Sprint / Told one thing in the morning on the phone only to have learned the exact opposite at the store this afternoon.

Good afternoon. Having called the Sprint store located at 1694 Rt. 228 Cranberry Twp., PA 16066, I asked the woman this morning if I was in fact eligible for an upgrade, having been told about one month ago by an employee in the same store that August 1st I would be. My daughter and I drove about 40 minutest to get there; spoke with a young man for quite some time, after which time and upon time to checkout he told me the amount due. When I questioned that mount, he included one month that was still due. My reason for having called was that I was in fact eligible for the upgrade today so as to avoid wasting time. So much for that.

Now, I am home, without the phone that I was to have gotten, having wasted the day and time and gas and polluting the air. To whom am I to listen? I have only spoken with and listened to Sprint employees. Now, I have no idea what to do. I am so very pleased with my service at and with Sprint! This has been the biggest problem to date. I simply want this to be fixed because I don't want to go anywhere :-)! Thank you for your anticipated time & consideration to my dilemma and I wish you very good days! Kind Regards ~ Monica L. Driscoll

Aug 03, 2018

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