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After my grandsons had come and stayed with me for a long holiday weekend, I noticed that my computer was acting goofy. It was taking a very long time to start and wouldn't go to my news website. Every now and then I would get these pop ups asking me to purchase this form of virus protection. Knowing that I already had it, I opted not to purchase this one.

My husband then called a Easy Tech technicians at Staples to come out and fix it. The technician showed up 20 minutes after their "one hour window." When he finally did arrive he found that we did indeed have a virus and would need to have it removed. We had the young man here for about an hour and a half when he finished. We paid and he left. I didn't think to check his work and didn't end up using the computer for a day or two. When I did finally turn it on it was the same thing. Slow to start, slow to use the internet and now it wouldn't shut off. I was now getting pornographic material popping up on the screen every so often.

I called the technician back at the store back and made another appointment for someone to come out again. When the second technician arrived he mentioned that we'd have to pay another "visit fee". I objected because we had already paid them for not fixing the problem originally. After some discussion he left and we still had a bad computer. My husband mentioned maybe we should just buy a new one. My daughter then suggested calling someone else to fix the 2 year old Dell.

My daughter looked up a few companies and called around and priced what it would cost to have someone fix it properly. After a few calls we decided upon secure remote support. They only charged us $79.99 and told us that if they couldn't correct the problem that we didn't pay. What a deal! And they were available to fix it right away over the internet so that I didn't have to wait for another appointment. The technician that helped me was very kind and understanding and... willing to explain things to a non technical person. I know from now on who I'll be calling for my computer needs in the future

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  • Ri
      Aug 02, 2011

    I work at Staples Easy Tech and I personally don't give a ### about customers. We are forced to use the hard sell method to customers and most of them are so stupid that they will fall for it. You could have cleaned your computer simply by backing up any valuable information on an external hard drive and then initiating a system restore. It's basically clicking 5 buttons and wouldn't cost a penny. Secondly, that pornographic material is because one of your grandsons downloaded some nuddies and your computer got infected. That is the number one reason we have to do virus clean ups. Meh, no biggie, we're all perverts.

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  • Pa
      May 10, 2012

    Ridget21 that's the dumbest thing i have read all day, wish i would have seen this post when you first wrote it. Backing up your info and doing a system restore doesn't clean your machine. When you back up your system depending on where the infection is located you could have just backed up the virus and reinfect your system when you go to put your info back and run the infected file. A system restore still leaves the virus on the machine just not as active, and that's even if the virus will let you do a system restore. And no you cant just make a blanket statement in saying that all porn pop ups come from downloading nudies. LOL staples needs to fire you as you are probably one of the techs that will destroy a customers machine since i cant tell that you have experience in this field. Combofix, super antispyware and malwarebytes are all tools of the malware removal trade. Running all 3 of those "almost" guarantees a clean machine.

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