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Stetic Implant & Dental Centers


Terrible Experience at Stetic Implant & Dental Centers

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Stetic Implant & Dental Centers
United States
I just want to let everyone know about the bad dental experience I had at Stetic Implant & Dental Centers in Cancun. If you are researching dentists around the area and if by any chance you decide to visit this clinic, please be aware that you will be attended by a Doctor Called Antonio or Paulo who are highly unskilled (you will NOT be seen by the "hot shots" you can see advertised on their web page, not to mention we had a very difficult time trying to reach a proper communication since they barely speak English.
The decision was easy since I was called by Manny who sounded more than helpful and convinced me in a heartbeat, The reality is that this clinic is a total scam. I had several crowns done and later on I discovered my crowns were a total waste of my money. They were poor quality crowns, not to mention they were all ill fitted, ALL EIGHT!!, also I got an infection where I had a root canal and I had to take 10 days of antibiotics and of course my root canal had to be redone. You name it, a total nightmare. The clinic looks dirty as well, believe me when I tell you I was super brave when I decided to get my dental work with them, now I realized I was incredibly stupid.

A dentist here in the States told me it was the worst work he has ever seen and had to be redone due to the ill fitted crowns and the infection. So I guess I just wasted my money. I requested a full refund and I never received a reply. Please be careful about who you choose to do your dental work in Cancun, and please stay away from Stetic Implant & Dental Centers. Those guys were a total waste of my time and money.
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D  7th of Jul, 2011 by    -1 Votes
My name is Melissa and I actually have visited this specific Dental Clinic in Cancun.
This is my review from my visit:

Doctors: Each doctor can speak English. I spent time with each doctor individually had was able to communicate perfectly considering I know maybe 5 words in Spanish. Each person was very friendly and also wanted to know you personally. Something we don’t see in US or Canada anymore.

Clinic: Honestly, I have never to been to a more hygienic dental facility. This is including the US. They have staff cleaning after each patient, this includes wiping the chairs down. The only thing that this clinic lacks is “love”. It needs some paintings and maybe a couple plants to get a more “homey” feel but otherwise, I couldn’t even spend 12 hours cleaning my house to make it that immaculate.

Location: Very easy to find. Right off a main road. It is directly across the street from a big mall.

Hospitality: The person you talk to on the phone is the person who picks you up from the airport, takes you to your hotel. They also take you to each of your visit, and waits to take you back. Pretty much you are catered to the whole time you are there.

To be honest, this was one of my best experiences. You get all your dental work done for a discounted price and you get to recover on the beach. If you can think of something better than that, feel free to email me back and let me know!
D  8th of Jul, 2011 by    -3 Votes
Yes, our company is aware of this complaint. However, we have found out that the complaint in not legitimate.

In the past couple of years, we have had no patients that have had 8 crowns done in our Cancun office. We guarantee all of our work. Any issues, our clinic covers it. All of our dentists speak English. They understand anything and everything that has to do with your health. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact them. I can provide you with a telephone number.

We have tried contacting this patient with regards to their posting and have not received a phone call back nor have he/she answered our phone calls. So we ask ourselves one question…

Why would someone say this?

Cancun has one of the most competitive dental implant industries. There is another clinic in Cancun that has conquered the market for many years and does not react well to competition. They have not reacted well to our clinic cutting into their market. The location of the complaint was tracked to an address in Utah, but the person states that they are from California. Clinics in Cancun outsource to the US for sales people which leads us to believe that the person who made the complaint works for a clinic in Cancun.

So all and all, we decided because of our better service, cleaner environment, and lower prices and promotions, the only way they can attack our clinic is by posting a dishonest complaint on a website.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me by e-mail or telephone.

Matthew Henderson


N  19th of Aug, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Hi Everyone,
My experience at the "Stetic Dental Clinic" was just in the last two days. I drove a round trip of over 16 total hours for this dental savings and stayed two nights at the Weslaco Inn. My experience was perfect. Let me explain why: I did my homework and checked on the credentials of the dentists. Everyone should be informed that I am a Registered Dental Hygienist by the State of Texas and I know good dental care. I have been in charge in several clinics and I have 30+ years under my belt. When I say someone is good, it means just that. First off, I could care less if the dentist can speak my language as long as there is an interpretor. I only speak one language, but I am highly intelligent and a great clinician. I have also been employed as a top professor in the Junior College level at a dental hygiene school in Texas RN in medical. One of the most gentle dentist at Nuevo Progreso, MX was Dr. Edgar Guerrero and besides being kind and courteous, he was very intelligent. When he worked on my mouth, he had that professional touch that takes years to achieve. He did not speak English but the interpretor was excellent very present. Dr. Guerrero is also an orthodontist(straightens the teeth). Dr. Samuel Levy Tacher did my dental implant during the procedure, I never felt any pain. The medication he administered orally kept me totally relaxed. Dr. Tacher is an assistant professor at UT Houston College of Dentistry and highly skilled. He flys and works in four offices to spread his vast knowledge. I know that my jaw is a bit swollen and sore now but this is normal. He will give you pain medicine and ibuprophen for the swelling. It doesn't last long and with warm salt water rinse, you will be just fine. An implant lasts a lifetime and in the future, they will only replace missing teeth with implants. Another advantage: no tooth structure is removed on the adjoining teeth as in having a bridge. The better choice by far is an implant. If you don't have the money, they will let you pay it out because they really care about you and what is best for your mouth. I get to return in December for the crown and can't wait. Manny and Theresa are both angels and pick you up and bring you back. You will never find more honest, caring people who take pride in their work ethic. They drive you anywhere and so, you relax and have NO WORRY. They even took me out to eat and paid for it out of kindness. I needed to buy something over in Mexico and he helped me find it. I ate at a restaurant called "The Red Snapper Restaurant" and it was wonderful and I did not get sick. I did this right after my dental work, but was very careful. You meet other people from all over the Nation. I would say check out your doctor and after verifying with the dental school student affairs office. I recommend staying at the Weslaco. It is only 55.00 night (special rate for Stetic) and enjoy your wonderful visit. My oral surgeon in Waco, Texas was going to charge 3500. and Dr. Tacher is charging 1000.00 (August special) 900.00 in Tijuana in the month of September. For a professional quality implant one where you don't have complications later, this is an unbelievable price. It is because Stetic really cares and wants it to be affordable to everyone. I have to add my travel expense but I actually enjoyed seeing Mexico and yes it is a safe little town. If you are scared and need an escort, Stetic can provide one for 20.00 a day. I know this is long but I was very anxious. As a hygienist, I wanted it to be perfect dentally and my front teeth look like they did when I was 17. Take a picture with you of your old smile and that helps them with reshaping them. The female dentist is good at the shaping part. My teeth are exact and that is hard to do. Thanks for reading and if you need to call :
# 254 -493 -1796.
I know that the contemporary style, but as I said, it is the dentist and staff that make the deal for me not the pricey, marble on the floor.
While I was there, I had a panoramic xray with a new machine. It was properly taken by the assistant; I know what they look like, how to take them and how to read them. Both of the dental assistants were absoutely gorgeous and on their game. There is a man there named John who can answer any question you may have and then some. He is an interpretor and speaks Japanese, Spanish and English and is very personable and intelligent. He is also a professional chef and made us coffee. This office gives meds to premed you if you are nervous. I actually feel asleep in the chair and would wake myself up snoring. This is how relaxed I was. I have never done this in any other office.
A word to the wise, find out what your dentist's credentials are, this means his specialty, where he graduated from dental school, where he did residency, if he specialized at what College of Dentistry and verify it by calling that particular college. There are only three in Texas.
N  20th of Jan, 2012 by    -2 Votes
hi i wanted to share my experience with stetic ... first off manny is great . the dentists i have seen have been very helpful and patient with my case . my treatment has been pretty difficult as i had no teeth on my upper ridge and needed implants and a fixed arched placed with also several implants in m y lower jaw . they have not only helped me with my hotel costs because the treatment is taking longer then expected, but i have been taken out to eat on a few occasions . i respect this clinic and have and will be continuing to refer people to them . the cost of the work at stetic was about 30, 000 cheaper than i could have gotton in done my home state . nebraska. i am almost finished getting the permanent teeth and couldnt be happier at this point . i will include my email address so if anyone wants to see photos or have any questions i would be more then happy to talk more about my experience . holly
N  21st of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
I wrote a good review which was all true from brenderson2006@yahoo.com but did not know that I would get an infection on my implant. My bone and tissue were infected, red, swollen and painful. The implant that was placed was too large and of poor quality and worked it's way out due to infection. Dr. Tacher is not a good doctor and I doubt he is an implantologist. I would never go again to Mexico for dental or any medical. Our doctors in the states have more controls set on them and graduation requirements. I am a dental hygienist whereas by law I can't fill teeth here but in Mexico I could fill, pull or do whatever. My daughter who is a dentist tried to warn me and I would not listen. It does not matter how nice Manny and Theresa are (and they are), you will receive awful dental work that will have to all be redone. I have 3 other teeth they worked on that were simple tooth colored fillings and all had to be redone. They offered to redo the IMPLANT and i just told them no thanks. I don't know if they filed with my dental insurance company or not and don't care. What goes around, comes around. Dr Tacher would not call me back after putting in an inadequate implant. Also, a dentist told me that they do not have the proper machinery (xray, cat) to measure the jaw bone to do an implant properly. Stay away from Mexico and get it done right. No room sometimes for mistakes. It is not far into the pulp chamber of a tooth and when you get there it has a nerve and then it goes into a root canal. Please remember that I am a US Registered Dental Hygienist and know what I am telling you. When you read good comments, they are coming from " invented" customers. Call for info 254-493-1796. Brenda
N  22nd of Jan, 2012 by    -3 Votes
dr. Samuel Tacher Levy
Job Title:Dr. Samuel Tacher Levy


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Intercontinental University Mexico, DF Mexico 1985-1989
Fellowship in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery University of Texas at Houston Medical Center Houston, Texas 1990-1991
Specialty Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery University of Texas at Houston Medical Center Houston, Texas1991-1995
Fellowship in Craniofacial and Orthognathic Surgery Commune Hospital Aarhus, Denmark 1995
Assistant Professor University of Texas at Houston Medical CenterOral and Maxillofacial Surgery Program Houston, Texas 1995 to Date
Clinical Professor Titular Maxillofacial Surgery Intercontinental University Post-Graduate Orthodontics Mexico, DF Mexico 2001 to 2004
Professor Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Implantology Intercontinental University Post-Graduate Prosthodontics Mexico, DF Mexico 2001 to 2004
Professor Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Implantology Hospital Juárez Specialty Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Mexico, DF Mexico 1998 to Date
Dr. Tacher has over 17000 documented implant cases to his credit.
Partnerships & Associations Member:
Mexican Dental Association
Federal District Dental Association
ABC Medical Group Association
Angeles Medical Group Association
Mexican Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Mexican Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
International College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
Academy of Osseointegration
International College of Dentists
N  22nd of Jan, 2012 by    -4 Votes
that last post was to correct the person bad mouthing dr tacher ... he is a very skilled doctor also this clinic has more than 1 implant doctor by the way . i am in no way connected to the clinic except that i have had work done there . i live in nebraska not mexico
N  22nd of Jan, 2012 by    +4 Votes
Well... My dentist stated that he had never heard of an implant failing and if Dr. Tacher was SO SKILLED, then; why did my implant come out and I had to suffer infection? He does not have the proper equipment (as I state previously, as I was informed by another implantologist in the states). He used too large of an implant and of poor quality, did not have the proper xray machine to measure the bone. I showed it to my implantologist after it came out. Dr. Tacher may be all this but my experience was bad and his work was inferior. They never reimbursed me for travel expenses, motel, etc. I had one month of suffering with the infection that came from using their office. I do not think his staff was well trained like the ones in the state and I know that all these comments are corrected by the STETIC DENTAL TEAM. Theresa and Manny told me so when I was going to promote their business, which we talked about while I was there with two other ladies at the hotel lobby. It is ashamed that things turned out like they did but I am certain that the work is definitely inferior. The female dentist did a sloppy jon on my tooth colored filling, and I had to have them redone here at my local dentist. Now, they look great. Dr. Tacher never responded about my travel reimbursement. Save your money or you will be sorry. Go to an American dentist and get an honest opinion so you don't have tohave it done twice and lose more tooth structure. And most of all read the other bad reviews, they are true, contact them not the good ones. The good ones are the Stetic Center posing to be someone else.
thanks and hope this helps everyone. The lady Holly strehlow is connected and they have people all over advertising for them and you get a 10% commission for anyone that visits their office for work. Just exactly as I said while I was there. I am not the kind of person to recommend a bad dentist to anyone for a ten per cent commission.They can have any doctors in Mexico do anything they want! All of these degrees stated are incorrect and if you call Houston, you will see that he is not currently an assistant professor to the University of Texas of Houston. Just look it up like I did and they will tell you NO that he is not on their staff!
254 804 9230
D  22nd of Jan, 2012 by    -1 Votes
i am not connected to stetic in any way . i have not exchanged money with them for any reason other than paying for my work . i didnt say you did not have a bad experience i suppose it is possible . i said my experience has been good . implants do not have a 100% success rate, it is possible for an implant to fail . with anything medical dental related there is a chance for infection . it happens .my treatment is not complete as of today . i will update when it is.
N  26th of Jan, 2012 by    -1 Votes
I recently had work done in Progresso and my experience is positive. I had 5 implants and crowns and am happy with all the work that was done there. If they were here in New Orleans, I would actually use them for my primary care. I have personally spoken to other patients who had work done there. I believe I met the young lady from Nebraska who was down there getting work done the same time as me...
In one of the reviews, one of the patients making a negative post said that her daughter was a dentist. My question is why didn't she get the work done by her daughter or from someone in her daughters network. I would have thought she could have received fair cost and excellent treatment? Some of the things posted just doesn't make sense...
Rick P. 504-559-8894 rick6ft7@bellsouth.net
D  13th of Feb, 2012 by    +2 Votes
13 of Feb 2012 I had some work done in cancun stetic implant centre. I had 8 mini implants put in. I was in so much pain for 5 grulling hrs. The docktor asked me can u feel this. And he continued (What a question) I was almost out of my seat. After about 2 weeks I called back saying 1 implant just pulled out. I came back down for the warranty work. Paid out of pocked flight and hotel. Was told that I would get it back. Have been talking with teresa at least once or twice a week. NOTHING IS HAPPENING. Manny wont even return my calls.I think manny is not all what he says he is. All I want is the work done properly. Or give my money back so I can get the work done $ 5000.00 is what they took from me. I would not recommend anyone going to cancun for any work done. The speach theey give u is all fine and dandy, but when something goes wrong they brush u off and take your money. Dont go there for any work done.They run a company and provide a service, maybe they should ack llike one. If you wish to call my number is 1-705-987-0329. More comments will follow.
N  23rd of Feb, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Do They have written guarantee?
D  24th of Feb, 2012 by    +2 Votes
Hello Viki

If you are thinking about getting work done in cancun DONT Melissa will tell you yes its all under waranty, Dont worry about it. DONT believe her. If your getting told that -- get the actual wrritten warranty in writting first, and read it carfully. please, please call me before u do anything. I was there and am still getting screwed and the run around. I would not recommend stetic to anyone.
A  26th of Mar, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Stetic Implants in both Progresso and Cancun are 2 places to stay away from. You have been warned. These people just want your money. Melissa blows her own horn outta Cancun and when your problems begin, and they will, she will throw you at Manny and Thresa in Progresso. You will get nowhere with these 2 swindlers. Once these 2 get their hands on your money, their not so nice.
Perhaps when Manny greets you at the airport with no front teeth, you might figure it out.
N  26th of Mar, 2012 by    +4 Votes
A real good thing to know when paying for services that are questionable is to make sure your Credit Card Co. will back you up if you are cheated ! TD Visa is very powerful and doesn't turn their back on you if they feel you've been deceived. Another thing to watch out for is false advertising. This is when Stetic announces that their having special prices on implants along with special Surgeons. Watch out for that trick. If they try to give you a 3 year warranty, tell em to get lost. I don't know about you, but I don't intend to get my implants replaced every 3 years. Crap. Are they going to pay for your flight, time off work, motel and have a decent dentist to replace them every 3 years? The ride to and from the airport didn't happen either.
250 542 1949
N  3rd of May, 2012 by     Best Advice +5 Votes
One of posters just went back for repair and they butchered them. This place should be shut down anyone who makes the choice to use them after reading all this should find a place with real recommendations. Good ones near an I hear, but ifmitsmso hard to find good reviews stick with dentist who can be prosecuted easily, otherwise they get cocky and think this can go on forever. They will get the word eventually and go away but how much damage did they do?
A  5th of Jun, 2012 by    +4 Votes
My problems just get worse. Melissa refused to provide me with help as we all know she is associated with Manny in Progresso . She said she would charge me with harassment after the first letter explaining how Manny dumped me and never picked me up for my dentistry. Sick, money hungry people is my description of Stetic Implants. Manny can't get any decent surgeons and so hires a bunch of idiots while he falsely advertises surgeons as part of his staff. These people don't give a rats behind how badly they mangle you as long as they get your money. Manny has no experience in dentistry but likes to pour it on real thick. The reviews you see on whatclinic are not based on the quality of dentistry. Just based on how quickly Manny pursues you. That is what their rated on. Just email and ask.
I have been trying to find out what type or brand of implants they used on me since Jan. and they refuse to say. The cover screws are missing and I have infection into my throat and neck. Nice people, hey! Eat some more Manny cause none of us can. Oh and by the way. If you want to know how Stetic performs sterilization, I will tell you. They spray their dental tools with lysal in a sink. The truth!
N  14th of Jun, 2012 by    +4 Votes
Yahoo! ! Today is a good day. Manny lost. How does it feel Manny? Too bad for you, you money hungry butcher! TD Visa always protects its honest clients against thievery. What goes around, comes around Stetic Implants. Thanks TD Visa!
So far I have saved 4 potential patients that intended to get upper and lower arches from Stetic Implants. Hmmm...Lets do the math...Okay...$12000.00 x 4 = 0 for Stetic Implants...hahahhhah Now whos crying Manny? Was it worth it ?
N  15th of Jun, 2012 by    +5 Votes
Today Stetic Implants is on the chopping block. They will have to provide answers as to why so many people have serious, permanent damage to their mouths along with infection.
Some of us are now writing complaints to whatclinic and Mediltourism in hopes that these companies are made aware of Stetic Implants butcher jobs and hopefully they will stop promoting such rubbish.
One more potential customer down the drain this morning. Hmmmm...$3000.00 Not really that much, but if you add in the above amount it comes to $51000.00. = 0 for Stetic Implants! I am only here to provide my truth and will continue until Stetic comes clean!
N  29th of Jul, 2012 by    +1 Votes
My situation with stetic has been resolved to my satisfaction
Nancy cancun

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