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Sports Clips / racial discrimination

1 120 LESLIE ROAD, San Antonio, TX, United States Review updated:

This is my second attempt in a years's time to have my son's haircut at sportsclip!!! My first encounter was in 2007, when i was told, they didn't know if anyone could cut "black hair", and true to their statement, they manage to jack the heck out of his hair, i could have brought clippers and hacked the heck out of his hair, but i was not expecting this from "professionals". How can you call yourself being in customer service oriented business and make a statement like that and then have the audacity to act on it!!!

My second attempt was just today, when several stylist made my son wait, and there was empty stalls or chairs available, and he had to wait behind walk-ins!!! Oh, so, i see they have not changed, so, i will not only complain here, but will do so with the bbb, and the federal trade commission, my local naacp, the civil liberaties and whoever else who advocate the rights of individuals !!!

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  • Da
      5th of May, 2009

    Vote with your spend and tell everyone who you do not spend with.

    For customer service, F rating.
    Friendly, b+
    Stylists Not very Experienced
    Quality differs between stylists.
    Price D- They run 20% to 30% higher than their competition.

    I live in Summerville SC, I am a white male and can honestly say, based on the service I received "race had nothing to do with it”. Most of the people who work at the 2 local branches are brainless and unprofessional. I have been a customer, on and off, for 2 years, only because of location. However, after last night, I will NOT BE BACK.

    First, I have been charged several different prices because I have my beard trimmed. Most of the time, I don't get charged. Of course, I am half bald and it takes very little time (5 minutes) to trim my hair. Others feel the need to charge extra for the beard.

    Second, they love to stand around and chat with each other, even when the waiting area is full. Customers come second to their social life.

    Third, I have been in there several times when the stylist's were baby sitting or watching their kids while cutting my hear.

    Forth, I have seen them answer and talk on their cell phones while cutting hair. I have also have seen them eat while cutting hair.

    Last night was the straw that broke the camels back.

    I walked in and was next. The wait 10 minutes, (so I was told). As each stylist finished up, (4 total that were working) each one took a break. My wait ended up being 35 minutes, and I was next.

    Than the girl who cut my hair was in a rush. She was rushing so much, I requested she slowed down. After the third request, she nicked my ear.

    I still did not say anything. Than she started talking to me and asking me questions. I requested that she just cut my hair so that my other ear did not get cut.

    She got mad, through her clippers down and stated that someone else needs to finish the cut. Her assist manger was standing right there listening the whole time...I left and will not be back.

    My $20 is important to me and I am tired of spending it with folks that think they are doing me the favor and expect me to stroke their ego, regardless on how bad the service or good that I purchased is.

    No one has accountability, its time we stop spending money with those who provide poor service and it is time we get the word out.

    In case you are wondering, I was on the web site looking for a Corporate Customer Service Number, guess what….It doesn’t exist. But they do have numbers telling me how great they are and how to buy into the franchise. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ABOUT THE CULTURE OF SPORT CLIPS…….

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  • Lo
      30th of May, 2009

    I have been to several Sports Clips and have never encountered anything quite this bad, but on the whole the experiences were just OK.

    There is entirely too much pressure to get the customer to get their VIP service. I just want a good, quick haircut.

    There is entirely too much pressure to buy shampoo or "goop."

    The point on the culture hit home. I went to their internet page and it seem to be there to get more people to become franchisees. It was difficult to find anything on their service. Also, I have tried to find the closest store using their locater. What a mess that is!!!

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  • Ms
      10th of Aug, 2009

    I went to a Sports Clip in Irvine, CA and asked if they ever did women because I just wanted a quick, simple trim. The stylist told me yes they can do a simple trim for a lady. It was a long, loooooong wait but an ok trim.
    So I went back next time I needed a trim. Another looooong wait and I got this gal who was beyond rude to me because I was a woman.
    I understand the place targets men, even though some women are also into sports, but I was told that they would trim a female's hair too which is why I even came back.
    The stylist basically said I shouldn't even be there in so many words. Then she gave the worst trim I've ever gotten and about 20 seconds with a cheap massaging machine (as part of the most expensive package)
    It was all a total waste of 23 dollars.
    It would behoove Sports Clips to realize that women have male friends and relatives. I am not recommending this hair place to them after my experience.

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  • St
      19th of Sep, 2014

    On 9-18-2014 I went to my neighborhood Sports clips, ( Midland, Tx )
    Stylist introduced her- self, followed to her station. Sat down, took off my ball cap and glasses & told stylist I would like the back & sides to be 1-inch, top 1 1/2 inches. She instead put a number 1 plastic guard on clippers and started cutting my hair right down to the skull. I reached back with my hand & said this is not what I asked for. She said, I thought you said a number one. Bottom line, I look like my hair all fell out due to chemo.

    when I said that I was extremely unhappy, wanted to talk to an owner or manager, was told none were in. If I did not pay, police would be called, no return call from owner or manager, will never go back. Steve

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  • Ju
      24th of Oct, 2015

    Trying being a white guy getting a haircut south side Atlanta. I think they screw up so white people never come back.

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  • Wa
      14th of Oct, 2018
    Sport Clips - Store Manager
    United States

    I was in your store not that long ago & the store manager, Sabrina Young, ruined that experience for me. Her rudeness. The way she talks to her employees & one of the other customers was absolutely ridiculous. I was appalled at the way she treated everyone. You might want to get a new manager before you end up losing all business.

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