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I purchased a pair of black Steve Madden shoes. Men's dressy/casual slip ons. I noticed that they smelled strongly like chemicals, but I thought that it was because they were new. I wore these shoes for the first time on a date and felt nauseous from the smell of the NEW shoes within 10 minutes of having them on my feet while driving in my car to the date. Needless to say they ruined a good portion of my date due to embarrassment from the smell from the shoes and inability to clearly smell cologne, perfume, food, etc. I guessed the smell was due to the dye used to color the leather being uncured, so I decided to leave them out in the sun in my backyard for a day. One day in the baking sun, no change. Two, three, four days? No change. A WEEK even sitting in the sun and they still smell STRONGLY like chemicals. I think I have a pretty strong tolerance when it comes to paint, household cleaning solutions, etc, but the chemical smell from these shoes gives me a headache even after being in the sun for a week. I cannot fathom how anyone could survive where these are manufactured if one pair of new, ready for sale shoes smells this bad. I truly feel sorry for the people in that factory if they don't have gas masks. I contacted the manufacturer (Steve Madden shoes) to address the complaint. From what I've found online, I'm guessing they already know about the problem and are trying to keep it the issue quiet while selling more shoes hoping people don't complain.

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  • Sh
      Jan 03, 2012

    I have the same problem. Shoes reek! Mine have been outside for three days. I can't keep them in the house. I posted a review at the Steve madden website but don't know if they will let others read it. I may have to throw them away. You can bet I won't buy from them again!

    I didn't smell them before I bought them. I don't want to be the "shoe smeller" in the store. Maybe next time I'll risk looking weird.

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  • St
      May 24, 2012

    The same thing happened to me. Steve Madden black casual slip-ons. I wore them to work and I soon noticed in my office that there was a really bad chemical smell. I didn't connect the office smell to my new shoes as I initially thought that it might have been coming through my air duct or something. Some people coming into my office thought that it smelled like a burning plastic smell. I felt extremely sick one day and spent most of the afternoon vomiting. I also had a number of bad headaches that I am sure were related to this smell. After having the air tested in my office for CO2 and other contaminants, changing out my computer and monitor in case they were overheating etc. I noticed that a slight dark stain was developing where my shoes came into contact with the carpet. I discovered that the cheap rubber on the soles of my shoes had been wearing off on my carpet. The rubber soles on these shoes were really nasty smelling so I brought them back to Winners to complain. While I was there I checked out a new pair of Steve Madden's, same style, and they stunk like you wouldn't believe. Needless to say I bought another brand of replacement shoe. I wouldn't want to be working in the Chinese factory that produces the soles for these shoes. Who on earth would have ever thought that these shoes could pass a quality control inspection. They should have been sent to the dump. Worst yet, the shoes are still being sold in Canadian stores and I have no doubt that they are making other people sick too.

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  • Oa
      Aug 15, 2012

    These Steve Madden shoes are terrible, what a stink. It smells like a oil tire factory everywhere I go with these shoe's. I bought them at 'Winners'. Let's see what they say when I return them - winners and steve madden. Probably not much!

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  • Ck
      Sep 29, 2012

    I have the same thing.. Can't breathe out of my nose and it ruins my day wearing them.. certainly would like my money back.. are these a china made shoe? hurts my sinuses while wearing the, m.. thought it would go away but 2 months later, nope.

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  • Ck
      Sep 29, 2012

    Steve Madden M-TURK I see some stores till selling these (famous footwear) terrible

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  • Au
      Jan 28, 2013
    Steve Madden Shoes - Rubber Smell
    Steve Madden
    United States

    Bought a pair of Steve Madden Shoes while on a business trip in LA. Look great, but everywhere I go with them I smell like a tire rack. It is absolutely nasty. Sitting at my desk and the smell is constant. I left for a while and came back in and the room still smelled like chemicals and rubber. I couldnt even where them on the plane because I thought the entire plane would suffer. Bummer because they looks great. Tried wiping them down to remove residues but I think it is some kind of mold release or off-gassing from the sole.

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  • Am
      Jun 04, 2013

    I have the same issue with strong odor with my bran new Steve Madden shoes. I left them out outside for many days and the smell is still there.

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  • Rl
      Jul 16, 2013

    i got a pack of steve madden women socks and they make my feet smell horrible. similar to someone who has bad hygeine. never had this problem and its only when i wear these socks... Stay Away from them... save your money...

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  • Da
      Jul 21, 2013

    I bought a pair of flat, only wear about two weeks, the bottom wore out, and the materials of bottom are kind cupboard.

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  •   Sep 13, 2013
    Steve Madden for women - Refund
    Steve Madden for women -Mall of Arabia 6 of October city Cairo Egypt

    I bought a pair of sandals and a bag.It is mentioned in the receipt that Return/exchange within 14 days with the original receipt.I went to return both the sandals and the bag but the manager told me the the sandals were on sale and they cannot take them back.I told him why didn't you write this on the receipt . He said that we say verbally but I told him that nobody told me.Anyway, after a long argument, they took them back but the manager was hostile, aggressive and kept on saying "I will make a refund although Nobody can force me to do that" .I am complaining about the mistreatment and the hostility I was faced by the manager in Steve Martin For women shoes in Mall of Arabia 6 of October city Cairo Egypt .what makes the difference for me is that I did the same thing in Marks and Spencer but they were extremely nice and respectable.

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  • Ho
      Sep 24, 2013

    omg! I got a nice sandals and have heavy strong chemicals odor, Terrible I feel nauseous...the sandals are expensive.. forget it.. it is not worth to buy.. I will return soon. I am dissapointed!!!

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  • Or
      Aug 14, 2014

    I recently purchased my first pair of Steve Madden shoes. Almost 150$ and they have the same disgusting chemical smell as shoes you find in Chinatown for 15$. I wouldnt be surprised if they had been treated with harmful chemicals. For this price I could have afforded a nice pair of Italian made real leather shoes!

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  • Ka
      Sep 07, 2014

    I bought a pair of black high heeled pumps that smell so strong, you can smell them all over the house. IT IS STRONG!!! They were shipped from China and I feel sorry for those workers. I really like the shoes, but I can't stand the smell. I can't send them back since mailing to China would cost more than it's worth. Oh well, live and learn.

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  • La
      Oct 29, 2014

    Horrible smell from all Akira boots (made in China). I was trying to wear them for a week, but the smell is still there. It is impossible to wear these boots inside the house. The smell is unbearable.
    Is there any consumer's compliant site where I can report this problem to? I am sure this material that used in China for Akira and any other shoes or boots are not FDA approved and probably emitting a cancer causing agent.

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  • Dr
      Jan 19, 2015
    Steve Madden - bad quality
    steve madden

    i bought steve madden boots last season, and when i took them out...all the material was torn...the product is not even leather...the so called leather has come out from various places. im very dissapointed...i bought them for approx 5500 rs. i also sent them a mail but no reply!!

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  • Mc
      Mar 23, 2015

    I bought a pair of Perry Ellis Portfolio casual shoes and they have a terrible chemical smell. this is the second time that I wore these shoes and the odor is unbelievable. I am not sure what to do now, would the store even take them back?

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  • Sa
      Jul 12, 2015

    I'm glad I'm not the only one this has happened to and I didn't buy expensive shoes. I bought a pair of embroidered fabric ballet flats with a treaded rubber sole in Chinatown in San Francisco for $23. They were in a plastic bag and when I got back to my hotel the whole room stank from the petrol smelling rubber soles. I left them out to air on the balcony and it made no difference. I wore them to the airport and in the car the smell was so bad I thought I would vomit. I changed shoes and threw them in the garbage at the airport. I will avoid buying shoes made in China at all costs!

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  • Iv
      Oct 11, 2015

    Same here. Supper chemical smell. What they do and why?

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  • Et
      Oct 28, 2015

    I bought my Steve Madden women's combat boots a month or so ago. Same problem...harsh chemical smell. I smelled the odor in the store but I thought it would such luck as with many reviewers here. I also notice that if my skin touches the leather (if I don't wear tall enough socks) my skin is very irritated. I don't like to think about what kind of contaminants would make my skin feel like I make a point of not letting my skin touch the boot. Too bad they haven't changed their manufacturing process as a result of all these complaints. The boots are nice looking but I have to wear them sparingly because of the smell.

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  • Ta
      Jan 10, 2016

    I purchased the Steve Madden shoe from Amazon a couple of months ago. I still can't stand the smell they are in the garage.
    I tried ordering straight from the Madden web site and the shoes came in smelling absolutely fine.

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  • Vv
      Apr 14, 2016

    I bought a pair of men's Stoker shoes made by Steve Madden and initially I thought the smell was simply new shoe smell. However, the smell never went away. They smell of a petroleum and gasoline mix that gives me a headache and makes me want to vomit. The smell is so bad that co-workers around me thought something was embarrassing. I tried washing the bottom soles and spraying deodorizer but the smell is still there. I love the way the shoes feel and look but cannot stand the smell. Unless someone, has a remedy for this, they are going in the trash next week.

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  • Pa
      Aug 23, 2016

    I purchased my Steve Madden mules by mail. Upon opening the box, the entire downstairs of my house reeked of the strong chemical smell! I put them outside for a while, sprayed Febreze, etc. Hoping they had aired out enough, I took a chance and wore them to work today, I'm already feeling sick and I just got here. Going to call DSW and see what they can do. Buyer beware! Very harsh!!!

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  • Ti
      May 14, 2018

    I just bought a pair of Steve Madden slip on women's black shoes. They smell like tires. I'm returning them to Nordstrom Rack tomorrow.

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  • Te
      May 24, 2018

    I have Steve Madden elastic woven shoes that stink so bad. Had them outside for over a week. Any tips on getting rid of the strong chemical smell.? The company should step up and give refunds for these defective products.

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