Spiegelcoupon fraud

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Spiegel does not honor coupon discounts. Instead of rejecting the coupon, the website displays the purported discount in the order summary, but does not honor it later. Spiegel claims that this is because they do not honor third party coupons and they explain this somewhere in the fine print. I still find the practice fraudulent. Of course, Spiegel can choose which offers to honor, but should not give the impression that it gives a discount at the time of the order, only to later retract it, referring to some fine print.


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      Sep 21, 2010

    I think it's ironic that the title of your complaint is "Coupon Fraud". What would you call it when you attempt to use promotional codes that were never directly sent to you by the company and the codes you are putting on the order are from a paid promotion program. If they honor your codes, how is that fair to the person who is paying to be part of an affiliate program. You're benefitting by finding codes on a website you have no right using. You also don't know if there is a catch to using the codes. What if you have to spend $50 or more to get the free shipping and you didn't. Is that the company's fault because you don't know the provisos because you stole the code?

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