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I have submitted this complaint on Yelp reviews. I wrote this only hours after the event so to recall the events with a fresh memory of them:
"** AVOID ** Beyond the worst!!

I had been here the other day for a piece of plastic tubing. I got there just before closing and was a quarter short so they let me slide. The guy kept rushing me and standing way too close saying something about how he didn't want to pay overtime; he repeated this at least two times. I went back today to find a fitting for some hose and the same guy was behind the counter. The second I walked in he started talking about how I short changed them. I pointed out that they did make a profit on that transaction and he claimed they lost money. This was about a quarter! I was planning to pay the quarter before leaving. I went to where the tubing was and found a size that might fit. I asked (the same guy; looked like he was following me thru the store) if he could just give me a two inch piece and surprisingly he agreed. He then cut off a foot of the tubing and said it would be 55 cents. As I proceeded to the register he followed me chanting about how he has to pay his employees. I complained to the woman at the register that I was being charged for a supposedly donated piece of tubing. Of course he was right there and heard what I said. He then started to get angry; he told me to leave. I put the tubing down and I left but not before I turned as he came up behind me to (I don't know what). I warned him to not touch me as he pulled out his camera/phone to record. He stated that if I was in his store he could attack me physically if he wants to. He then went into a rant insulting me, my "dead mother" my children etc. The name calling escalated and I did throw some back as, at this point I too was pretty angry. So, I went to another hardware store to buy the tubing. It was also an Ace Hardware. They kicked me out saying the "general manager" had given them instructions to do so.

I have rarely seen such a combination of insecurity and power of authority taken to this level and hope to never see it again. As for these stores, I won't be going back anytime soon."

I have been to many hardware stores and quite a few of them have been Ace Hardware in my many years on this planet. I have never before been treated with such utter disdain nor been the target of this kind of verbal abuse in any hardware store in which I was a customer.
Although in this scenario, I did ask for a favor, I did not demand one and was perfectly willing to take no for an answer. In fact, I expected that would be the case. My objection and the reason I complained to the staff there was that I was told that I could get two inches of plastic tubing as a courtesy and then suddenly and in a disingenuous ploy was told to just buy a foot and take it home to play with. I'm not complaining about prices or products here, only how I was treated. I have reviewed other Yelp transactions and some are favorable but some reflect similar experiences to mine.
Jordan Chang had the gall to call the other Ace store(s?) and tell them to also kick me out of the store after his behavior.
You may think, based on the level of overreaction I have described, that I am being hyperbolic. If I read this complaint, I might think that, but I assure you that I am being honest as far as my memory of the events allows.
Going forward I would like to send a message to Jordan Chang; that customers and customer service is more important than making money in the short term because when you treat people like crap they, their friends, their family and all their associated are less likely to shop at your store. I don't know if you have any influence in this matter or if you have a policy to address such complaints but Jordan Chang needs at least classes in customer service and anger management. Perhaps he's the owner and answers to nobody (which is how he acts).
I would also like to know if and what acvtions that you take in this matter

Jeff Wilson
San Francisco, CA

Jan 25, 2019

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