Spinnaker Resortsa deceitful dishonest company

We purchased the French Quarter in Branson the first building ever built and were given a perk called the escapes, we paid in full and paid our maint fees as we committed to.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Hilton Head Island, SCThen Spinnaker acquired the property and took away this perk that we were promised as long as we owned the property, Spinnaker refused to honor it but fully expects us to honor ours, which we are not! And we are receiving an abundant amount of hateful calls. We even had someone to take the timeshare but Spinnaker wanted so much money up front the man wouldn't do it. So Spinnaker screwed themselves here. Also our last visit to Branson French Quarter when entering the 2 bdr unit a man and his 2 children came walking out of the back bdr, and the 1 unit lock off had a gray fuzzy turd floating in the toilet and a rusty line all the way across the shower liner.

  • Updated by Arkansas1 · Dec 30, 2016

    This is a deceitful lying company that doesn't keep their word just read the reviews it's not just us obviously. They do not honor an agreement but they certainly expect you to and then they have their hangmen calling you with threats when its Spinnaker that screwed themselves, stay away from this company you will eventually be sorry just like us and many others.

Dec 30, 2016

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