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STA Travel / appalling

1 Australia

I booked my ticket with sta travel in Canberra for Mexico to leave in January and return at the end of June. I paid 3060 dollars for the ticket; equivalent to 6 weeks of pay, working full-time. I arrived in Mexico without a problem, and it wasn't until my trip home that the problems began.
First of all I arrived at the airport 3 hours early to catch my flight from Mexico City to LA- 'i'm sorry miss we have no record of you booked on this flight'-
'no i booked this flight in September you must be mistaken'
'No we have no record of you on any of our systems.'
I arrived back at the house i was staying in and had to wait until 9 am Australian time to call sta travel.
'No your ticket here is different to the one we have'
Eventually the emplyee said because the mistake had been on the end of sta travel.
He told me he'd call me back but eventually i called 5 hours later.
He could get me a flight from mexico city to LAX. The ticket from LAX to Sydney was a little more dodgey and he gave me a confimation code with Tahiti airlines saying if i called them- they would know what i was talking about.

I got to LAX and was flying Tahiti airlines through Tahiti, New Zealand and Aukland-
I went to Tahiti Airlines where they said without the paper ticket from my travel agent they couldn't let me on board the aeroplane. Crying by this stage.
I went to Quantas where Ali an employee found the cheapest online rate for another ticket, let me use his mobile phone to call my parents and phoned Tahiti Airlines. We were unable to phone sta travel as it is not open on the weekend.
My dad bought another ticket for 1140 US dollars. And after being stranded at the airport for 13 hours i got home. The next day we compiled all the documents we had into a formal complaint we mailed to the branch of sta travel. A email was returned by the emplyee in question that it was not his fault,
then we added the email to the complaint which we sent to head office.
'We will get bac to you in 3 weeks time' Nothing, and its been five weeks. The behavior of sta travel has been disgraceful towards my family and I. I frequently travel to Mexico, but never would i book anything with them again. I would recommend no one ever makes the mistake of trusting them with any sort of travel arrangments, or duty whatsoever. They have no concern with customer service.


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