Staples / photocopier center

I went to Staples at 630pm to photocopy my lease and other documents for evidentiary purposes to use at the LTB. After having issues with the machine I asked for help. The representative Nicole had terrible listening skills, I had to keep repeating myself that I needed 1 copy of each page. So I handed the photocopy rep Nicole the 14 page document. The machine took the pages and abruptly jammed. The pages that came out were only 8 pages. So I'm missing 6 pages. Nicole refused to help with the issue, telling me it wasn't her problem. I asked for a manager she refused to get me one. I had to track down another associate to get me a manager. Nicole then denied to her manager that I gave her 14 pages. Finally manager Monique came over she tried telling me that I must not have brought all the pages with me cause they didn't have any of the pages. Monique was no help, services manager Brian came over and he too said sorry we don't have them. Called head office spoke to Nina who put me on hold. When she came back to me all she did was back up her employees and say we don't have them. I used self service photocopier#2. The one nearest the poster of ths business cards. So now I'm missing valuable legal documents and I have no way to get them back.

Oct 26, 2018

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