Starpoint Resort / Geo Holiday / non compliance of trade-in agreement

Las Vegas, United States
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Phone: 866-654-3247

Me and my wife purchased a timeshare with Starpoint Resort Group/Geo Holiday in Las Vegas with a trade-in of our other timeshare in Cabo San Lucas involved. Our contract included a Trade-in Agreement and everyone on the table was aware that the purchase is dependent on the closing of the trade-in. We were assured the trade-in will go through without a hitch because Universal Vacation Club/Villa del Palmar is a resort they have been doing a lot of business with and they processed a lot of trade-in in the past that went well. We fully paid our contact in March 22, 2012 and Starpoint Resort sent us a confirmation letter for that. We also paid maintenance fees on time BUT come November 2012, I received a maintenance statement for 2013 from UVC/Villa del Palmar which prompted me to verify why are they still collecting maintenance when we're suppose to be not owners anymore because of the trade-in. UVC cleared that we are still owners and there was no trade-in. This was when I started calling Starpoint's customer service until I ended up dealing with Erin Anderson who they said is the only one who I can talk to regarding trade-ins. Communicating with Ms. Anderson was a pain; she never picked up her line and never returned my calls. For almost a month, all I did was leave messages. Sometime in December, she finally called back and she herself confirmed that there were no notes nor status about the trade-in in our account. It was in January when she finally said that the trade-in didn't happen but the contract is still binding. I argued that they didn't comply with the contract agreement and did not send us any form of communication to notify us of this issue. I also found out from Stewart Title Company from Kristen who handled out trade-in that she notified Starpoint as early as April 2012, weeks after we fully paid, that UVC does not accept trade-in with corporations. It was obvious that Starpoint dropped the ball and didn't do anything to fix the issue because they got what they wanted from us anyways...our money. When Erin stopped communicating with me to resolve the problem, I filed a dispute with American Express which I used to pay our account. AMEX made numerous resolution attempts but was also eventually ignored so AMEX resolved the dispute to our favor in May 2013 and refunded us all the payments we made to Starpoint/Geo Holiday thru Equiant who is their billing and collection agency. A few ago, we started the refinancing process of our home only to find out that Equiant reported us delinquent for more than 120 days to the credit bureaus and because of this, the refinance is on hold. It's been almost two weeks now since I emailed a complaint and sent all pertinent documents to Equiant but no one has communicated with us yet. We already spent 7 months battling with Starpoint and now we're dealing with this issue again. We've wasted so much time and suffered so much stress and anxiety from these people and this has to stop. I've heard of similar and a lot of complaints about this company, they should be barred from the business.

Feb 17, 2014

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