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My wife and I have had a Spinnaker T/S since 1993. We purchased a week in Hilton Head that year at a sales presentation, and had always been happy with our ubit and the service.

Approx. 4-5 years ago we upgraded to unit at Waterside, same week, bigger unit, bigger family, friends, etc. All was well.

Two years ago our week didn't fit into our kids sports schedule as well as when they were smaller. Per chance at a "sales upgrade" we were presented with a "floating week" T/S. Guaranteed to have accommodations up to a week prior to travel. Just the kind of flexibility we needed, right?

Ha! We learned the hard way, you need to make reservations one year in advance. When my wife tried to do that, Spinnaker said all three of there resorts on H.H. were sold out all summer.

Our one fixed week was much better than this. On paper Spinnaker is probably correct, and we read and signed the contract, BUT, the sales person assured us that it would be no problem to reserve a condo at the last minute.

We obviously paid a sizeable amount of money for this "convenience".

And our first mistake was to trust the *** that lied to us.

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  • Tr
      Jul 20, 2010

    Llive and learn. Grass isn't always greener is it?

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  • Ow
      Jul 01, 2015

    Going thru same thing right now!! They are so misleading and dishonest!!!

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  • Ca
      Nov 18, 2017

    Going through the same thing with ownership at Royal Floridian, Ormond Beach. My sister and I purchased a 2 bedroom unit in 2004, and we both distinctly remember the realtor explaining that our purchase included one floating week ( could be scheduled any time of the year on first come / first served basis ), and an additional, 5 day week that could be scheduled ONLY 2 weeks in advance. We never used that 5 day option, but now that we are looking into it, we are being told that it isn't in our contract! Our deed / agreement states "Unit week(s) : 2 " ???? Did the realtor deceive us, or is this a downright lie on the part of Spinnaker management?

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