Spur Corporationpoor service and food

My family and I visited the Rodeo Spur in Claremont. I have purchased the hyperli deals, more specifically the 3-course meal. We arrived at Spur at about +-17:00. Upon observation there were many open seats and not very busy.

Once seated, it took on average about 20 minutes to get the correct waiter for table number 24. we placed the order immediately as we knew what we wanted. The kids meal came in a respectable time. however when it came to the starters and main meal we waited 1.5 hours for food. The calamari starter was disgusting distasteful and hard and tough. The cheddamelt steak looks like offcut meat and put together. Then when i asked where the onion rings was they advised that they had run out. I mean really now running out of onions before sunset?????

furthermore it was obvious that people who arrived well after us had been fed before us as they purchased from the menu...this is not fair. we also purchased additional items from the menu. Its not like we did not pay for the voucher to receive such putrid services.

This is not the first time that Rodeo spur provides under par service and food. Its actually a shame. This place will never get my money again.

  • Updated by Dj2806, Nov 26, 2018

    We visited Spur on 24 November 2018, forgot to add the date.

Nov 26, 2018

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