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I became a Southwest Gas customer in November 2008. During that time I have been late with my payment several times. Let me explain why. They send out a bill from Las Vegas to Litchfield Park Arizona 10 days before it is due back to Las Vegas. If you are one day late it is considered delinquent. I think it is completely unreasonable for Southwest Gas to mail a bill (for instance this month) on the 18th and it is due back on the 28th. I live in a suburb of Phoenix and they do not deliver the mail every day. I got the bill on the 23rd and with the holiday, the 26th was the first day I could mail it and I have to hope it makes it back to Vegas in 2 days or it’s considered late. Twice I was traveling (I travel for my job), the bill came the week I was gone and when I returned it was already late. I received a letter dated March 17, 2009 stating that a $390 deposit is required because I have been delinquent. With my payment last month I asked for an explanation of how I was delinquent (never been disconnected, paid every month) and how $390 was determined to be the amount that was required for a deposit. My monthly bill has not been over $100 and they require almost 3 times that for a deposit. When I signed up for service I sent them a letter from my previous gas company showing that in over a year I was never delinquent. I did not receive a response from my request last month. All I received was my next bill telling me that the deposit had to be paid by the 28th or the gas would be disconnected. With my payment this month I informed them again that I disputed the deposit. I also filled out their customer service form to ask how the deposit was calculated and still I have received no response. It’s unreasonable to give someone 10 days from the day the bill is printed to have the payment back to Las Vegas. It is also unreasonable to demand a deposit and not show how it was calculated. I think these are unfair practices that Southwest Gas is using to get deposits from people who would normally not have had to give a deposit and then they get to use our money without paying interest on it.

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  • Az
      Mar 17, 2010

    They just hit me. I payed my bill in full the last time I got it. This time they delayed the bill - shut my service down - billed me $35 for the re-connect - two days with no not water or shower - and $310 to SECURE the account - WHAT A RIP OFF - nothing but a grand billing fraud. They will of course waive the secure fee if you let them have access to
    your account - nothing but intimidation so they can get you on electronic bill pay and - make more money off you.

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  • Sp
      Sep 13, 2010

    If you want to know how SWG calculates their deposit amounts, you are always able to review the tarriffs in your respective state which are the laws set forth by the corporation commission of each state and are binding for SWG to practice business by. That being said, its roughly 2 times the highest bill over a 2 year period at an address for the deposit that is required if your account is ever delinquent (+31 days overdue and unpaid).

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  • Q1
      Dec 18, 2010

    Same thing happened to me! They want a $200 deposit for being a day "late" (even though I mailed the bill the day I got it) that I cannot afford to pay at the moment. I am going to have to spend this winter without heat, in the cold. Southwest Gas' billing tactics are sneaky and unfair.

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  • Ci
      Jan 07, 2011

    They have been charging my mother an outrageous amount of money the past two months on her bill. She uses the same amount of gas or maybe a little more in the winter as she does in any other part of the year. She does not and never has had a working furnace. Her bill would go from 15.00 to 25.00 in years past . This year her bill this months and last was 70.00!! She has tried to get something done about it but they will not listen to her!! She feels helpless. Last year when there was a gas leak around her trailer ...they made HER pay for ALL of the gas that had leaked!!! It was hundreds of dollars!! Her little 1 bBD trailer isn't even 500sf! My house is 1500sf and I have a gas furnace . My bill was 70.00 this month so there is obviously something wrong here! Don't know what to do or where to turn for help!

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  • Ga
      Jan 11, 2011

    I'm not sure where you live cindola424 but anytime you have a dispute over a utility bill you can contact your public utilities commission. For instance if you live in Nevada look up public utilites commission of Nevada. They will investigate the issue and while they're doing so, your mother will not have to pay a dime till they come up with a solution. All she will have to pay for is current usage. I went through this is Pittsburgh and the PUC -public utilities commission resolved everything for me. That's what they're there for. Good luck!

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  • Ro
      Apr 09, 2011

    Disconnecting us, when we are not home. Now, its the weekend and we have guests one who is elderly, whom cannot take a warm bath nor have heat (39 degrees last night) and we cannot cook, for our children!
    Now they claim that they cannot connect us untill mid next week! Funny, how they have plenty of staff to dissconect struggling families.

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  • Be
      Apr 21, 2011

    This company is absolutely terrible!! My guess is that they take advantage of the fact that they are the only gas company option in my area. I will admit that we had been behind on payments but were paying what we could. We never missed nay payments we would pay half. I just could not understand why my bill had increased so drastically without my knowledge. Until I realized that they had added a 350 deposit to our bill.

    So I called right away to ask them how they justify seeing that a person is struggling to pay their bill, yet they add an additional 350 that they cannot pay. So I was told to apply for Automatic Payment Plan and the deposit would be waived. So I enrolled in February. I was told to make the minimum payment due to avoid disconnection so I did. The Next month in March I made a payment of $200. 00 and the next day they took out a payment of 464.60 so for the month of March we made a payment of 664.60 so to my knowledge that would tell me that we have a credit of $200. But then I see our bill this month and it is 350.00. SO I called to ask where the extra 200 went and I am told that they applied it to a deposit for paying late the month of February.

    At first the rep was going to waive my deposit that they added to my Aprils bill, which I am not sure where this extra deposit came from. (They are now responsible for taking out the payments and I am still given a deposit added to my Aprils bill when we are in fact current and up to date).

    So after being put on hold I am then told that there is nothing they can do because we are set up for automatic payments and then he proceeds to go back months and let us know how much we had been struggling to pay our bills as if that justifies their actions. regardless of our past payments we were up to date and current on our payments as of March, in my mind I was thinking Thank God we are back at zero, but NO they somehow found a way to keep us behind and it is completely unethical. They are being dishonest and very sneaky, but I am not sure if anything that they are doing is illegal because there are always some hidden clauses or loopholes. Or it could be that they know people don't want to deal with filing complains or being involved in legal actions... So they continue to say sorry, you payed 200 extra dollars on your bill BUT that doesn't count because you were late paying in the month of February.

    What is worse is that the rep started to get an attitude and no regard for anything I was saying, he knew that I was right which is why he attempted to waive the deposit to begin with.

    They have so many complaints...something should be done.

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  • Da
      Jan 17, 2012

    SWG should check the weather report in areas every month before they decide to try and scam residents on therm usage!

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  • Ch
      Jan 18, 2012

    If Southwest Gas gets 2 NSF (non-sufficient funds) in your account in a one year period, they will suspend your ability to make ANY electronic payment for 12 months - they want cash or western union only - FOR 12 MONTHS. When I told them this was ridiculous, the rep actually got rude with me. I hate companies who make up arbitrary rules because they know they're the only show in town.

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  • Ad
      Mar 29, 2012

    I agree with all.. I moved 2 years ago from one resident to another. I had my mother- n-law with me on the account that was her bill to pay. There was a balance that I needed to pay in order to have her named removed off the account. When I moved into my new place they had me under the belief that this was all one account # but they gave me a new account which I just realized when all this surfaced and when i went to make a payment on the old account they applied to the new account so it shows as if I never made a payment towards old account. Well one day recent I'm calling to pay my bill they tell me that i have a balance from my old account 2 years later. So you mean to tell me 2 years later you people are billing me for something that I thought I paid. While I'm current on my new account they turn my service off for an old account. I figure if your not billing for the new address how can you turn me off for an old address. And that's their fault for not being current on their billing. I never received a bill in the old account that I need to pay they have my address why didn't they send me a bill 2 years ago even 1 year ago. But their expecting you to pay an old bill and a new bill how can that be fair?

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  • Pe
      Mar 30, 2012

    I am outraged by southwest
    gas attempt to charge me a deposite for payng late. I AM CONTACTING THE PUBLIC
    Utilitys commission. I will go solar if nothing else. I am low income and they think they can take advantage of that. ..also Irish and we fight back!

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  • Dr
      Apr 18, 2012

    I am in the same situation as the above complaints. After 4 years
    of service, they added a deposit to my bill after I made a few late
    payments. I have never had service interruption due to non-payment, yet I am being treated like a deadbeat. The customer
    service rep was very rude and belligerent when I tried to get information on why they were charging a deposit on a $40 a month
    bill. I emailed my concerns about the conversation and got a reply
    that indicated that the rep lied in the notes on my account. I am now
    being threatened with an additional $350 deposit if I am one day late. I will be contacting Public Utilities Commission and the BBB about Southwest Gas.

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  • Mm
      May 16, 2012

    This is the Free Enterprise system that Mitt Romney thinks is so great. Southwest Gas Corporation trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as SWX. You will get more of this type of business when they privatize the U.S. Post Office and everything else they want so much to get their grubby little hands on. Citizens better get together to stop this type of financial abuse or you deserve what is coming!

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  • Ca
      May 18, 2012

    we all know this is happening, now can anyone tell me how we can stop this? this can't be legal! i am sick of hard-working people like me getting ripped off!!!

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  • Pi
      Sep 14, 2012

    I live in Las Vegas people and the gas company is one street over from my house which is where they moved a few years ago. I have had service with them for 13 years and they have gotten 2 deposits out of me, reason being because I was hospitalized for 45 days and my service was disconnected..that was around 11 years ago-since then I usually put a lump sum of around 400 dollars for the winter but somehow it seems to get devoured within a few months when my gas bill should only run around 70 dollars during the cold months so this year I decided to pay month by month. My bill has been late for the last few months and they sent me a letter saying they didn't appreciate it and because of it they are charging me 70 dollars on a new deposit. The only reason my bill was late the last few months was because my grandson was kidnapped in January of 2012 and was missing for almost 6 months...he wasn't found until July of 2012 and between working with the Police-District Att and General Attorney, I literally couldn't work while I was going through this nightmare with my son, I own my business so it is easy to do but of course there is no money unless you save and I had to live off of that while helping my son with all of this and you have to pay for whatever resources needed to fnd a missing child the police nor any other establishment will lift a finger or give you a dollar.

    All the utility companies worked with me paying my bills late as I have the highest credit rating possible with each one and they were also very compassionate about our situation. Southwest Gas was supposed to note this but I guess they do not care. I am going to go on Monday to dispute it and I might just call the police and file a claim since they have never returned my last 150 dollar deposit and my service has not been disconnected nor did they ever have to send me a notice. THIS IS THEFT-THEY PUT PEOPLE IN PRISON FOR DOING LESS THAN THIS.

    This morning I decided to do a little research to find out what happens to the deposits that we pay to these blood sucking companies and you know what I found out?? THEY INVEST YOUR DEPOSITS AND FEES AND MAKE A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY OFF OF THE INTEREST WHILE OPPRESSING YOU WITH MORE FEES AND DEADLINES AND WHEN IT IS ALL SAID AND DONE THEY MIGHT RETURN YOUR DEPOSIT IF THEY DO NOT FIGURE A WAY TO CHEAT YOU OUT OF IT!!! This is ORGANIZED CRIME and should be stopped!! I am trying to harness my anger and gather my composure before I go up there because I am so sick and tired of the ESTABLISHMENT!! I have been dealing with this also with the Insurance Companies especially auto..they are all Gangsters and their Free Enterprise System needs to be squashed!!! If I have to I plan on calling all the favors I can, I want this on the news media outlets, internet radio and local radio stations, OH AND I HAVE ALREADY STARTED ON FACEBOOK!! Tthe average person is to busy working their ### off to make ends meat to pay bills and be broke until the next payday to even know that this is happening. If enough of us wake up ...I believe we can change it...We ARE NOT GOING TO BE SLAVES TO THE ESTABLISHMENT...A N Y M O R E!!!

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  • Ho
      Jan 18, 2013

    I just got our first SWG bill for part of Dec thru first half of Jan, its 326.00. Our energy usage shows almost triple of last years usage. We just moved in the middle of Dec. Theres no way we used that much. Our home is about 1000 sqft. we used gas for water, and heater, but heater is set to a reasonable temp like 68-70. I am so confused as to how we are being charged this much. They also charged us a 80.00 deposit, and now there reflects two fees that have to do with installation, and new service fee, equaling about 40 dollars. Hearing all the complaints against them makes me wonder if they are frauduant charges. I cannot afford a gas bill thats 300 or more. I wouldnt have moved here if I had know this would be a problem. I am going to call them and ask whats going on. We hardly use stovetop, and having paid gas in other places winter bill never really were more than about 80 dollars. From what I read here I doubt they will remove charges, but maybe after alot of complaints something will raise a red flag as to something wrong on thier part.?

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  • Xc
      Feb 17, 2013

    I paid on their web site with an e-check I checked my bank account a day or two latter it said they had taken it out I checked again another day or two there was money in it I thought was from e-bay sales they had put it back in and I spent some they then tryed too take it back out again anyone with your account number can put money into your account they are charging 20 doller late fee they must take it out before it posts put it back in

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  • Pi
      Jun 05, 2013

    I agree with all of the above complaints. South west gas has a monopoly on Arizona . We were out of the country for 5 weeks only to come home to find our gas was shut off. No emails, no phone calls. We paid our bill on the 21 st. They shut our gas off on the 22 and said they didnt receive the money until the 23. So it was in electronic limbo? We can prove it left our account on the 21st. Now they want $1000 deposit. I asked what kind of interest are they paying us on our deposit? She couldn't answer that question. My guess is none. Is that legal? We have only received 1 bill in the mail. They say it is our responsibility to look up what we owe???? I have never heard of this before. Does a company not have to send a bill. Not everyone has access to the Internet

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  • Ge
      Jun 11, 2013

    I am in the same boat as all of you, I live in Apple Valley, CA. They just gouged me with a $100 deposit, all bills are way higher this winter than last, when I call they are rude and don't give a crap, NO OTHER utility I have ever dealt with is like them, all of them give extensions and understand hard times. All my bills are always paid, I will NOT pay them a deposit, will complain to Util Commiss tomorrow.

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  • Ge
      Jun 11, 2013

    Correction for above, it's a $300 deposit, TOTAL BS, I am so sick of these monopoly companies, the only reason they can do this is because they are the only ones in town!!

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  • Pi
      Aug 09, 2013

    I just found out why I never received my gas bills . After shutting off our gas they mailed me a refund check.. The mailed it to Surrey, Canada. No house #, no street name, no postal code. Thank you Canada Post for finding me.

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  • Pi
      Aug 09, 2013

    I just found out why I never received my gas bills . After shutting off our gas they mailed me a refund check.. The mailed it to Surrey, Canada. No house #, no street name, no postal code. Thank you Canada Post for finding me.

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  • Be
      Aug 26, 2013

    If Southwest Gas has failed to resolved your complaint, go to the Arizona Corporation Commission, Utilities Division and file a complaint with them. Online go to:
    The Arizona Corporation Commission, Utilities Division WILL TAKE ACTION ON YOUR COMPLAINT, giving Southwest Gas 5 Days to respond! Also in your complaint, you can add that you do not think, Southwest Gas should be allowed a Rate Increase due to your problems with them. And the Arizona Corporation Commission which oversees Southwest Gas' Rate Increase Requests, will add your complaint to the listings of why Southwest Gas should not be allowed a Rate Increase. This is the BEST way to Report Southwest Gas!

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  • Up
      Sep 21, 2013

    I was on auto withdrawal and never really noticed the bill taken out because it was such a small amount. Then I got a bill for 6 months of usage. They stopped taking the money automatically and not once sent a bill or notice to let me know. Then they wanted to charge me the deposit but I couldn't pay my bill over the phone. They wanted me to go here and there and everywhere to make the payment at a western union by money order. Then today I got a bill for a prior address I lived at 5 yrs ago. What!? Why am I just now hearing about this and how is this even possible?

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  • Pt
      Mar 04, 2014

    These damn Fkrs SUCK!!! In Sierra Vista they will NOT accept any payments inside the office. I was directed to go outside to the Kiosk with had a sign on it "Out of Order" They Charge $2 to use Western Union instead of charging 76 cents to use a credit card. They do no accept credit card. Kiosk does not accept check. Online payment does not accept credit card. I refuse to give them my bank account number.

    The billing cycle sucks. Nobody but them does this crazy billing cycle, refuse payment in person - even if in cash - and says you can (at a charge of course) use automated system of giving you bank info over an insercure cell phone that somebody probably hacked into the NSA spy system with a kiddie script.

    SOUTHWEST GAS BILLING SYSTEM IS DESIGNED FOR YOU TO DEFAULT BECAUSE CHARGING FOR DISCONNECT IS PROFIT MAKING! SWG sucks! ! SWG sucks! ! SWG sucks! ! SWG sucks! ! SWG sucks! ! SWG sucks! ! SWG sucks! ! SWG sucks! ! SWG sucks! ! SWG sucks! ! SWG sucks! ! SWG sucks! ! SWG sucks! ! SWG sucks! ! SWG sucks! ! SWG sucks! ! SWG sucks! ! SWG sucks! ! SWG sucks! ! SWG sucks! ! SWG sucks! ! SWG sucks! ! SWG sucks!! SWG sucks!! SWG sucks!! SWG sucks!! SWG sucks!

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  • Mo
      Jan 15, 2015

    Southwest Gas should be prosecuted.
    On 10/1/14, I checked the website and the balance was zero.
    It seemed odd, so I took a screenshot from my computer (thank God).
    13 days later, they added a $300 deposit to the account.
    * I sent them an email (with the screenshot) and they told me to CALL 1-877-860-6020. I informed them that this resulted in a message that they were too busy to take the call and there was NO OPTION TO HOLD.
    * Their next move was to tell me the deposit had been applied because I had been late IN THE PAST. I informed them that the late payments were due to INCORRECT INFO ON THEIR SITE.
    * They DIDN'T RESPOND, so I wrote again with more details.
    * I finally got an email from Lisa Stoffle | Lead Customer Specialist, CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE who stated the deposit had been "waived" (NOT REVERSED) and "In the future in order to obtain information regarding this account you must send in the updated Estate paperwork showing you are the personal representative. (which we had completed as a family in 2011).
    I guess I needed to be PUNISHED for pointing out their flaws.

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  • Ge
      Mar 30, 2015

    How can we as customers stop South west gas unfair practices. Just like everyone else I called in and ask for a few days extension, they was nice and said fine, then a week later they sent me a note saying they were going to charge me another deposit of $185.00. I ask how they could do this twice, and what did they do with my first deposit. They had no answer. There has to be something that can be done with this company that's ripping people in a big way. And nothing is being done about it. Maybe if they were to loose a bunch of customers they might be a bit nicer. Which I doubt. They are cheating people big time, and they are getting away with it. maybe we could turn them to the utility commissioner or something. It looks like with all these complaints something would be done. They are worse than oil companies.

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  • Au
      Apr 27, 2015

    I am in Nevada and we just received our bill today we pay on time every time never a missed payment now we've only been paying for a year but last month (March) we had our furnace on this month (April) we turned our furnace off so our payments will be lower in march we use 30 therms and now for april the say we used 43 therms with the furnace completely off? This is a complete scam there is no way this happen heck in January i accidentally left the darn oven on at 400 for a couple hours and that month we were charged for 35 therms and on top of that I have called SW gas around 4 times a week for the past 8 months and every time it says they are busy and to call back later? even on the emergency line when i thought i smelled gas.

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  • Se
      Jun 02, 2015

    I am experiencing some of the same complaints above. I pay my bills every month, most of the time a few days late, My bill is due on the 27th of each month, so most of the time my payment is late due to a timing issue of when the bill is due, when they mail the bills out and when they are due, and when I get paid. I've read how companies that use due dates that fall just before typical pay days do so on purpose so that people usually pay late and they get a late fee. I believe this is the case with SWGas. I'm wondering how they can charge a late fee AND decide to add additional charges to my account when I pay every month, service not disconnected, etc. I have called to ask how the additional charge is determined and have not gotten an answer and also told the charge could be waived if I sign up for automatic bill pay, which I will not do with them. I do plan to contact the Public Utilities Commission about this as well as the BBB.

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  • Ry
      Oct 14, 2015

    Southwest Gas is the absolute model of horrendous customer service. They exist due to lack of options...nothing more!

    I've been a southwest gas customer for decades. They've done nothing for me, not that I expect them to. However recently we ran late on a bill. As soon as we realized it, we paid the bill and all late fees in full.

    The following month a new bill came only this bill includes a $300 security deposit! What? Our average bill is about $40/month. I guess because we were late, we have to pay 8 months ahead of time.

    I called and asked if.there was anything they could do to and was told yeah, they can disconnect us if not paid in full by the first of next month.

    Class Action Lawsuit waiting to happen!

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  • Ns
      Dec 14, 2015

    I paid Southwest Gas the full amount of my monthly bill two days before it was due. Three days later I discovered Southwest Gas without authorization pulled the full bill amount out of my bank after I had already paid the months bill in full. Southwest Gas took my bill amount and double withdrew it from my bank account after payment was made in full and early. When I called Southwest Gas they acknowledged the mistake but refused to deposit the money back in my bank account and said they would just apply it to the next months bill?? I refused that option but they would not budge. When I asked to speak to a supervisor she was extremely rude and offered no solution saying she was not authorized to redeposit the stolen (yes, stolen) money they wrongly withdrew from my account. I tried to explain the problems they had caused to my finances as all funds had been wrongly drained from my bank account due to Southwest Gas and now I had additional charges because when they withdrew the money it caused a check for another bill (electric) to bounce. I went to my bank and luckily they were able to resolve the matter, however, it took two months for Southwest Gas to send me a check reimbursing me for the money they literally stole from me. I looked this company up online and discovered they are owned by the Koch Brothers, yes, the same Koch brother that on national TV said they could financially bury Donald Trump should he seem to be a real candidate for the presidency (all my political views aside). In addition, although they are Nevada based, they tend to open businesses in other states in isolated areas such as Lake Tahoe and Big Bear Lake, California. One of there practices is to get stock holders in the city to install only natural gas appliances in houses and businesses because it has been statistically proven that people will stay with the energy source of their appliances. Their only real competitors in these areas are the electric company. Which entails changing out all your appliances to electric or propane. Additionally, the Better Business Bureau has them flagged with a warning, and obviously Southwest Gas is not a member of the Better Business Bureau, and they abide by Arizona business laws, have no real oversight, are allowed to randomly increase rates without warning (supposedly because they store Gas for some of these places in New Mexico??) and Southwest Gas suffers no consequences for illegal, corrupt business practices.
    In my opinion check your appliances before you rent or buy if you live in an area where Southwest Gas is your natural gas provider. For us it has been much cheaper to switch to electric appliances. Don't expect your local city council to help with Southwest Gas as they specifically service areas where local investors, the big guys, get large kick-backs from lying down with Southwest Gas.

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  • Ti
      Jun 01, 2016

    I just moved to Big Bear. I was presented with a letter of credit from Southern California Edison (my old electric company) SW Gas said they would waive the ridiculous $250 deposit (from someone with no bad credit) if I had a letter of credit from a previous electric or gas company. I just received a letter saying my letter of credit was declined (no reason). So I looked into switching to all-electric. Home Depot has a tankless high efficiency water heater for around $150. A high-tech showerhead that provides just as much power but uses 40% less water for $20. And the newest technology in electric heaters is a 400 watt convection wall heater (like a picture you hang on the wall) that will heat a 20X20 room. So, I can switch to electric for about the same amount of the deposit they require. Oh, and I'll have to find a used electric stove, but that shouldn't be more than $50. I say, "SCREW Southwest Gas!" and go electric.

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  • Ja
      Jul 27, 2016

    I'm glad I decided to check out Southwest Gas on line. My gas bill is generally small and sometimes I'll miss a month. But I always pay the complete bill when I do make the payment. I have been using SWG for 4 years and they have NEVER not been paid . Right now I am paid in full with them but when I went on line to see if the new month's bill was posted yet much to my surprise they had tacked on $500 for a deposit. I live pay check to paycheck and I don't have $500 extra dollars laying around to give to an undeserving utility company. I did find some new information by checking out this site. Thank you all so much I will be contacting that Public Utilities Commission.

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  • Ne
      May 08, 2019

    Payment History

    Payment Date Payment Amount Payment Status
    04/10/2019 $ 157.00 Processed
    03/13/2019 $ 102.00 Processed
    02/12/2019 $ 102.00 Processed
    01/08/2019 $ 102.00 Processed
    12/18/2018 $ 68.00 Processed
    11/08/2018 $ 68.00 Processed
    10/08/2018 $ 68.00 Processed
    09/12/2018 $ 68.00 Processed
    08/09/2018 $ 68.00 Processed
    07/09/2018 $ 68.00 Processed
    06/07/2018 $ 87.00 Processed
    05/21/2018 $ 90.00 Processed
    03/26/2018 $ 45.00 Processed
    02/26/2018 $ 90.00 Processed
    01/03/2018 $ 45.00 Processed
    11/20/2017 $ 32.98 Processed
    10/25/2017 $ 23.51 Processed
    09/20/2017 $ 23.33 Processed
    08/15/2017 $ 43.09 Processed
    07/05/2017 $ 24.37 Processed
    05/23/2017 $ 25.65 Processed

    This is my billing history from May 2017 to the present. I've been at the same house for fifteen years and am being told that this winter it was "colder". So an increase from $45 to $157 in one year?!?!?!?! Hello? Anyone else going through this anomaly?

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