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Staples / tech support can cost you more than you know

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Took my laptop in to be fixed - grinding noise /rattle - they told me it was my fan - never fixed it or replaced it or called me - went to pick it up after 1 week and the fan downright broke - system would not boot due to failue - they gave me a temp remote fan to use and my laptop slipped off the remote fan and smashed - there is no address to reach staple on the web site only email - they have never respondeed to my email - theri tech support people are incompetent and not very good at fixing things or communicating - BEWARE OF THEIR TECH SUPPORT

DON"T YOU HATE IT WHEN COMPANies DO NOT GIVE YOU THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE ADDRESS WHere you can send mail registered to have a record that you send a complaint??

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  • Pr
      2nd of Sep, 2009
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    actually I'm a tech at Staples... and we would not do this at our store... It's too bad you had this experience

  • Ba
      9th of Jun, 2010
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    In reviewing your "statement", I find it laughable at best.

    On June 3rd- Tom NEVER informed me of the east tech services. I was in fact assisted by the easy tech. Tom didn't join the conversation until the end, after the purchase was made. The bottom line, on that day it was your "tech" was the one that recommended the computer chip that destroyed my computer.

    One June 4th- your "tech" told me the chip was in backwards, and not upside down. It became apparent your West Hartford store was only interested in charging me money and not interested in doing the advertised "free diagnosis", asI was greeted by a manager, who wanted to charge me 39.99, when the supposed tech turned the chip around, on the grounds he "installed my memory" As for the "flicker". There was no response on the screen, before or after the tech opened the machine, which is why I asked for in your quote unquote "free diagnosis".(That suddenly cost 59.99) Had you honored your advertisement, we could have come to a conclusion on the spot. I went to (3) competitors of Staples, who assured me that their was no possible way the chip could be installed any other way but correctly (Office Depot, Geek Squad, and PC Ware house).

    While at Office Depot, it was noticed upon start up that my computer was beeping a diagnostic code of 1-3-3-1. Upon researching this it was discovered that the code is a signal that there was something wrong with the ram (something your "A-1 certified" tech failed to notice). This code signals something is wrong with the Ram, the ram you sold me. Since the computer was working just seconds prior to installing your defective merchandise, and nothing else was seen as wrong after your defective merchandise was installed, and the diagnosis code your tech could not be bothered to recognize, it all comes back to your defective merchandise being responsible for the disruption of my computer.

    Further, I contacted PNY, after I returned the chip to the West Hartford store. PNY has asked to see the defective merchandise. Now one would think that Staples would cooperate in this matter, if for no other reason to clear their name, as an expert is willing to examine the equipment and render an opinion.

    That couldn't be farther from the truth.

    West Hartford Staples has refused to release the defective equipment.


    1) Your defective equipment has destroyed a 5 year business, as records that were stored on the computer will never be able to be recovered.

    2) I have lost earnings because your defective equipment has caused me to miss deadlines. As for my secret shopping with Second to none, I have refused any and all assignments involving Staples, and have submitted to them a full, detailed report on exactly what occurred. Should I find that Second to none suddenly has no future assignments for me, I will hold you accountable for any and all lost earnings.

    3) It absolutely amazes me that 3 different computer specialists, who didn't compare notes, who have examined my computer themselves, all come to the same conclusion, yet when Staples is confronted by the facts, dismisses them as, "being given bad information".

    No ma'am, this is not over, and it is not going away. I think I have been very reasonable/clear as to what I expect from Staples. I will not go away until the problem is resolved to my satisfaction. I expect to be made whole, and right now that is 140.00, the cost of the replacement computer. PC Warehouse recognized the need for immediately remedy and cleaned up your mess.

    I would also advise you that should this become a legal matter (and I invite you to make it so) I will be asked why I am calling you. It would be my pleasure to explain to a judge:

    1) your faulty advertising
    2) your sale of defective equipment
    3) your poor(this is being kind) customer service abilities.
    4) the fact that you seem not to be able to speak to me directly, and that I had to call your executive offices to get any type of response
    5) my loss of earning power
    6) Your refusal to present the defective chip for examination ( something to hide??)

    Please make sure that when you "document" your dealings with me that your are truthful in your records, and try not spin a story to make you the victim in this, when in fact you are the villain.

    Barbara Shaffer

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Marshall, Stacey (Cust. Relations)
    Sent: Wed, Jun 9, 2010 7:14 pm
    Subject: Staples

    Dear Ms. Shaffer:
    I am writing to follow up with your in regards to the difficulties you experienced as a result of your attempt to do business with Staples. The matter has been investigated fully and determined that no further action will be taken by Staples pertaining to this case.
    · On June 3, 2010 you made the purchase of memory chip at our Bristol, CT store. You were greeted and personally assisted by Tom during your visit. Tom helped you locate the memory chip you needed and informed you that Staples Easy Tech does offer services to install the memory for you and you declined.
    · On June 4, 2010 you brought your computer to the West Hartford, CT store to have our Easy Tech evaluate your computer because it was not turning on. The Tech opened up the unit and after review determined that the installation of the memory chip was done incorrectly (upside down) which as a result then caused the unit not to function. Our Tech then removed the memory chip and installed it correctly which provided the machine with a flicker but it did not completely function. The Tech then advised you in order to properly repair the machine it would require a diagnostic to be performed. This service would provide the Tech with a detailed analysis of what repairs and parts it would require in order to make the unit operational.
    · Our West Hartford, CT Tech team was the initial evaluator of the unit and recognized immediately that the memory chip was installed “upside down” which caused the connector to contribute to the failure of the computer. The store fully refunded you the cost of the memory $39.99 on June 4, 2010. The stores currently do have a “Free PC Tune Up” we offer through our Easy Tech center which can be done with a fully operational unit. In your case we were not able to conduct the PC Tune Up because your computer would not boot up and therefore you were then offered the diagnostic services $59.99 in order to determine the issue.
    · On June 4, 2010 you contacted our President’s office to report the experience. It was at this time you reported that you had contacted our Mystery Shop vendor to withdraw yourself from the Staples shop. Records of your experience have been well documented along with all correspondence from all parties involved.
    Given these facts Staples will not comply with your request of compensation or replacement of your computer.

    Stacey Marshall
    Customer Relations Team Manager

  • Ty
      8th of Nov, 2013
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    I used to be a tech at staples. I felt like I was always overcharging people and felt terrible about it. People that get away with that kind of ripoffs should have trouble sleeping at night lol. I quit because my manager was the biggest jerk of all time. I was new working there, failed an audit and he threatened to come after me and my family (no joke) because I could get him fired. I called the labour board and they were okay with that. I even went to human resources too and they were okay with him. Bottom line here is that staples sucks! So do all other stores for tech work! Best contacts for you are to find a friend that knows about computers. Companies limit how much you can help your customers.

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