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Image going into a Staples office store to make some black and white copies that are generally cheaper than most copier stores and finding out you're being charged for colored copies. At a rate of $0.49 cents per copy vs $0.09 for a black and white copy, it's insane if the copy is in black and white to be charged for a colored copy. We had walked up to the self service area and there was no sign anywhere ( we checked) about being charged no matter what color you copied in. But the women at the desk inform it didn't matter, the copies were made and had to be paid because they were copied on a 'colored copier'. Of course when you use self service, you have to use a credit card to use the copier in the first place. If you use a self serve copier, make sure you check how much the first copy is before continuing!

To make it worse, I found out they charged us later an additional $1.00 when we had already paid and didn't purchase anything else in the store. What a bunch of BS! I don't know how they can get away with charging people for full color copies when they were done in black and white. Whatever the machine is, it should be charged what you copied in- apparently Staples doesn't understand that copying should simply be priced black and white.

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  • Co
      May 14, 2012

    There is usually 4 black and white copiers and 1 color copier. Next time read the signs! I go in there all the time to do my black and white copies for my students. As for the $1.00 charge they return that then next day.

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  • Si
      Jun 20, 2012

    Outside of the signage that is supposed to be on the printers, the printers themselves indicate whether they're color or black and white.

    The system used isn't a fancy computer system for the self serve machines. It's 'what printer am I hooked up to and how many pages are being done'. A color copier doesn't care what's on the page, it copies it.

    Your fault for not paying attention to what machine you're at and expecting technology that would ramp up the cost of all copies.

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