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Sprint / cell phones

1 Miami, FL, United States

HELLO ON OCTOBER 4, 2018 VISIT AN AUTHORIZED SPRINT STORE IN FL ADVENTURE FOR YOUR PROMOTION OF PURCHASE 5 LINES WITH UNLIMITED PLAN OF CALLS, MESSAGES AND DATA 4G AND MOVE OUT OF YOUR CURRENT COMPANY THAT WE PAY TO YOUR COMPANY IF THERE WERE ANY PENDING AMOUNT . I DECIDED THAT THE OFFER WAS GOOD AND MOVIE SIX FAMILY LINES FROM TMOBIL TO SPRINT THEY PROMISED A QUOTA OF 288 APPROXIMATES PER MONTH ($ 60 THE FIRST LINE $ 40 THE SECOND AND THE OTHER 3 WERE FREE) THE SIXTH WAS AT $ 20 PER MONTH AND I TAKE A SEVENTH ALSO TO $ 20 DOLLARS A MONTH TOTAL $ 140.00 PER MONTH TAKE INSURANCE FOR THE SIX IPHONE EQUIVALIA TO $ 120.00 PLUS THE TAXES AND TOLD ME THAT JUST THE TMOBIL ACCOUNT WOULD BEAR THAT THEY WOULD BE IN CHARGE OF PAYING IT ALSO TOLD ME THAT SPRINT AS WELL AS TMOBIL GIVE US MESSAGES AND INTERNET 4G Unlimited Sprint has discarded us in each of the promises that they made to us to change us from TMobil on October 4, 2018 The people of the Adventure business licensed by Sprint had no idea of ??anything and Sprint threw them into less than two months for inept and there change three times his representatives but they Sprint are responsible for each and every one of the things that happened I delivered 6 IPhone phones purchased from TMobil and now they have registered 5 and they are charging me one (FRAUD) They promised me that when the TMobil account arrived they would pay for the phones that were due. A $ 621.87 account had just arrived and after a long discussion they only want to pay $ 67.00 (FRAUD). They promised me that I would have unlimited free internet messaging abroad just like TMobil when I will travel and they only give me 5G (FRAUDE) They told me they would charge me $ 10.00 per month for calls abroad They are charging me $ 15.00 (FRAUD) They charged me 576 dollars the first month then 498 the second and 399 the third and 351 january 2019. When it should not be more than plan of 100 for 5 lines plus 20 for each of the other two plus insurance for six lines plus taxes no more than 300

Jan 25, 2019

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