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Steele Mazda - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia / Fraudulent organization

1 United States

I have a 1992 Mazda 929 Serenia which I routinely have serviced at Steele Mazda located at 660 Portland Street, Dartmouth NS. Recently I had an engine replaced by a private repair shop and subsequently I had to take the vehicle to Steele Mazda as the codes identified sensors problems. However, the private repair shop did inform me that while the codes identified sensor problems – that in fact was not the problem as it was inconsistent with the engine’s performance. Steele Mazda informed me that the vehicle would require three sensors – two knock sensors and one crank sensor. I consented to their acquisition and installation. I was then informed that the alternator was not charging and a new one would be necessary – again I consented and a new one was installed. However, much to my chagrin when I informed the private repair shop of the above repairs they were alarmed. The senior mechanic informed me that my old alternator was charging at 14 amps and indeed it did not requiring replacing. I informed them that the total cost for these alleged repairs was a whooping $1819.00. More disturbingly, however, once I left Steele Mazda with the alleged repairs completed within two minutes it was clear that the vehicle was not running any better than it had prior to these alleged repairs. I informed the service person and he instructed me to return with the vehicle and this time I would not be charged for them to investigate the problem. I had my wife attempt to return the vehicle only to have it break down on the highway and had to have it towed there. Some two days later the service manager informed me that the catalytic converters were plugged (all three of them) and they could install new one for around $1500 plus tax or Major discount Muffler could do if for around $750.00. I indicated that Major would be my choice as I wanted to ascertain if in fact this was the chief concern and thus; this would mean that the knock sensors were never required as the car performed no different after the installation of them. Indeed, this was absolutely the case, subsequent to the installation of the new converters the vehicle ran 85percent better than it had after the costly repairs I had occasioned. Accordingly, I scheduled a meeting with the service manager and the general manager. It was during the course of this meeting that I learned that a “Master Mechanic” did all of the alleged work on my car. Equally as disturbing, however, the service manager informed me that the master mechanic never road tested the vehicle after the $1819.00 repairs were allegedly carried out. I was dumbfounded and disappointed by this obvious lack of professionalism and lack of customer service. I asked the general manager if he would be satisfied if he had shelled out $1819.00 on alleged repairs only to learn that the car have never been properly tested to ascertain if in fact, it was running as per the alleged repairs. His response was, “indeed I would not be satisfied”. I then inquired about the alleged alternator repair and in fact, the service manager called to secure the old alternator to have it verified as to whether or not it was still serviceable. Later that evening I received a call from the general manager indicating that he had received two conflicting stories regarding the alternator; and if in fact the master mechanic lied about the serviceability of the old alternator he would be fired. A week later the general manager called me to inform me that (surprisingly now) the old alternator had been misplaced and could not be found. One has to consider that the previous week the service manager called and was able to isolate the old alternator instructed the party he was talking with to hold that part and send it to an independent source for testing. I was again bemused by this obvious change in circumstances with no reasonable explanation. Additionally, I required a Motor Vehicle Inspection (MVI) and this same Master mechanic indicated that I would need two new ball joints at a whooping $645.00 each plus tax, and some other minor work. This time I sought two second opinions and much to my chagrin in both instances the qualified mechanics indicated that they could not budge the right ball joint even with the aid of a pry bar and the left one had minimum play in it. I purchased a refurbished one for approx $100.00 and had it install by a private repair shop. I also went to another repair shop and had the vehicle pass inspection without any further delay. Since then I have solicited the CEO of Steele group Mr. Fred MacNeil and regrettably he would not respond to all of my concerns and hitherto has merely attempted to ignore both me and my concerns. Accordingly, I will be submitting my concerns to W-five with the view toward exposing this fraudulent organization.

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