Sparkletts / Billing Error

United States

Cancelled my Sparkletts account in 2011 and my bill was paid in full. Then I started receiving collection calls in 2014. They (C.B.A) said I owed for a cooler and unpaid water service. I told them I never had a Sparkletts cooler (I had bought my own) so after several weeks of back and forth they removed the cooler charge but said I still owed over $400 for unpaid water. Thats a lot of water! I disputed the charges and they said to take it up with Sparkletts directly since the collection agency cant do anything about it.

I call Sparkletts and they say it has been to long and my records have been deleted. Now I am stuck in a loop and no one will help me. After researching on the web this happens to a lot of people. Sounds like a very big problem. I know I would be out of business if I conducted my company like this. If you choose sparkletts be aware you are going to get scammed at the end. Best just to stay a customer forever once you start. These people should be arrested. I have no unpaid bills anywhere in this world, why would i not pay this one. SHAME ON YOU SPARKLETTS!!!

Sep 02, 2014

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