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I booked a trip with this company in may. I moved to another city since then, and wanted to get a flight out if a closer airport than the original.

The agent told me we could cancel the flight and then rebook it. He did not inform me that I would lose my package rate before canceling. I of course got upset when I found out, and he "couldn't rebook me. " the customer service manager I asked for told me I should have done my research, in those exact words. I don't work for a travel company, they do, and should have advised me of the changes ahead of the cancellation.

I just want the original airfare refunded and not the crappy $263 credit they gave me.

I will never use this terrible company again. I had to book an $800 flight in addition to what I paid for my package with this company due to their nondisclosure of information that ordinary consumers like me would not be privy to.

Nov 17, 2016

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