Spur Steak Rancheshair in food again!!

I am a frequent patron of the spur steak ranches in the western cape area, this has now obviously come to am abrupt end as I have now for the 3rd time in the space of 2months found a hair in my food!!!
This of course disgusted me to a point where I needed to run to the bathroom in fear of regurgitating what I had already consumed.

Then when calling the manager to tell them about it she looks at me as the I put it in there myself.

The first time I had found hair in food was at vangate mall, the second time was also at vangate mall then the 3rd time was at the waterfront last week.

It is absolutely sickening to find someone else hair in ones food and to make matters worse I was still expected to pay for that food which I never even ate!!!

In fact I do not feel that expecting me to pay for this inedible food is fair at all!!!

May 02, 2017

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