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Spring Forest Qigong Company / Awful company

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Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) in Eden Prairie, MN, is very highly rated and seems to help everyone with their physical and spiritual well-being. That makes it even harder for me to understand their treatment of me.

I started learning the Qigong exercises in June of 2008, and as the lessons came with a discount on getting a “healing, " and because of my physical problems, I decided to try one even though it was very expensive (I live on Social Security) $70 with the discount, later, $85. Master Lin told me I would need 7 healing sessions.

I asked about financial aid but was only told about the discount that came with the lessons - which would basically double the cost. I had 5 sessions and was not only going into debt, but getting worse physically. I got more insistent about financial help - I could not see why the sessions were so expensive as they were only about half an hour long and involved no expensive equipment.

I was referred to one of the healers in training, Darcie Grim, who informed me that the healing were completely unnecessary, that all I had to do was keep doing the exercises (which I was already doing faithfully). Needless to say, I was pretty upset to be told this after Master Lin told me I needed 7 sessions, but I continued doing the exercises - and continued to get worse.

After a month, I called to talk to Darcie, but she would not talk to me, and May, the administrator just snapped at me, “There's no guarantee! If the exercises don't help, stop doing them!" I was beyond stunned, as the message one gets from Master Lin's book and his talks is that everyone benefits and helping others is the purpose of his work.

I then wrote Master Lin asking for an explanation of this attitude and behavior. I never got a response. A few months later I wrote the person who runs the SFQ Guild. He was very surprised by my story and said he would ask about it. He never got a response either.

I can understand that the exercises might not help everybody, though that is certainly not the message given. What I CAN'T understand is that Master Lin didn't have the courtesy, the decency, the concern, the responsiveness to reply to me, particularly in light of the kind of person he purports to be.


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  • Da
      13th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Hey Lindsy,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I would like to tell you about my own experience with Qigong healing. At first, I was skeptical. This made me frustrated because I couldn't feel anything and it seemed I was wasting my money! I had the same type of experience with one of my first Masters. He charged far more than what Master Lin charges, and it was not even in person, it was over the phone. For a long time I thought this Master was a greedy Master who didn't care about me. He ignored my emails when I complained. It wasn't until a few years later I realized he was treating my imbalance using emotion. He knew what would be the the best thing for me that would motivate me into studying Qigong!

    I didn't give up. I kept telling myself that tomorrow I'll be healed, If not tomorrow, then the day after that! By the time I started feeling energy, I had spent thousands of dollars on alternative medicine, chiropractics, new age cures and several Qigong healing treatments. Not just with Master Lin, but with other Qigong Masters as well!

    The part that is hard is accepting responsibility for the situation you are in and realizing there's a cost to getting better. How long do you have to practice each day to get better? How much do you have to pay? There comes a point where you no longer have to pay, but rather, you get rewarded.

    - Dan

  • Jg
      2nd of Nov, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Unfortunately when it comes to healing, there exists people who know eastern as well as western medicine that are greedy and don't care about the person, but money. Doctors here in the US are just as bad giving people drugs that in the end do more damage than good. Its just how the world is, the monster that roams the world called greed is overpowering and taking control of the medical world. All people just have to be careful and when times become desperate, keep calm and do your research carefully, and choose the right people who have received excellent reviews and ask around. Peace to all.

  • Na
      16th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    you must understand that anyhealing westrn or eastern is not going to be a magic bullet. no one can just say do this and be healed or take that and be healed. your healing is up to you. you can be shown the methods of healing and be guided by some more lessons, but the ultimate healing comes from deep within yourself. any master or doctor can only show you the way but it is upto you to truly put yourself in the place of healing. from my own physical pain and commisurate depression i can tell you that this sometimes takes a long while and may have many setbacks along the way. it all depends on how badly you want to get out of pain and how much you let that pain serve you on other levels. when you come to the place in your life where you just let go of the usefulness of it you will begin to find healing, untill then no matter who or how much you spend dont expect to find heaaling in an instant it just doesnt happen that way. it took years for your pain to grow as baadly as it has and it will take sometime to clear it up. peace and best wishes in your journey--nanette

  • Su
      21st of Feb, 2010
    -3 Votes

    Thanks Lindsay for your perspective. I was going to order the study program but decided not to after hearing about the disrespectful way you were treated. As I read your email, your disrespectful treatment was your main complaint.

    As I read Mr. Lin's booklet, he studied Qigong extensively and learned its secrets, especially about blockages. It seems that a singular and common blockage would be the distressed person's attachment to their illness for some of the indirect benefits they receive from it. If a healer can't remove that common blockage then what good are they.???

    I have noticed that healer's often explain failures by blaming the patient for their lack of willingness to 'give up ' their illness. Well, obviously that is what needs to be healed!!

    nannette, says the ultimate healing comes from deep obviously you don't need to give a healer of any stripe lots of money if the healing is within.

    I am appreciative of your experience with SF helped me!

  • Le
      13th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    The complaint is legitmate. We tend to be addicted to our pain bodies, as Ecthart Tolles has suggested. For me ~ I did 6 sessions with Master Lin & didn't get any exercises...but did get amzing OBE's with special breathing exercises from Master Lin that I still do today. I was at the original building off of hyw 394, so over the years have learn that financial pain attachments can be just as addictive as any other ~ like sugar addiction.
    I now sell HTE products out of Taiwan & know that their chi machine & E Power machines can do what Master Lin can in ways most people who have done Qigong haven't considered! But then there is a fee to those machines, too, & once again one has a choice on whether to activate the pain body over that versus embracing the graditude aspect of survival in this world of duality:>)Leehu 952 457 1344

  • Ch
      14th of Apr, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I'm sorry about your negative experience - but, as with anything in life, the attitude you approach things with is the attitude you'll receive in return. It just sounds like you weren't prepared to spend that much money and were looking for someone to tell you it's not worth it. I know Darcie and I highly doubt she would say something like that. It sounds like a simple misunderstanding. They usually tell you to do active exercises and meditation ALONG with the treatment.

    If you're not ready, you're not ready. Let it be, sleep on it - but don't strive to discredit a legitimate practice. They didn't get where they are by not helping people. So, please, try to understand the situation first. I've been a patient of theirs for 3 years and I KNOW that the only thing they wish to do is help you.

  • St
      17th of May, 2010
    -2 Votes

    Sorry about your distress in this particular situation, Lindsy. However, this looks like a case where you expected a certain product/service to be carried out your way in all respects. Don't know if you've heard yet, but the Customer isn't always right. What price is it worth to pay for good health? How should people get back to you if things aren't done your way? Master Lin works with 1000's of people in an attempt (geniune) to help people. You came into the situation with a negative attitude and expected things done your way. If not, they were going to get the brunt of your complaint. Your just lucky that this site is made for consumers like yourself to vent. In many cases, for no more reason than the consumer was having a bad day. You should take a nap and sleep on it before you COMPLAIN again. You seem overtired and cranky. The internet (google) is full of examples on how Master Lin and Spring Forest Qigong helps people. You're one person who simply didn't give it a chance. Your complaint is not worth the electronic ink it was written with.

  • Ta
      20th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Shame on all of you who put Lindsy down. I thank you Linsy for sharring. I will not buy from this company now and I was thinking to. If this company really talks about healing and they realize a customer is NOT GETTING it. They should refund the money. They are only giving NEGATIVE energy not positive. All for MONEY right. Shame !!!

  • Su
      23rd of May, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I have had more teachers that have felt difficult than supportive for whatever reason, that's what I had. The most important thing to understand is that there is no healer than can heal you. A true healer will apply his method, creating an environment where the client can participate. Participate they must or nothing will happen. If the client is not ready, not at the place where they can participate, meaning take responsibility for their thoughts, deeds, words and actions... their relationship with Creator, Universe, God.. whatever your choice...then that is stuck energy. To move, do anything in the direction of forgiveness, self nurturing, eating well and moving the body at all... is a process that, for each individual, is different and how long it takes is different. A huge lesson is learning not to depend on a master, or any person from what must come from
    Self and/with Divine Energy/Love. The tools, and there are many... work when we believe that principle and find the way to move, that we 'truly enjoy'. Let your heart guide you, your emotions speak to you and act on that which wakes up your heart. Because when you are happy, truly happy and feeling peaceful inside, being angry for what someone else says or does or doesn't do, doesn't really matter anymore. We can easily choose not to go anywhere that doesn't shine for us. and God Bless those as we choose not to participate in there experience. Things that make us mad are a blessing that can move energy and cause us to do something. anything. Just start :)

  • Fr
      9th of Jul, 2010
    +4 Votes

    I have personally met Master Lin and even had my family and me have some healings at his home. When I came back home, I felt no difference and wrote Master Lin that there was no difference in us and requested a refund. He gladly sent me back a check without any hesitation on his part. My wife has been to his class sessions and has felt a big difference...Master Lin is not in it for the money as far as I can see. He has always been above board and more worried about a person's health than anything else. Money was always secondary it seemed.

    Granted this has been quite a few years ago but based on our experiences with him, I would recommend him to anyone. I have purchased both the 1st and 2nd level of his courses also.


  • Li
      13th of Jul, 2010
    +3 Votes

    Master Lin is the most kind, loving soul I have ever met. I have traveled from New York several times to study with him and everytime I have come back more healed physically, emotionally and have grown into deeper levels of my spiritualality. What initially attracted me to study with him and trust him (there are so many companies built on greed that claim to be "spiritual" ) is that I never felt that "materialism" or "commercialism" of his company or his personality or I would have been turned off. Many people claim great healing, but he will be the first to admit that if someone doesn't truly believe with an open heart that the energy is real and the Universe has unlimited Love and healing for everyone, than they won't be as successful as someone who does believe. Sunny above said it all in her comment. She speaks the truth.

  • Re
      11th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Lindsy, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. As a Reiki and Qigong practitioner I can only suggest that your personal will to heal remain strong. I hope you were seeing a regular doctor while doing your Qigong...any type of energy healing will not "guarantee" miraculous healings. Although some people do see profound results within a few sessions, some results are very subtle...if someone expects to see a 180 degree turnaround in their ailment, most times they won't notice subtle changes because they're so attached to the "miraculous" result they so deeply want. I'm not saying that's what happened with you, but instead I was just explaining why subtle changes, such as breath coming more easily, motivated practice, increased energy, willingness to freely communicate freely with one's Medical Doctor (when previously afraid to question the Doctor), etc, are not noticed or even ignored by patients. Its all in the attitude for oneself to want to heal, instead of placing reliance on solely the healer to magically wave a magic wand and make disease disappear.

    My Mother had one lung removed due to cancer recently, but it was SHE who faithfully exercised her lungs, underwent physical therapy, and kept a motivated attitude toward healing instead of raging about her loss of a lung. She is now fully active in a senior's Hula dance troupe (no easy feat...Hula is a great exercise) and now performs all over Seattle. My Mom lost a breast to cancer twenty years earlier, and stayed motivated and positive through that as well...need I mention bladder tumors? She was on meager pension and social security, but did not balk at the cost of her health...medicare and Medicaid helped her a lot, as well as good attitude and supportive friends and family..

    On the other hand, any healing modality, be it standard medicine or alternative medicine, is not like a "pay you-cure me" thing. Its not like paying a mechanic to fix a car. Your body is not a car. BUT...I've known people that complain to a mechanic if they suggest that they get a new expensive engine because they blow the engine as a result of not changing oil or doing periodic maintenance. Would most people pay to fix their car? You bet they would. We are much more valuable than cars.

    And NO...I do not study Spring Forest Qigong, nor am I affiliated with any part of it. I practice under my own teachers and have always been told that Qigong is a tool to health, not an end all-be all. The bigger the toolbox, the more likely it is to fix more things, right? Qigong is a, exercise as safely directed by Physician, good habits, not dwelling on stress, and many other tools are available.

    I hope your health improves, Lindsy...many blessings and my good supportive thoughts are with you. :)

  • Ca
      12th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree with both parts here. Ive had my personal problems with spring forest qigong in the way it doesnt "moves" around me... I suffer from anxiety, depression, panic attacks, physical pain... and I tend to want to have all the results in 3 seconds or less and for the rest of my life. yes... it can happen... no... it hasnt happened to me... Ive paid 2 sessions, once with master lin and nothing happened, the second a day ago with master nance... after it I kind of felt I threw my money... AGAIN. but... you know what? if you are going to follow an approach... do it. do the excersices... you might get even worst... combine... use science and qigong... but... keep the faith. qigong will *probably* work... but initially, you if you are "ugly on the inside*... the process will be slow and ugly too... youll feel bad... youll feel even worst sometimes... but... keep doing it. dont give up at the first sign of fail. scientist and other natural healers preach that it works. it does requieres rigurous practice. EVERY day and as master lin says: if your blockage is too serious... youll even need it 2 or 3 times a day for more than 2 months. Im in the same road you are and all whats left for me is hope. Ive decided to deposit my hope in God... in the master who created spring forest qigong and... in his technique. lets all pray it will work. I dont know what to believe, or if I believe at all... ill just keep on doing it because... miracles love nonbelievers. who knows. faith. maybe we can conquer our illnesses after all and the mind is actually worth developing.

  • Ca
      12th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    one more thing... faith and energy healing mean that exactly... working with faith... and energy. lets hope those interesting monks in their solitude, actually discovered something that works! but hey... who has said that becoming a martial artist... a healer or become HEALED has ever been EASY?!!! I dont think so I think it takes time and once you hace accepted this then it can happen quickly. dont ask me why, I dont know.

  • My
      31st of Aug, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I offer these comments to you, Lindsy, for your consideration, only because I can well appreciate your anger and frustration based upon your experience. I have purchased the Spring Forest Qigong Level ! materials and was very satisfied with the quality of them. Like you, I started to practice them for a condition, in my case, a skin condition known as rosacea. ""It" did not seem to help, but I also didn't practice them anywhere close to daily as was recommended. That's an interesting interesting admission for me to make, since this condition caused me much personal anguish, and yet I did not follow the instructions to the letter or for very long before I gave up. What's even more of note to me is that I then doubted the power of SF Qigong itself as a result and played down what effect my less-than-committed practice schedule was playing. I am not saying that this was what YOU did, Lindsy, but I am saying the phenomenon known as healing is simple in one sense, but we can make it complicated in the process by what we bring to the practice and what "bubbles up" during that time. What I realized is that I wanted healing but not in this form, if it meant I had to commit to doing the exercises every day. So, I went in search of, and ultimately found, healing in a form that suited me better. My skin has cleared. But I take full responsibility for what happened/didn't happen with the SF Qigong and, in fact, to this day practice the Sword Fingers healing technique for a very good friend of mine who has esophageal cancer and who gets relief from it, he says.

    Some questions I wonder about. Were you aware of the cost of 7 lessons beforehand when Master Lin recommended that number? If so, then at some point you must have decided that it was worth it to you to make this investment. If not, then perhaps this is a life lesson to nail down that information in the future before you agree to something. Did anyone tell you that you would be treated as special from others because you are on a fixed income? From what I read, it seems that they did not. Did anyone promise a money-back guarantee? If so, then you would have grounds for pursuing a refund. If not, then that is more learning for you. If you desire or expect a money-back guarantee, then you should make sure you have that in writing beforehand. It's all about learning from our choices and experiences, don't you think?

    It is my personal belief that one of the components often necessary for healing is an investment of some kind, often either of time or money or both or of something else. I'm not sure why this might be other than we tend to value what we invest time or money or effort in and devalue what we don't. I now realize that I clearly didn't wish to invest even 10 minutes a day practicing in order to clear my skin. It seems to me that you didn't wish to invest the money you agreed to if you were not healed in that time period or if you were not given financial aid upon request. That's okay. It's just a good idea to be honest as to where you were coming from and not just look outside yourself at Master Lin or SFQ. I find it empowering when I see my participation in an experience and don't just see myself as a victim. Is that true for you, too?

    Have there been many other times your life when you have been disappointed and/or angry when money you have spent did not live up to your expectations? Has this happened enough in your life that you might see this as a pattern? How about people? Do they tend to "let you down". If I am not mistaken, I think that both Master Lin and Eckhart Tolle say there is an emotional component to our illnesses as well as a physical one, and both must be healed.

    You may read this and think that I have let you down, too, Lindsy, or that I am blaming you for your experience. That was not my intention. Actually, your post helped me to see some things about myself and my experience with Spring Forest Qigong, and I am grateful to you.

    I wish you healing when you are ready for it in a form that suits you best. Namaste. Cheryl

  • Hn
      12th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am a single mom struggling with finances due to 2x monthly required furlough (no pay). I have been wanting to order the program but haven't been able to afford it yet I never once thought of demanding a reduction in fees. As a rule I don't ask for special treatment for services or products because I understand that my life is my own, my livelihood is my own, and my conditions are a direct result from how I live my life. I also understand that it is okay to sacrifice and save for things of worth which hopefully means that I am on my way to healing. From an outsider I have to admire Master Lin for putting forth good into this world. What is your contribution to the world other than negativity and complaints? I looks to me like you would like to hurt him for not living up to your high expectations and that is shameful. You owe him a big apology but in your mind you probably think the reverse. Please do some reflection and stop blaming some poor healer that failed to cure you within a few sessions what you have created within yourself after many years. If you are mad that he neglected to give you special treatment you should realize that this special treatment is not something you are automatically entitled to any more than I should be because I am struggling financially. My suggestion: Stop being a Prima Donna. If I were him I wouldn't respond to your complaints either although my intentions would probably not be as noble but like I said, I am working at change. Before you expect outer healing, deal with the inside first and your healing will probably manifest on its own. Master Lin didn't create your misery; you did. Many people would have liked to throw stones at Jesus too.

  • Ni
      17th of Nov, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Interesting to read comments on this forum as they could all come from SFQ shareholders.
    I guess i will be healed the day i stop being disgusted by financial greed.
    A bon entendeur...

  • Ed
      19th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Sounds about right. "Master" Lin and his cult got a hold of my husband when my daughter was 3 months old and her brother was 3. That was 15 years ago. My now ex husband squandered every dime of our money on this cult. I lost my home of 17 years and the 80K of equity. He's now overe 50 k in arrears on CS. He admitted in his contempt trial a year ago that while the kids and I were being put out of our home with no money even for a moving truck, he was up at Superior Shores, in a resort, paying for his umpteenth go round at whatever level.

    I now have a lovely small rental home that I'm about to be evicted from . just heard from my son that he's at level 4 this evening and all day tomorrow. This is a cult, no doubt about it. SFCQ has happily stolen the roof over my childrens heads. Joe Welch, get 5 jobs and see your 15 year old daughter doesn't lose another home.

  • Do
      1st of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have gone to see Master Lin and I have always had great results from him. I am also constrained by cost not to see him very often. It is my impression that his entire premise is to find away for you and your family to heal yourselves. With that said the tools to do that are available through the coarse and also his books. I have seen Spring Forest grow and with that there is a lot of growing pains and I think there is a lot of people surrounding Master Lin that he does not always get the "business" side of situations. He treats a large amount of people, but he always seems specific about his intent to help and give you tools to help yourself. There will always be people who do not fit well with this kind of healing, just as you may not like or care for some doctors and some clinics. I think sometimes things just don't go the way we expected them and to realize you have a choice in the making of your own behavior really can empower you to find the right modality to get well. Best of Luck.

  • Ca
      5th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    The one thing I do question is why it is so expensive. It doesn't require any special equipment, nor does it require years of expensive study similar to what a doctor or other professional people go through. The good people who provide this service are entitled to earn something for their work, but the costs seem questionable. I wish someone would explain why they charge so much.

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