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Speedway SuperAmerica / Scam and cheating

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Speedway is unfair to their employees. They tell you one day that your doing a great job, and the next they day tell you your fired! When they get a new manager at a particular store, the new manager is told by the District Manager to terminate all the employees that worked for the former manager. Even if they do nothing wrong.

All their camera's are pointed at the employees. When a customer does a drive off, the employee is written up for it, and most times fired for it. However they will also fire you for not authorizing the pump so the customer can do drive offs and get away with it. You are not allowed to chase the customer.

The district manager at the speedway in Sterling Heights added write ups to my file after I left, so I could not be re-hired. I had one write up in 2 years, when I left I gave a 30 day notice, and work all the days scheduled. Still I am unrehireable because district manager lied on my separation papers. She has sense been moved, but it doesn't change the fact that she lied, and when corporate gets a call for reference they can tell them that they won't rehire me, but can not tell them way. So I can't use them as a reference.

The regional manager was contacted and was told what the district manager was doing, he didn't care. He was told that as long as she was district manager the store would continue to lose business. He said it wasn't losing business! Sense then, the manager and the district manager and the regional manager have been replaced. The manager is gone because they lost to many customers.

They also use cheap bleach to clean their coffee pots. Drink at your own risk.

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  • Me
      27th of Nov, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I work for speedway, and have never been written up. In fact this is the second time Ive worked for the company. They will not write you up for drive offs if you made an attempt to identify the person, car, or plate number of the car that drove off... If you cant give any description in, you were not doing your job. Cameras are always on cashiers for your safty... if you get robbed they will see who did it... they are also others in the store usually... if not the cameras that are on you also can pick up the rest of the store in a cross cross veiw. Also we can not use bleach in the store period! we only use osha approved cleaning materials that are delivered among our merchandise... get a clue, im sure you lost your job due to your performance...

    I am not a manager, just a good working CSR... I do admit, they dont pay you enough to deal with all the ###, but in this day and age im glad to have a job...

  • Ho
      15th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I work for speedway right now, and they suck. They do use bleach on certain items, and they use an alcohol cleaning solution which makes the place smell like a hospital, I hate using it because it gives me and most of the customers a headache.

    Also, you do get written up if you have a drive off. Sometimes even fired if the district manager is in the store when it happens.

    I agree you don't get paid enough to put up with all the BS that comes with the customers and sometimes even the workers.

    But I do not plan on working here long, just long enough to get my degree then I am gone! Thank God!!

  • Yo
      6th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    all i have to say is that this company is a sham... the district manager of the store i worked at is a a piece of [censor]. Customers saw how he treated some of the employees and would say [censor] while he was there... the pay i made was not worth the things i had to endure while working there. i did however met a lot of cool customers that i will miss now that i don't work there. I would not let even my worst enemy work at speedway superamerica...

    and YES they do write you up for not getting a plate or anything on a drive off i got written up because of it... they preach to us about how the store has to be clean and if your not cleaning than your not doing your job but if you leave the front counter and you get a drive off and you dont get the info your [censor]ed..

    so yeah.. thats all i have to say

  • Jt
      18th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I also work for speedway currently and yes you get wro

  • Jt
      18th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Wrote up for drive offs. It's bull because they won't make the pumps prepay because the customers complain. The same customers who are stealing thousands of dollars worth of gas every month! My manager comes to work whenever she feels like it and when she's mad at an employee she ignores them and doesn't speak to them for days and screws with their hours so they don't make any money. She has monthly meetings where she curses us out for hours about what we're doing wrong then contradicts herself and does the same things she writes us up for like coming to work late without calling. And they hired her to replace a manager who did the exact same thing! Speedway doesn't care about customers or employees we're all replacable to them. And call whoever you want to complain HR doesn't answer the phone or return your phone calls and the distirctanager will listen to you but do nothing about it

  • Sh
      26th of May, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I currently work for speedway. I have been employed at 2 stores. My first store I loved it but now that I have had to change stores that's a different story. I have a manager that talks to us like children. That yells and cusses me all day long. She has her favorites for one employee its okay for them call off 15 min before they have to work and say there too drunk to drive, but for me my car broke down half way there and guess what i got... a write up. they wont call in our a/c beacuse it goes against managements bonus. Well i have a tattoo on my arm so i am required to wear a long sleeve shirt at all times, even when the air is broke and its 90+ degrees in the store. I get wrote up for taking off my shirt 1 time, but the lady on day shift never has to wear it, we also have a shift leader that doesn't cover hers. I am singled out on a daily basis. I bust my ### for that store for example, I had to mop the back room 5 times with BLEACH to get it clean and even then it wasn't the color it was supposed to be. I ruined my pants that night and was yelled at for 15 min for being 5 min late the next day due to having to buy new pants. God forbid you speak back to her too, shell cut your hours down to 10 per week if you don't agree. She will call you childish & immature and makes personal attacks everyday. Call the DM well he don't believe you, and like the person above me stated HR never calls back. The only thing speedway cares about is management. The only reason i still have my job is because I had to threaten to the Attorney Generals office b/c my manger tried to say i quit. I wasn't even at work the day she decided to claim this. Something needs done but yet, there's nothing you can do.

  • Kr
      6th of Mar, 2013
    -1 Votes

    I applied for a job at Speedway, I was called for an interview. The manager was impressed by my experience and decided to hire me on the spot. I went for the hand shake to seal the deal, when he looked down and seen my tattoos. In a split second he went from being the nicest guy in the world recognizing my experience and see me for the hard worker I am to seeing me as no good white trash because of my tattoos. I feel I was discriminated against but who could afford to fight a corporation over a minimum wage job??? I just think people need to open there eyes YOU CAN'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER. I am a wonderful employee I was with my last job for over 17 years and I am only 38 years old. And the only reason I am no longer with that company is because it burnt to the ground., I feel cheated, and disappointed in

  • Sk
      19th of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    I worked down at Super America's corporate site doing a workgroup to domain upgrade. The CEO makes the contractors and employees SING THE COMPANY SONG!!! He is an obnoxious character. Also, the CIO under him who was my supervisor was extremely dishonest. I asked him if I could go to my bowling banquet on Monday. He said it will not be a problem. I informed him this would be the only time I would miss work. I left work after half a day. I said bye to the CIO. The next day I get a call from my staffing company saying I am removed from the 2 week project because I just got up and left.

  • Na
      12th of Oct, 2013
    0 Votes

    I was a co manager trainee for about ten days at a logan wv speedway. They do suck I was expected to do the ### work of making coffee fixing food moping floors cleaning oven etc i was treated like ### for ten hours each day until I finally got so pissed off at a smart ### old lady that I quit today. Comanager my ### more like grunt in training. ### speedway I have a bachelor's degree and I, ll be god damned if I got it to clean the floors af speedway I might just burn the ###ing corporate office to the ground lol

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