manager of Universal Marketing Solutions and later Creative Vacation Solutions in Palm Beach County, Florida. The scheme began in October 2007 and continued through January 2010.

Telemarketers called timeshare owners and falsely represented that the company had actual buyers for the owners' timeshare properties. They solicited advance fees up to several thousand dollars and promised they would be refunded once closing on the property occurred. Despite collecting fees from 22, 000 victims, the indictment alleged the companies did not sell a single timeshare unit.

Several others have been charged and sentenced in the case.
A  17th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
My family and I were in Branson on a family vacation and decided to eat at the Big Chicken. As we were leaving we were propositioned by a very nice elderly lady who asked us if we would like a free night stay at a hotel. Little did I know that hotel stay has cost me ten thousand dollars. Since the purchase of the timeshare in November 2011 I have yet to stay at Stormy Point. I have called every thirty days since that time trying to book a two night stay and have been told that they have no availability. Today I received a bill for $292 for maintenance fees for a timeshare I have never stayed at. Their high pressure, lies, and sales techniques are despicable. They pray on innocent people on vacation, show them very nice cottages, and promise them things they do not ever intend to keep. They told me I would never have to stay in another hotel when I visited Branson, that I could use the amenities, including the pool, anytime I was in Branson, regardless if I was staying there or not. They now tell me they used to tell people that but they can no longer commit to it. I used to enjoy vacationing in Branson but now every time I go and check in to a hotel it makes me sick. Count me in on the lawsuit!!!
A  30th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
I have owned with stormy point for 4 years and have yet to be able to use my week. If you call to book and pay as a visitor they can get you right in but if you own all you are doing is being stuck paying owners fees and never getting to stay there. This is the worst buying experience of my life and they lied to us when we bought. They said it was not a "timeshare" and thus the problems that plagued others would not effect us. We would always be able to use our time and pretty much whenever we wanted. I am astounded these people can sleep at night. Some day they will pay for this fraud. I wish there was a way to sue them because I definately would. If a lawyer reads this and wants to do a class action suit I would be 100% on board. This place deserves to pay for their frauding of thousands of innocent people just looking to give their families a nice get away once a year. Shame on you stormy point village and owners!
A  31st of Dec, 2012 by    +3 Votes
Totally agree with every thing I have read above. These people at Stormy Point are the biggest liars and cheats I have ever encountered.
We bought from a guy, I think his name was Amir. He was European. He had sold alot of timeshares. The only time we were able to use it, the new salesman, Rod, told us that they had seven people trying to clean up Amir's mess. He also told us that the type of timeshare we were sold does not exist in the timeshare world, and that we needed to upgrade our's for an additional $8, 000. It is very difficult to get in. Every time we call we get different answers. These people are crooks of the first order. Never believe anything they say.
One of the worst experiences of my life. We can never go there without being reminded of the hell it has caused.
A  21st of Jan, 2013 by    +1 Votes
We purchased recently but rescinded within 5 days after learning of the number and nature of complaints, and discovering these can be purchased on eBay for as little as $1. Our salesman was actually a nice guy. The closer was a sleazy creep.
A  16th of Mar, 2013 by    +1 Votes
My husband & I purchased in 2009 a 3 bedroom-1 week every other year. We were told that our weeks would be rolled over automatically if we did not use it in the two years, that our friends & family could use at our contract discount price & that we could bank many weeks; even months. We payed 15, 000.00 plus a maintenance fee every 2 years & payed it off quickly. We tried to book several times for a friend & could not get a reservation. We went in 2010 & paid for a week so that when we were broke we could use our free week however, when we called to use that free week that was suppose to roll over they said we lost it & that we was suppose to call in the first year by October to roll it over (they stated it would roll over automatically). We were extremely angry that we lost that week-we obviously would not of paid for the week if we could of gotten it for free. Then, on a visit up there they made us attend a meeting for quote owner update which we found out was a way to sell more stuff again -they offered free tickets & gas money if you stay & listen to another pitch with the sales guy Steven Mcguire. We talked with him & he said that he would upgrade us to a 4 bedroom for 5, 000.00 & that we would pay a maintenance fee which was higher than the one we were paying but if we stayed in the 2 or 3 bedroom that in 1-2 months the maintenance fee would automatically be sent back to us. So, we thought we will always use the 3 bedroom & get out of paying the maintenance fee & could use the 4 BR on occasion ( like in time it would pay for itself). When I called up to roll over my year & asked about my maintenance fee, I was told that you only get that back if you don't use your week at all & that you have to fill out paper work for that re-inbursement. Other than the friends & family, we have been able to book a vacation there however they have BOLD FACED LIED TO US ABOUT MANY, MANY THINGS. I was very angry when I found out that we were not getting that maintenance fee back- $600.00. I asked to speak with the supervisor & Floyd called me. We had paid our 5, 000.00 & maintenance fee off a month before & he accused us of being deliquent on our maintenance fee-how could it be deliquent if its paid in full? he acted like I was a liar & stated that he has never had a problem with Steve. When we were up there both times the salesperson & loan person both gave us the same lies about our benefits & refused to write in the agreements because we said that the contract was too vague, but we had trust in them that what they said was truth like dumb butts! Floyd told me that the co. had talked to my husband about rolling over that lost week before we had lost it. That was a lie & he said that all phone conversations were recorded & I said get it together because all your going to hear is complaints. My husband was never called! We wanted to see if anyone else had problems so that a class action suit could be filed & I am glad I found this web-site. We will be signing the petition at the web-site change.org by Sport King (Thank You & God Bless) Stormy point/Summer Winds are liars, cheats & money hungry-they need to make things right!
Daniel & Holly Nellis

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