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I've worked for staples for a little while. It's good to have a job, but we aren't treated very well. Customers can be treated worse — all for the sake of saving the company some payroll dollars.
Associate hours are cut so there's no one to cover for associate breaks even if we have to go to the bathroom. I've waited 4 hours to get a requested break to go to the bathroom — that's not good.
There are times when there is no associate scheduled in a particular department so one associate will try to cover 2 or 3 areas. That's impossible!
We get written up if we don't sell the bogus plans or tech services - that's why we push them. They increase our sales, and since most of them expire before you would need to use them, it's just extra money for staples.
Never have staples work on your computer! Even if the uncertified associates don't ruin your computer, they will go through your files and show the other associates what they've found. The free pc tune-up is just a way to 'find' problems so we can recommend services that you could do yourself.
The rewards program is a way of making the customer think that they are getting a good deal when they get a coupon back. These programs actually increase the price of items in the first place.
When we push the pen of the month on you, it's because we are trying to win a contest, not because it's a great pen.
Those surveys that print out on the receipt — if we don't point that out to you we can get in trouble. When there's 10 people behind you in checkout, we just might not have the time to explain it to you. Sorry bout that.
If we cannot acknowledge you within 30 seconds or 3 minutes, depending on the department, we can get in trouble. Think about it — can you always answer your door within 3 minutes? We'd actually like to be able to spend a lot of time with each customer, but due to understaffing, that's just not feasible, but we can get written up if we don't. So, if we have to plow through your questions, it's because there's other customers waiting. Sorry bout that.
So many rules make for pushy salespeople. Pushy salespeople make for unhappy customers.

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  • Fu
      Mar 24, 2011

    I agree with you completely. I was a cashier for 2 years. Customers would become irate with all the questions/statements I was required to ask them.
    1. Do you have a Staples Rewards Card? (If not, we had to explain the "benefits" of having one and then ask them if they'd like to sign up)
    2. Did you know that this product is eligible for an extended warranty? (Had to explain what it covers.)
    3. We're offering a free PC Tune-Up (explain what a PC Tune-Up is)
    4. You've been selected to participate in a Customer Service Survey...

    Seriously...customers don't want to play 20 questions. They want to buy their product and get out. I heard soooo many complaints about our employees being "pushy". I'd have to agree. But we're made to, or we do get in trouble.

    As for breaks, I agree again. The stores are ALWAYS understaffed...why is that? They continue to hire new employees...but we only get 8 hours a week. And when I worked, there was only 1 person in each department. Something doesn't make sense...

    The pay, by the way, is HORRIBLE. I got a 12 cent raise after my 1 year. What a slap in the face. I finally had enough and found a NEW job. I can't believe I lasted that long at that dumb store.

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