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Sprint Cell Phone National Customer Service / / most frustrating customer service experience

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I'm complaining about Sprint Cell Phone National Customer Service.

On the evening of August 8th, 2007 I went online to because I was interested in getting a new phone, upgrading my plan and looking into a broadband card.

First I was greeted by an online chat associate. They were friendly but were unable to help me upgrade my phone since Web site was experiencing an error. She suggested I call the Sales Number.

I did so. I spent an hour on the phone with a SPRINT representative that helped set me up with a broadband card for 9.99 plus an equipment tax. Shipping and Handling was waived, and the activation fee was waved. He took my credit card info and said I would be billed for Ten Dollars and some cents. He asked me to hold one last time and I was disconnected.

I called back and a new representative answered the line. She explained to me that the order did not go through. I told her I was given a confirmation number and she said it did not show up on the screen as a completed order. We began the process over from scratch, but she was not able to offer me the same price. She said there would be a mail in rebate and that she I would be billed a total of $38. I did not understand why the price changed but at this point I was willing to pay an extra $20 to get off the phone. I had been on the phone for over 1.5 hours.

After hanging up the phone I decided to upgrade my cell phone via the Web site. I logged into my account, selected the LX160-LG. It said that I had an instant online savings of 150 so that the price of the phone would only be $30. I renewed my plan for 2-years and the shipping and activation fees were waived via the Web promotion.

So far everything was satisfactory. However on the morning of Thursday August 9th, my phone had been shut off due a charge of $307. My previous balance was $176.54 which I had sent payment in for.

I wanted to find out what the charge for $307 was for since it was not there the day before and it was not time for a new bill yet.

I dialed *2 and choose option 4. After a 45-minute wait a representative answered the phone and said she could not see what the charge was for. She said she would need to transfer me to billing. I waited on hold for 45-minutes longer without an answer and had to hang up.

I tried back one hour later. Dialed *2 than choose option 4. The representative told me that I would need to speak to someone in billing but that there was no way to transfer me. She instructed me to call [protected]. I hung up and called with my house phone. I came to same menu I came to when I dialed *2 on my cell phone. Again I chose option 4 to speak to a representative. This time I told them I would need to be transferred to billing. They told me the system was down and that I should call back in one hour.

One hour later I called back again and asked to be transferred to billing. The representative transferred my call and I waited on hold for 35-minutes before being disconnected.

I waited until 8:30 pm to call back. After speaking to a representative they told me again that I would need to be transferred to billing. I waited on hold for 25-minutes before my phone suddenly disconnected again.

I called back one more time at 9 pm and asked to be transferred to billing. Immediately someone picked up the phone. I explained that I had a mysterious charge of $304 and wanted to know what it was for. She said she would need to put me on hold to check. 10-minutes later she came back and she asked me what my name and phone number was. I explained my problem again and she said she would need to put me on hold again. She came back 10-minutes later and said she didn’t see any recent charges. I asked her why than my phone has been shut off and online and when I call in it says I owe $482? She said she would need to put me on hold again to check.

20-minutes later she picked up the line again and said my phone had been shut off because I had overdue balance of $174. I told her I understand that but wanted to know why a charge of $304 is showing online as “recent charges”. She said she would put me back on hold and go check.

At 9:50 pm she returned and said she did not know what the charges were for. I asked if I could please speak to a manager. I told her it was nothing personal I had just been dealing with since the morning. She said a manager would tell me the same thing she’s telling me. She said I could pay $174 to turn the phone back on and I could wait until my new bill arrived to determine what the $307 charges were for. It took another 15-minutes to process my credit card payment. I was put on hold between each question. Credit card number, address, city, zip code, expiration, billing address, number again, zip code again.

It is now 10:15 pm and I have yet to speak to anyone that can answer me why there is a recent charge of $304 and why my phone has exceeded it’s $450 limit.

This is the most frustrating customer service experience I have ever had to deal with in my entire life. It seems impossible to get a hold of any human being that is even willing to try and help. The common practice I’ve noticed all day is to put someone on hold and then hang up on them. I have spent a full day trying to resolve this issue without any success.

I believe that the $307 charge was an accident on behalf of one of the representatives trying to take my order on the night of August 7th.

The phone system and your support staff is completely incompetent. It is absolutely ridiculous how so many people can be unwilling or unable to help a customer.

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