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Get your act together...
I love starz and I would be among many who would make you number one in premium broadcasting, but who ever is in charge of your program line up is either lazy or just inept. Step out of the pack and do something original like offer decent movies. Stop playing the same old stuff over and over again. If you run a movie with sequels play them back to back. Stop making it difficult to follow a series rerun by making us hunt for the next episode. Block buster reruns like outlander should have a bigger bang than one day a week. Ending black sails when the historical theme had so much to offer was a big disappointment. The white princess is doing well but the script is weak and lacks character building. American gods... What where you thinking. It's junk. Three episodes and i'm still looking for the story line.

May 16, 2017
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  • Rc
      Dec 18, 2017

    Should your network decide to air the propaganda show, “Making a Killing: Guns, Greed, ant the NRA”, again, I will cancel my subscription to your network and do anything within my power to upset your subscribership. This thing is full of lies and deceit. I can prove it to be so. Your network used to be the best in my line-up. What happened? Do not let a few bad apples in your organization, spread the lies, trying to influence the uninformed or the just plain dumb.

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