Sparkletts / Overcharging and unreliable with horrible customer service

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Never ever use Sparkletts for your water delivery.
I just moved to California and didn't know better. I never double checked my bills and trusted the direct deposit I had going. Yes I was naive and Yes my bill did fluctuate sometimes 40 sometimes up to 70 a month for a single one person household. However, I just thought sometimes the two week interval ends up being 3 deliveries for one month .. however once I got hit with a 200$ bill. And I am still just asking for 3 bottles every 2 weeks. Looking at my bill I see a delivery of 13 Bottles on the same day. This never happened and I have cameras in my building which can back this up.

Now I had to all customer service which is the worst I have ever experienced. Some will hang up on you .. put you on hold and never get back to you. First when you call you have to wait in line for about an hour to get an agent on the phone. The agents will say they can't do anything but leave a note for someone in charge who will reach out to me. But in 6 weeks of trying to resolve this no one ever reached out to me. They continued to bring me water even after I told them to put the account on hold until this is resolved.

Finally someone told me they would refund me the money, however they did not do that and continue to bill me insane amounts until I blocked them from doing so. No one ever got back to me even after me calling them over 10 times and me being promised they will call back.

They are thieves and liars and the worst. Who ever owns Sparkletts should be ashamed.

Mar 24, 2017

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